Posted by: Admin February 26, 2019
Sajha Poll: Sajha Admin allow User to block 'Disrespect Users' from our post
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Dear R_Misc

Thank you for your positive suggestion. Your request to make sajha better is highly appreciated and we will take due action after some consideration and planning.

In the meantime, I want to explain few things that are currently in place.

Currently, the originator is able to delete any replies to his post. You may have to use desktop version to access the feature. It will be added to mobile version soon.

In addition, if you delete 2 replies from the same user on your thread then that use is not able to reply anymore.

As far as users with ill intentions - we have seen time and again that the same individual or a group of same individuals, using sajha to spread a propaganda of hatred and/or disarray by posting negative, hurtful and abusive content in sajha. Even after banning such users, they kept coming back with different usernames. This has hurt sajha a lot as many users felt threatened to post. After, careful consideration, we have decided to moderate user registration so that an admin has to approve the registrations before users are able to post. Since last week, all registrations have been moderated and only genuine registrations have been approved. Sajha is here to help out people in need and people who only bring negativeness to sajha causes people to be apprehensive about posting for help, thus those that are in sajha to perpetuate hate or negatively will be actively removed from sajha.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve.
Best Wishes
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