Posted by: nepaligaule1 January 28, 2019
Nepal TPS action committee
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I live in Los Angeles, California. Good to see that Nepalese are helping each other.
I have seen dozens of Nepalis who are in TPS and living in LA. Different people have stories of their own. Some women have kids and they are single moms. Some have their homes damaged in Nepal which is why they want to stay and help their loved ones.
The big question is why arent these NEPALESE SOCIETY people taking lead in this TPS thing ? We get emails and text messages from these so called leaders of the organization whenever they want to throw a Dashain party or New Years party but why not do something to help Nepalese who really need help. And there are 10 to 15 thousand Nepalese who are waiting for the help. So lets help them and show the world that we are still Nepalese.
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