Posted by: DevilAngel March 1, 2019
Savings i have now..when to return Nepal
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Totally depends, what kind of life/career you plan to have when you go back?
- If you already own a house in KTM and you are in ZERO Debt, also given you plan to start a decent job after couple of months then $100k minimum in savings.
- Assuming you don't own a house so you plan to have one and buy a car too then I would say $250K minimum. Real Estate is very expensive in KTM. Again, given you will start some decent job soon to cover continuous living expenses.
- If you want to retire early, having a 3-4 storey house in KTM could be a good source of passive income, as you could rent them out easily since they are always in demand. It will be enough to cover your living expenses given you have good savings for emergency. We (spouse & I) also have invested in 4 storey house in KTM which are all rented out and we make 60-70 k NRS monthly as a passive income.
- If you want to start up your private business / be an entrepreneur, then minimum $300k too be realistic for small to mid-size business plan
I often discuss about business stuff with family and relatives back home, who are mostly private business owner and based on their realistic business ventures ranging from small to mid-size businesses, I came up with my own calculation for all these figures. At the end, it all comes down what kind of plan you behold once you go back. Good luck dude!
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