Posted by: Gmajor August 8, 2018
TPS Timeline
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@everestial007 bro, I understand your frustration. The USCIS works on in its on way. When I applied for the first time, it took around 2.5 months and during first renewal, I got my TPS and EAD after 26 days of filing and this time it took around 2 months to get both. In my understanding,case processing influences into two parts. No one- the officer who is working on your case that how speedily he or she works on the standard time frame. No two- security or background clearance. Normally both take significant amount of time. Some people get cleared so fast then the applicants applied too earlier for the benefit. In result, you might fall back than others. Last year I applied for travel document and I got receipt letter in a week. My other friend got their documents after 2 months while I had to wait for 5 months with no updates in spite of many phone calls and expedite request. Finally I had to go the field office to get the urgent one to travel.
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