Posted by: IloveNEPAL777 June 30, 2018
Lets try to help TPS/Illegal people
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I don not know if you are in TPS or not and in order to SAVE TPS we need to pressure couple of people Including Sailesh Shrestha( You can search him in FB,Very nice gentleman and have been lobbying for TPS) and then we have to knock door of Adhikaar(Narbada Chhetri and Pabitra Khati Benjamin( They have been helping a lot for TPS people and undocumented immigrants and are willing to talk to Congressman and senators for betterment of TPS people.)
Nepali Embassy can be good resource but can't see any movements from them but they can help too and last resource would be NRN( President is Poudel and can't remember his name now).Sachchi Mainali(she is reporter/Editor and have been helping TPS people by organizing live inreraction on FB and there could many resources which I do not know.

We still have time and lets try our best.

So if we can call them or simply post about TPS people on their wall,it will be good start and for sure its kind of motivation.

Let me share couple of link about TPS bill and we can call them or ask all the nepalese folks(I mention already) to talk to them or pressure them.

There are few more leaders who drafted bill to save TPS people and will post here once i get link.

There was lawsuit challenges as well so we can reach to those people through Sailesh Shrestha/Adhikaar/NRN...

Remember this country belongs to Immigrants and Trump is about to end Chain migration/DV lottery and he wants 28 billion or more for boarder security and he can exchange all this for DACA as well as TPS...

All we need is to contact or talk to all those people or groups that i mention above...

For all those Citizen or Green card holder,Please help if you all can but do not post shit for the people of your country..
We are all from Nepal and we are one regardless of imigration status or cast.

Thank you all going through my post and your comments/Ideas will be highly Appreciated..


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