Posted by: sexyindhakatopi May 23, 2019
Finger Print for Canadian visa.
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When I applied they didn't ask me for my finger print. My visa was approved after 4 days of submitting the application and they asked for my Passport. But I'm guessing they have new rules. Bank Statement ko kura garda if you are visiting for a week probably $4k to be on the safe side. It is good if you have set up direct deposit for your paycheck. Make sure you show 3 months of statement. 

You can have your employer write a letter that you are employed. I showed them the letter, plus my car payment, plus my rent to prove that I have no intent on staying back.

Another thing I uploaded was the entry and exit stamp on my passport. This showed them that I didn't stay back on the country I visited and eventually returned to Nepal. 

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