Posted by: DevilAngel December 3, 2018
Dangerous bills likely to pass
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This bill is the most unfair bill introduced and creating buzz so organizations like AHA & NIAC are already opposing it as it will give more power to India and china resulting in small nations like Nepal, EU countries being out crowded by these two big nations. India will monopolize this system and other nation will have to wait 5-7 years to get green card or will never get one if passed. Small countries are already coming together & protesting it, let's do our part too to benefit Nepalese talent in global level.
As @Kind_nepali_soul mentioned, you can share with as many people as you can, call congress and express your concern or even email them. There is already a petition going on created by small nation. Please sign it with your concerns in the comment section and let everyone around you know so petition goals can be reached.
Immigration reform is definitely needed to be fair to everyone but equality does not mean justice. This bill tries to be equal but is a massive injustice to rest of the world and will favor only Indians. Indians are pushing this law for their selfishness.
Please sign!!!! Below Here is the link to petition.

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