Posted by: soaltee February 10, 2019
Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one
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@ Abhilasha_pokhara, totally relate to your experience and thanks for sharing that.

Not saying Nepal was better before. It is arguably better off now politically and economically - still booming real estate, more roads and bridges, more global franchises, new businesses, better buildings etc. The problem, however, is with the ever widening wealth inequality. A few have grown insanely rich and poor are living unimaginable lives. This gap have brought new sets of problems - growing distance between neighbors, families and villagers as everyone is running after money. It is basically a show off versus bitterness or jealousy culture now. This is bound to happen in any capitalistic society though. Nepal is going through that phase and heading towards the individualism of the rich countries. It is not fair, I guess, to expect Nepal and Nepalis to remain nice and innocent while expecting them to be better off economically.

Overall, Nepal is still a male dominated, caste infested and socially ultra-conservative society. It is the culture that some of our Nepalis think they miss the most, but its the culture itself that you would find hard time adjusting to when you go back to Nepal. Yes, in terms of culture and values, Nepal has a long way to go still.
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