Posted by: Spandey808 August 8, 2018
TPS Timeline
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looks like the topic drifted from when I was here last time. Anyways, my answer to you on Ombudsman is I don't think we can do it until its 90 days. Based on my last experience (that was my first time for TPS EAD) I contacted the Ombudsman after 90 days, they took 15 days to reply, asking for complete list of documents and any additional email or contact I may have had with USCIS and they were still suggesting me to wait on response from USCIS. which turnout to be 5 months. I had job offer which I din get because, they waited more than month and finally revoke the offer.

I wish u don't have to go through my situation last time. just give it a time. When things are not going the way we want it, its hard and painful but there is so little we can do about it.

Sorry I wouldn't be any better help on this.
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