Posted by: Manko Sathi May 11, 2019
Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing in 16 months but too expensive any suggestions
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@ehoo2 there are various categorical nurses..most of the nurse we know are either nursing aide, AAS nurse, CNA nurse, social work nurse n so on...non of these are paid good ( 25-30hr) ..the nursing program this guy talking about is BSN RN by north eastern university and and many more universities...duration is 18-20 month high end training..u need to have at least bachelors degree in relevant field to top up or equivalent nursing form nepal or any other of my known relative is having same type of degree now c is earning approx 200/hr in california.. cz icu nurse, c only has to take care of at 2 patients a day..unlike u said these nurse dont do typical simple job as u mentioned like taking BP cleaning n all..they are highly trained, yes of course work is very hard ( more than hard its responsible job ), they work 12 hrs shift duty 6-6. 7-7 pattern but 3 days a week making 36 hrs a week, if they work more than 40 hrs pay is even more... but most of nepalese or other foreign nationalities only have basic AAS nursing qualifications mostly from community collages , either they are scared to to invest money in education or they are mean..when they have money they send bank home ( unproductive investment ) .

200/hr seems unbelievable for a nurse but the girl im referring to has a beautiful house which c pays mortgage 4100/month have two decent cars n a baby boy( all expenses) ..husband hardly works. so the earning is solely ( mostly from her )
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