Posted by: kind_nepali_soul December 2, 2018
Dangerous bills likely to pass
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Hello Sajha brothers/sisters,

Two dangerous bills are likely to be passed on congress next week. The bills are HR392 and S281. These bills remove country cap quotas for emloyement based green cards. What this does is that it reduces the backlog for larger countries such as India. However for smaller countries like Nepal, our wait time for green card increases by 5-7 years. Same thing will happen for family-based petition.

Lobbyists are trying to add these bills on the DHS funding bill next week and they have made significant progress already. We need to act now for the future of Nepalese communities. This affects everyone. Even those who have already filed I-485 will be affected because their priority date will retrogress to that of India. Please call your congressmen/senators and let them know. Even one call makes an enormous difference. Tell them how this bill hampers diversity, lets one country monopolize GC process and how you oppose it.

Call Chuck Grassley, Patrick Joseph Leahy, Chuck Schumer, Feinstein and let them know you oppose the bill. It's super easy to call them. Just google "Chuck Grassley phone number", their number should pop up.

Please do not think your call wont matter. It does. Even one call makes an enormous difference because right now no one knows about this bill and this bill is moving forward unopposed. Every voice counts!

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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