Posted by: deepocean February 10, 2019
Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one
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Whoever has returned to Nepal and planning to return. Your decision. Good and Bravo!
Whoever has No plan to return Nepal and stay here in USA. Your choice. Must be good and fair one.
Everyone calls me STUPID for having my baby born in Nepal while I have a choice to have my baby here . Nope, I do not and wouldn't regret that decision of mine. The happiness and bond I can see and feel between my mother, father and my baby, it's just beautiful.
अहिले पनि जब नेपाल जान्छु. तेही बाबुको घरमा बस्छु. आमाले बनाको खान्छु. (She cooks amazing food. She is my Gordon Ramsay)
siblings संग अहिले पनि ठाकठुक पर्छ and I always love them.
I feel immense lucky to have wonderful parents and family.
Love Nepal and Have special place for this country in my heart.
नेपाल फर्के पनि येहा बसे पनि, I I wish and prefer to be doing such that would grant me, family and things i love; 'SERENITY'
For sure i would be returning to Nepal too. 
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