Posted by: itahariko January 8, 2019
रवि लामिछानेको व्यक्तिगत सम्बन्ध उठाएर चरित्र हत्या गर्ने दुष्प्रयाश
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It's your opinion to keep. Until then there is no maikalal out there who would could take his place and do what he is doing? His work line is able to bring justice to those in needs and they are grateful to him and his team. His channel makes public aware to capture injustice through cellphones and bring attention. I believe that is alot one can do.
Yetro garda gardai ni biswas hudaina vane khaobadi Neta le Nepali janta ko faida uthanu sahi nai ho. Aru ta sabai complain garne matra cha ni, garchu vanera agadi badne lai ni herna nasakne afu ni garna hoina.
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