Posted by: halfkattu December 27, 2018
TPS को भविष्य
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AJJoshi, I think The Secretary of Homeland Security has the discretion to decide to extend or cancel TPS, not the president. I heard in the NEWS on 116th congress Democrats wants to introduce a bill that protects DACA recipient and TPS holders. I think Democrats has full support on the house; it might pass in the house. About Senate and president, Democrats might bargain with Republican Senate and President for border wall fund.
It sounds complicated but 400,000 TPS holders and 270,000 children who were born from TPS holders parents, I don't think government want to kick these people out, if they do so the economy will go downhill in some cities and states.
My personal opinion, US government, should stop DV lottery program and should start giving Legal permanent status to TPS holders
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