Posted by: maharjan123 April 13, 2019
Indian Worker Attitude
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I have a hilarious experience regarding this. Encountered a similar ass licking, belittling south Indian with superiority complex. He used to treat me as if i don’t know anything. He used to kiss my boss ass and talk to me in condesending tone. The job that our boss would assign, he would almost threaten me and tell me that any email i send regarding the job, i must send to him first because his reputation is at stake. Days went by and his arrogance was growing. I was beginning to feel dread even to going to work because of him.
There was one project which i was assigned independently by luck and i was working hard on it. Our client had a severe production impacting issue which i solved. The next day, beknownst to me , my manager, all managers from other department came in our office. I was thinking, shit, something broke bad. They called my name, i was thinking holy shit, i gotta pack up my shit. Then surprisingly they announced they were there to give me letter of accomplishment and everyone applauded.
The look i saw in that indian coworker, oh man, i kinda felt bad for that checkmate.
After that he had some respect for me and we started going to bars once in a while. He opened up about his difficulty with getting a girl to date. Then i lined him for killshot and one day took my beautiful gf to the bar and introduced with him. The look on that subramanyum’s face, i will forever cherish.
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