Posted by: AdrianDaju March 1, 2019
Savings i have now..when to return Nepal
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Real estate prices and in general expenses are through the roof in nepal. @Riverflows I feel you. I felt the same back in Nepal, with Nepalese salary and wages I was amazed by how 9 to 5 normal Nepali workers were able to party every weekend paying 5 to 9 US$ just for a bottle of beer, drive 50 lakhs to crores vehicles for work and home. Youngsters and teenagers riding Ducatis and MV Augustas with loud eargasmic exhausts in the gallis and streets. Personally witnessed like a a dozen of Ducatis parked in Genesis Cafe and all belonged to Kathmandu University kids. The rich and poor gap in Nepal is so freaking huge, even someone with a 200k IT job in US would feel poor back in Nepal these days. Maybe it’s the savings that is ridiculously tough in US. Bravo! to Bhikari. 
 In short- Citizens richer than the Country (Desh Vanda Janta Dhani).
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