Posted by: everestial007 August 8, 2018
TPS Timeline
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@Spandey: Thanks for sharing your experience with ombudsman. I think I will just be wasting my time by trying to put further inquiries.
So, I think I will just have be at the mercy of USCIS and random chances now. I am little frustrated that all the numbers prior to mine have their TPS/EAD approved so early.
I am not sure if USCIS officer deliberately pushed my case behind when I made an inquiry - well I am not trying to blame anyone but why are the cases from about 5 people pending and all (almost all) cases before and after that group is approved so early. Sorry, that I am trying to build my theories here but that seems to be the one way to think about my problem and pacify myself.

With the recent immigration trends building up, I now think that this new administration is going to interpret the benefits provided under TPS in a very different light. See the news that there is an effort to discredit the legality/credibility of the people who used food stamps, obamacare
It won't be a surprise to see that there will be an effort down the road to demonize/devalue the TPS beneficiaries - which might make @pyacman right in retrospect if it ever happens.

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