Posted by: GwachAquarian February 10, 2019
Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one
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Nepal is screwed up because the society puts more value in wealth and power of a person than his or her role in the society. This is the main reason for exodus of intellectual population from nepal.

 Nepal never realized how important the role of traditional farmers played in what it was. 
Those who did work such as farming was always set as example of what would happen to one if he did not do well academically as if it was one of the worst professions.

Benchmark of successful education became a high paying job or settling in a developed nation. Those who could not make to one of the two options were often labelled as failures.  

Even relatives looked down upon or dissociated from the ones who were not so well to do. It did not matter how one became rich as long as one was rich..diplaying gold all over the body in parties and using car l go to places which would be a 10min walking distance..but 30min with congested traffic and 200rs/liter petrol..Politics poured fuel in this fire.

As a result here we are..half the able manpower sweating in middle east and returing in boxes. Country getting rich with their remittance and acting as rocket boosters for inflation. And a few well to do still showing off..hopefully not beating empty drums.

Seriously speaking is there even any role left for people who get degrees in western nations which are in some cases considered specialized fields even by western standards.

Or is going back to nepal is going to be a case of a Lamborghini stuck in traffic jam in a place full of pot holes?
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