Posted by: SuperDad November 4, 2018
Sharing my own i-485 Interview experience
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Q. Why did I have to take the wedding/family pictures with me ?
A: May be I did not have to take it. But I did, based on recommendations from prior interviews. As Marriage Fraud is a federal crime, this could serve as a supporting evidence rather than the primary evidence. Honestly, I am not sure what will happen if you do not take it along with you during interview.

Q. Were you recently married or married after 140 approval ?
A. Before I-140 approval.

Q. Also, did you volunteer to show/submit the pics or did the officer ask for them?
A. officer asked me to provide me the pictures. I had already made my mind before the interview that I wont give even a hair more than asked, as it can always invite trouble.

Q. also said your online case status was ' must be reviewed'.
A. Honestly, I do not have any answer to this, as this is USCIS's language, and many times I do not have any clue what to conclude from their case status info.

I do understand your concern, but I have no other alternatives than to trust their words and wait and watch. I am hopeful for the BEST and always prepared for the WORST.

No problem bro (or sis). Shoot me a message. Happy to help.
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