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Nepal's Biggest Financial Criminal - Pawan Kumar Karki
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(Pic: Pawan Kumar Karki back in 2012, it is speculated that he might have changed his appearance with facial hairs or might even have undergone a plastic surgery too.)

Mr. Pawan Kumar Karki is regarded as one of the biggest financial scammer in the history of Nepal.

Being the owner of a financial institute named Capiltal Merchant Banking and Finance LTD, he was able to illegally scam 100′s of innocent Nepalese Citizen and is alleged of scamming more than 1.5 Arab Nepali Rupees or 40 Million USD. He is currently believed to be in Texas, Irving USA. He ran a Supermarket named NAMASTE INDIA which is closed now.
The history of Mr Pawan Kumar Karki started as a butcher in a popular city of Banewshor in the district of Kathmandu.
He made is mark in the financial institution in 2001 where he was able to start a financial institution and by hiring some experienced financial administrators of the nation. Within just a few years, the business went booming and during 2005 – 2006 he went to USA.
Little was known at the time about his visit to USA. His wife Mrs Ranjana KC(Karki) won the lottery for USA DV system and the family flew to USA. Once in USA, he is beleived to have started his scam with the financial institution.
His main alias during his scam was his Wife’s Father Mr Shambhu K.C, who in Nepal started to issue fake loans along with the ideas of Mr Pawan Kumar Karki. For the last five years. from 2006/7 – 2011, hundreds of Fake Loans were issued and it is beleived that Mr Shambhu K.C now owns about 60 Crore Rupees worth of Land and Mr Pawan Kumar with numorous businessess in USA. Some of the business he and his wife are registered under are:
1) Asian Enterprises Inc has a location in IrvingTX. Active officers include Ranjana Karki.
2) Moondrop Investment Corporation has a location in BedfordTX. Active officers include Paban Kumar Karki and Ranjana Ke Karki.
3)Epeopleit, Inc. has a location in IrvingTX. Active officers include Paban Karki.
4) Ni Import Corp. has a location in IrvingTX. Active officers include Ranjana Karki. Ni Import Corp. filed as a Domestic For-Profit Corporation on Tuesday, October 27, 2009 in the state ofTexas and is currently active. Ranjana Karki serves as the registered agent for this organization.The company’s line of business includes Whol Nondurable Goods.
All above business has been registered in the combined name of both the scammer and his wife. At the moment it is believed that Pawan Kumar Karki made millions of white money with his supermarket Namaste India investing the looted money in Irving, Texas.
It has also been alleged that Mr Pawan Kumar Karki was somewhat involved in the Nepalese manpower Moonlight Consultant which was partly responsible for the death/beheading of 12 Nepalese in Iraq during 2005. This is just a conspiracy theory at this stage. Any Nepalese citizen are encouraged to let us know if there are any truths to this theory.
Capital Merchant Banking and Finance Limited in the other hand was issuing fake loans. It is believed that Mr Shambhu K.C got a whole town in Bhaktapur scammed. Fake loans were issued with the names of people in the town without the knowledge of the villagers.  It has also been known that a father died of a heart attack when knowing that his son has been issued a 15 Crore Rupees loan without his son’s awareness. Other example includes: luring people to sign fake documents showing them the dream of heading overseas. Loans has been issued to factories that has never existed. There are hundreds of stories like these where so many lives have been destroyed by an evil financial scammer Mr.Pawan Kumar Karki and his partner in crime Shambhu KC.
At the moment, the case hasn’t seen any outcome although courts in Nepal have already decided to arrest and bring Karki back. Innocent People have been charged in the scam where as the main culprit Mr Pawan Kumar Karki is enjoying his business(started with the blood and pain of good nepali citizens) and Mr Shambhu KC who is still in large in Nepal.
Since both have enormous money to play around with it is also alleged that best lawyers in US and Texas Government officials have both been paid huge sum of money to let Karki have a free life. Both the Nepalese Government and the Police are aware of the crime but have already requested US Government time and again to repatriate Karki, but they always refuse and once Texas officials even said there is no treaty signed between US and Nepal to repatriate a legal citizen. The only reason for this is to be bribery within the American system.
Fortunately, a lot of law abiding and good nepalese  people overtake the bad ones in Nepal who are not willing to sell their pride, hence it is beleived that the Nepalese Government has sent the case to Interpol and his finger print has been sent to Nepalese Embassy in USA for his capture.
If anyone knows of his whereabouts or any other related stories where they have directly been affected, please drop us an email. We would like this to be circulated amongst the good and hard working nepalese citizen all across the globe specially in USA.
With the power of people and power of social media, we would like this scammer and a sick human being brought to nepal for the justice of so many nepalese citizen who are till this day sufferning mentally and financially. Both Mr Pawan Kumar Karki and Shambhu KC need to brought to Justice. It is believed that Mr Pawan Kumar Karki is in Texas hiding with his money power hiring best lawyers and bribing officials.

(Source: One of the Victim’s facebook post on MRR group who is still struggling financially back in Nepal after all his property and money was scammed by Mr. Pawan Kumar Karki.)
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