Posted by: AnandNepal October 24, 2018
गाल पर्ने भिडियो - तुरुंतै हटाउनु भन्ने आदेश आयो, के गरुं ?
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Let me answer all your concerns :

- I see, you haven't watched my videos -> so, you don't know how much effort and research I do to make my videos. You come with a pre-occupied notion that everybody is after money (I know, you won't understand that part of life.)

- Let's forget my qualification - I hope, you know how much McDonald pays an hour ... in a day? Do you genuinely believe my videos pay more than an odd job? They don't!

- One thing is true - watching my videos might be entertaining but, they are waste of time. So are films, football games, cricket games, tennis ... and a whole lot of things you watch in YouTube or TV. So, I don't regret wasting the time of my viewers. It feels great to know that they will promise to return the next day when I make another "Time-Waster".

- About career - Man, I am too old to worry about career. That is my children's job.

And, I only discuss legal stuffs with my lawyer.
Have a great day.
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