Posted by: DevilAngel February 12, 2019
Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one
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There is no right or wrong decision, we are all about our own choices and our attitude towards life. Happiness comes from within no matter which part of the world you live in. But personally for me, being raised in middle class family (esp. in early childhood period as a lower middle class), I started learning about socio-economic status differences from that very young age in Nepal. My father, a very hardworking man,who worked 7 days/wk to leave no stone unturned to send us to good school for our quality education. Our relatives/neighbors were well off and I could sense my family always being ridiculed for not owning a house or any property AT ALL. We were constantly downgraded for our economic status. Mine & my sibling's self esteem were so low at one point, that we did not even wanted to bring any of our friends from school/high school at our rental substandard apartment because they all had a big beautiful houses, expensive decors and what nots (of course, I was very young and naive those days, a kid i.e embarrassed for not having a show-off economic status). All those things made me very rebellious and determined to do better in life on my own. I came to US after high school, worked very hard getting my bachelors and further advanced degrees (full scholarship) and after that working in a reputed company with high pay, I truly am living an American dream while supporting my family who is now living a comfortable life in Nepal. In future, I may go back and time will tell when it comes. Not being born into family with silver spoon can hit you really HARD in Nepal from every aspects. If your family is affluent, have successful family business then you should definitely and must go to continue/expand your business rather than settling here for 9-5 job. However, if you have huge family responsibilities and not enough money, my 2 cents suggestion would be to wait until you are financially stable/capable. At the end we are an adult with lots of bitter sweet experiences, stories and memories and we know whats better for us and we must do what we gotta do. For all hustlers no matter where you reside- I wish you nothing but the best!
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