Posted by: bournvita86 March 13, 2019
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Ohio is not going to do it - I've had the same experience twice.
The first time TPS was renewed (end of 2016), I took the Federal Register, expiring EAD card, USCIS page print outs and everything, and the officer did hear me out and go back to talk to her supervisor, who came out and flat out denied it. Federal Register is not something they are going to scan and keep for their record, and she pointed to a print out of "acceptable documents" for licence.
The second time, I didn't even try. I just drove without licence (I know, risky) for about two weeks. When my case was approved and I received the I-797, I took that to the BMV and they even refused to accept that. There was a new supervisor who was on call with "Columbus" (I guess their HO), and the person on phone was insisting for EAD card.They were probably on the wrong here and I could have argued more, but I had already received the "EAD on the mail" notification from USCIS, so I did not make a fuss and went back two days later with new EAD card.
This time the supervisor recognized me and shared that the expiration date of the licence depends on "date from INS (Immigration and Naturalization Services)". Expiration date for licence is 3 years here, but for immigrants, it is automatically adjusted when they enter the EAD details. I believe, that is the fallacy here - they get the information once they enter EAD to their system, but according to their policy they do not accept expired documents. That sucks, but that's what it is. Just thought I'd share.
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