Posted by: Ingenuity July 25, 2018
Experience with B2 extension
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Hello friends,

I have questions regarding B2 visitor Visa extension. I browsed a lot of internet forums but really didn't find any relevant info about re entry experience after a Visa extension that was denied/ withdrawn/ abandoned.

My mom s current I94 expires on sep 2.
He has 5 yr multiple entry Visa.

I filed for an extension request of 3 months timely as required by USCIS.

Today in mail received a notice of receipt.
Mom says she wants to return to Nepal before her I 94 expires d/t family situations as well as fear that her request will be denied.

So, now what will be the repercussions of withdrawal of I 539 on her future US entries?

Will she be sent back home by IO at the POE on subsequent visits?

Does anyone have experience with Visa extension? Did anyone have any problem upon subsequent visits?

Any experiences shared will be highly appreciated.
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