Posted by: Tea_talk April 11, 2019
Growing Youtube addiction among kids: a headache for Nepali society
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Nepal ko tech matra use garne bhaye, feri back to chakku le dari katna thalnus sathi haru. Lol, euta sui produce nagarne, ani khokro dhaak diyera matra kati huncha. Not participating is sometimes also a sign of incompetence and Adaptation is the key to survival.
Hamro jasto sano landlocked country ma naya tech sanga side by side chalnu nai samajdari huncha. Ahile slowly people in youtube are making some money and gaming industry is massive, look on the bright side, you can make a living by being a professional gamer and may be make more than sports athlete in Nepal. If someone wants to explore their path to success, no matter what, whether it's music, sports, games, let them be. This my way or highway attitude is similar to dictatorship.
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