Posted by: meraj February 12, 2019
Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one
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Chinese and Korean society is more f***ked up then neplease. They make you work like donkey. They don’t even get time to get laid. Japanese , Chinese and Koreans are so over worked, super expensive and super high real estate cost that no middle class wants to go back even though they can’t speak single English word. People in South Korea are dying due to over work.

Nepal is not difficult to get laid either anymore. Every other dude is going abroad leaving their married wife back home for years :) . Just need to find and hit right target and don’t get entangled with her :)

I do plenty of back and forth between Nepal and US. And some one the issue talked about are real pain. What ever you do, you can’t avoid pollution, traffic stuff like that.

Nepal specially if you have to live in Kathmandu it is really expensive now a days other then labor cost. Decent house in Ktm cost same as much as in many us cities. Society related things are only relates to the point, you care about it and how much you keep entangled with them. If you have small circle and don’t care much, I don’t think it should bother what others think and say. If you are going to do regular job , income I think will be relatively low compared to expense . If you have kids, school will be expensive but raising kids in Nepal is super easy compared to US. I personally find raising kids in US super demanding and expensive as well. Expensive both financially due to child care cost and expensive from the prospective of how much time you have to put on. In Nepal they grow-up easily, mainly because of closeness to extended family which most of us do have.

At the end most of the thing comes back to finance. Nepal is definitely not a place to be poor or even middle class. I personally think only folks with at least higher middle class should consider going back, everyone else keep busting your ass* here. If you have net worth of 1 million then you can think about going back, not that it will give you affluent life , you still need to work, but gives most needed foundation to start in decent way.

But at the same time busting your ass* in cubical for years, lack of some decent human connection and interaction in US kills your soul slowly. It really is difficult choice.

Now for women it more difficult because of the way neplease society treats women and they have to stay with in laws, they feel more free and empowered in US. But again all these can be overcome if money is there.
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