Posted by: everestial007 August 29, 2018
TPS Timeline
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- Not not an opinion on my side but yours by spreading a false information.
- I didn't use curse word on you in any of this conversation. The curse words were there to pacify my frustration and were directed only at the ... . So, you can keep that aside.

Because it concerns all the individuals who are/were on F1/F2 and worked under TPS EAD. I want to request you to provide the name, link and number of the lawyer who gave you that information. Please don't PM me just post it, because it concerns us all.

I also suggest you and others interested ones to look at these links (which are from lawyers):

1) Confusion of, if TPS voids F1 status when TPS was first granted to Nepal : . I think we have been over this already.

2) Response on the same topic from other lawyers:
- ; In this link one lawyer says that TPS violates F1.

3) Here the attorneys from same group/website provide contradicting information: supports TPS with F1, while the same web forum now contradicts that TPS EAD voids F1.

Finally, there is a divide on, if taking employment under TPS EAD voids another nonimmigrant status. However, majority of the lawyers and attorneys support that EAD under TPS is provided to relieve the economic burden of the F1 students while also providing means to send money back home which indirectly support economy of the afflicted country. So, working on TPS EAD doesn't affect F1/F2/H1B status given the requirements for those status are met.

My point is, if TPS EAD violates other non immigrant status then it should only be illegal immigrants applying for TPS, because the generosity of given TPS wouldn't be utilized otherwise by lawful F1/F2/J1/J2 etc. Saying working under TPS EAD jeopardizes your F1/F2/H1B etc etc. send a double and ambiguous message.

And, finally the words of law are subject to change and are finally defined by the judges (at several level).
It's like this statement, "There is a man eating lion."
So, is there a man who is eating lion; or is there a lion who eats man ?? I believe there is large consensus among attorney/lawyer that working under TPS wouldn't violate any thing given that other status were maintained. But, let see how the climate unfolds as the TPS termination dates near for each countries.

I am waiting to hear how this recent administration will take the benevolent TPS based relief that was provided to use it against the lawful immigrants.

Willing to talk further if need be.

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