Posted by: soaltee February 10, 2019
Moving back to Nepal is a hard choice, and a very personal one
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Also, something to note here - whoever 'returns' to Nepal, they don't actually fully return. They still retain their citizenship, green card or at least leave some family members back here (as a backup and the sponsor for potential future immigration) . They know very well this country offers them better medical care, better education and 'stronger' passport and they are in complete love with all these amenities wholeheartedly. They are just confused on what really is more important to them - family, culture, festivals or better opportunities (this can be argued) for their kids. Like she said, it is case by case scenario, some have solid foundation back home, some don't, some have good 'connections' back home, some don't, some will live more comfortable life back home, some won't.

My point is if you did make up your mind to go back, that is not an unselfish decision either. If you are going back it is because you couldn't cope with the fast lifestyle and high work ethics of United States. So, no need to portray yourselves as patriotic selfless Nepali just because you 'returned' back to your country.

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