Posted by: everestial007 August 24, 2018
TPS Timeline
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Did you see that many people who have their TPS/EAD/AP processed in NSC already have their card.

I visited field office today on infopass. The lady was helpful and put another internal request with some details. I hope it will help.
There was this another guy, and he just went on and on lecturing me but repeating the same whole thing that is posted in USCIS. I don't know what was his problem, he wasn't suppose to help me because he was on another window, but he just jumps infront of that lady who was helping me and keeps talking and talking. I just had to ignore. The lady igrnored him too and was nice.
I think there are these racist people who just don't want to help people. He said that average processing time for EAD was 6 months. If that is the average time then 90% of the people shouldn't have their application done in average of 1-2 months.

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