Posted by: everestial007 August 27, 2018
TPS Timeline
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Mine TPS/EAD got approved today.
It was quite an experience, being in all this dilemma and wondering about job loss.

Just my theory, but I think this is why it worked:
What I think worked was, that I visited field office (on INFOPASS) last week. The kind old lady was able to raise an internal expedite (not reflected in my USCIS) page. She had quite a knowledge about card production. I think based on her experience she was able to poke/shake the case up and give it a push.
I shall always remain grateful to her.

On the other side, there was this racist sitting in another window and just repeat the same thing that is on USCIS page. Idk why was he even earning a salary for just saying the same thing and being racist. Glad I was not at his window. My case probably would not have been completed today had I been on his window.

So, finally I think what kind of officer comes up your ally really does matter.

@pyacman: I think now is time to discuss on the topic: Does your F1-OPT gets void if you work on TPS EAD ?
I have a friend of mine who worked on TPS EAD while as F1 student (but maintained full credit hours) and has successfully received F1-OPT EAD. If any else has confusion I can help you talk to that person. PM me.
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