Posted by: Yekku March 6, 2019
Leg and Knee Pain 30 yrs old
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Thanks, everestial007
Thanks for sharing your experience, I have also an abdominal pain at lower left. and I also have pain feel in the left hip part. Pain is not like heavy pain but feels very discomfort. I am not sure what is this causing. Also, I have this discomfort since 2013. I have done several checks as well. Recently I did an Ultrasound test and the doctor says, everything is fine. In the past Doctor made me do the colonoscopy . and there was not an issue. I am taking fiber thinking its a bowel moment problem or IBS problem. but still, it's not helping at all. Now I sit a long hour for like 8 hours in work. and when I sit long hours I think this is causing. Is this similar thing happening to you bro? Please let me know if you find any solution. I really do appreciate.
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