Posted by: everestial007 March 6, 2019
Leg and Knee Pain 30 yrs old
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@yekku. I replied to your DM. Follow through so we can discuss more. Looks like you and I have almost overlapping problem.
You know that IBS isnt a diagnosis, it's a bullshit word, it's a term for the digestive system based problem for which accurate diagnosis hasn't been found.

This my almost daily routine.
- Drink tall glass of warm water mixed with honey, lemon. It will relax your bowel after 15 mins to half hour. This procedure is a most to do if your back pain, abdominal pain and constipation are associated in some way.
- Walk 1 hour in the morning 1-2 hours after you wake up, not immediately because you want your muscles to warm up. Do not run coz it will injure the muscles more.
- Eat light, eat good fiber but dont overload coz too much fiber can cause constipation too. Nepali food (any asian food) is a really balanced diet if you reduce some amount of rice. Eat cooked green veggies daily, don't have to rely on salad.
- Do not sit for 30 mins-1 hour after eating. Actually for past 3 months my daily sitting hours has been only 30 mins-1 hour out of total 24 hours. I have managed to work by lying on a special table, bed platform. Works great ! I can share this setup but this is for someone who can work from home, partially or fully. But, it can also be used as your home work station for any work.
- Go for another 30 mins to 1 hour walk in the afternoon.
- Eat oranges, fruits, light yogurt for afternoon snack.
- Play light games like table tennis, badminton, couple days a week. Avoid any aggressive sport or exercise if you have any back, leg, abdominal muscle problem.
- Go for 1 hour of evening walk.

Overall, avoid sitting as much as possible. I plan on doing this for 1 year so my body can recover to 100%. I feel like I have recovered above 50 %. My one fren had almost similar issue. After giving the muscle rest and exercise for more than 6 months the dude is back to 85-90 %. So, I am thinking mine should take about an year. I am even planning to take a whole year off work so I can prepare myself so i can enjoy my life.

Doctors while are good in US, they really care less. Most of the time you will only be throwing money their way. I would better take a year off and get back in shape so I can get back to the person I was once. Follow up with me in DM.
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