Posted by: Taaremam February 10, 2019
Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one
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This is what happens after staying in Amrika for 10 , 15 and 20 years- you lose your mind and become a Pakhe.

Actually the ones in Nepal aren’t pakhe anymore, the new Nepali generation are way too westernized- cloth wise, gadget wise, *showing off wise, mentally wise, english speaking wise or anything else wise more than the Nepalese living in a western country or westerners themselves. ( *Showing off- isn’t that what westerners teach? ). 
The pakhes are the ones who stayed in a foreign land for 10, 20 years and never saw or realized what actually is happening back in their country where they were born, where they grew up, did their schooling and came to US after +2 or when they were a kid or were born in a foreign land. And after a decade with a half cracked brain when the pakhes return to their home country, they are amazed at how things have changed and how expensive things have got because they are just some pakhes who just landed in Nepal’s Kathmandu shahar from a foreign country gaaun after spending a decade or more in their gaaun unknown about the rest of the world.
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