Posted by: itisokay April 4, 2019
How long is NRN Visa valid for?
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@ehh02: i thought the same brother..But upon reading up on those immigration acts, it says that NRN card holders need a special category of VISA called NRN Visa to enter/stay in Nepal. Also, i thought the VISA would be valid for 10 years, but apparently, you have to renew is every 30 days or 365 days. That would be a pain. I've sent out an email request to the department of immigration Nepal to inquire about this, but have not been able to receive any response.Also, staying in Nepal without a proper VISA means a hefty fine. I think it's $2/day. So, if i stayed in Nepal for 7 years thinking my NRN card is valid, i would be paying $7*365*2 dollars to to the Nepal government, plus much hassle.They only have info on applying for the NRN card, but no info on these specific details.
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