Posted by: Manko Sathi May 11, 2019
Accelerated Bachelor of Nursing in 16 months but too expensive any suggestions
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74 k for BRN is not expensive considering its output..u get paid well over 100 k , get job of ur satisfaction, will give u house, car of ur choice better education n everything u need..look for a broad picture.. those who hesitate spending on practical education are often left left behind working in gas station, beauty parlor, caregiver, mcdonalds, receptionist, teller, QA, BA etc, n those are the ones who get frustrated with life too early ( considering im one of those, it professional consultancy wala).. noone has this sum of money life goes on with credit card, high interest educational loans n so on, im spending my sister over 150K (all in debt ) for her dentistry.. so if u have passion go for it...its worth
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