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Posted on 08-17-12 2:46 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes, as a lot of people have heard about the controversy about MISS Nepal USA, we would like to confirm that they are true. As the participants of the event  that we were once looking forward to and excited to be a part of has definitely disrespected us. Let me not get into the details of what happened, there are many blogs that highlights the injustice. (Also, you can tune into radio Yuva tonight 7pm-10pm EST, to hear from us personally). Even after the event failed miserably, the organizers had the guts to state that this year was unfair as they were in rush, but we should come next year and participate. WOW! How disrespectful of our time, money and efforts the statement was. Also, after all of this, they advertised the event as a success, as if the participants and the present audience were blind, deaf and dumb.

People might think that these are voices of the contestants that didn’t win and thus are sharing their dissatisfaction. Let us assure you that this is not correct. We live in a real and practical world... we all know there will be only one winner and we would have applauded the winner loud and proud if a fair and complete platform was provided. Thus, this is not a protest against the title holders but, we are fighting against the fraudulent platform that was provided as nothing was ever transparent. People present in the audience and also by watching the video circulating online can attest to this. Our sponsor’s money went in for waste and we demand to get our money back so that we can use or donate it in a better platform in Nepal. Also we demand to have a public apology for not conducting the event the way it was supposed to and make them responsible for being immensely careless and disorganized.

As for personal relationship, we love each and every one of you. You guys have already made a special place in our hearts. But this is not “Me” or “us” talking to “you” or “them”. This is a voice of the contestants against the organizers which is strictly professional, so please do not mix emotions with work. We girls were asked to provide $28,000 to participate in a platform that was supposed to empower women which failed miserably and even made us feel disgusted with the corrupted mentality of the organizers. On top of that, the organizers got sponsors and made money through audience tickets. When so much money is in stake, how can you be so careless? Additionally, this is not your first time you are conducting such events? Failing twice in a row? And no public apology for our time and efforts being wasted? How can you be so money minded and shameless? As people say, corruption does start at grassroots level when it comes to Nepali and this experience definitely served us a dose of it.

Also, let us remind the organizers, the event that you held was in America. Here, if the product does not meet the consumer expectation, you get refund and If an employee doesn’t meet the work expectation you get fired. MISS Nepal USA needs to refund our money back or get fired. Also, If people would want to still participate in this platform next year it is their problem,not ours,but for now not having met what was promised to us, we are giving them a straight and easy solution.

Finally, for people who asked us why we didn’t voice our opinion right after the event, let us inform you that we did….but the only difference is it’s only NOW that we have been heard. Jay Nepal!

P.S. Tune into Radio Yuva tonight 7pm-10pm EST to hear our voices
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Posted on 08-17-12 3:25 PM     [Snapshot: 211]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Go for it all the participants, All nepalese will support you.. by the way who was coordinating the event was it same people of ANA fashion show?????... these types of shows should be banned rather than hoping they will improve next year.... and yes you can put your $1000 to better use... i bet they made enough money just from the contestants.....what a shame...
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Posted on 08-17-12 9:59 PM     [Snapshot: 950]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Miss Nepal USA 2012 known to be a prestigious title was assembled with 28 beautiful and talented contestants. It indeed was a huge honor and privilege to be part of the Miss Nepal USA 2012 family. As a contestant before heading from home to Washington, DC for the training and finale, I definitely had lot of excitement and expectations about the pageant. I bet it was a dream for most of us. Each individual stepped a foot forward with a hope to create a bond and of course to promote our culture and our country Nepal. But did the whole Miss Nepal USA 2012 experience go according to the expectations? I am sure there will be 99% with the answer ‘NO’. We understand it was the first time for all the members but still as a contestant we had hope. Most of us had to take off from work or studies, or had to convince our parents to participate, or convince sponsors to raise money for participation. It was a struggle for most of us to be there.

A week of training was fruitful, however disorganized it had been. The journey till the finale was definitely made easier with the support and guidance from all the delightful and humble contestants and organizing team on site. Nevertheless, the effort, excitement and time we had put together for the finale was all in vain. The finale was just a rush for the show to get done. All the contestants backstage were perplexed and astonished with whatever was going. The main problem with the show was time management. If and only if the show had started on time, things would have been totally different. You could probably have said that the show was successful. But in our eyes, the show was a total mishap. It took everyone, including contestants and judges, by surprise that the winner were announced in about three to four minutes after all the top 10 contestant answered their questions. Top 5 weren’t even selected; this definitely raises a question about it being a fair show.
Easier said than done, I know but having experience from last year and with decent number of sponsors along with money collected from the contestants we definitely had high hopes from the team of Miss Nepal USA 2012. All organizers did try their best to make everyone happy but they weren’t prepared for anything. They just had the concept and no game plan. The fact whatever happened in the entire Miss Nepal USA 2012 journey, makes us wonder now that we could have had better utilized our time and money that we invested for it. The motto of the pageant, “Empowering Youth, Promoting Nepal”, no matter what, all the contestant will definitely work towards it. It is all about promoting and loving our culture, tradition, language and our country NEPAL. Winning or losing is part of the game, its not the reason for us raising voice, it is about injustice and betrayal we have felt during the whole process. I hope if Miss Nepal USA does continue next year, this shall not happen. We definitely wish for it to continue and grow bigger and better.

Posted on 08-18-12 11:52 AM     [Snapshot: 1404]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Miss Nepal USA had so much hype and I was super excited to get selected as one of the 28 beautiful ladies! This would be an  opportunity, a platform -to put forward myself to do something for the nation.  When I was asked for $1000 sponsorship- I thought the event will be worth it! So I packed my bags and bought my ticket ( in addition to the $1000) and flew to Washington DC. When I arrived at the destination- I met 27 other beautiful ladies who had come with the same hopes and dreams! So, we started the journey together. As I got to know each of them, I learned how much of hard time each of them had in order to raise the $1000. But, we all thought it would be worth it.


The week went on and  the particpants and the organizers came together to be a family. A family that had very open conversation at every stage… so we came closer and we learned to trust and support each other. We had a fun photoshoot, great make up session , enjoyable training session with our choreographer, a lot of entertaining  guffgaff with the oraganizing team, and memorable visit to the Nepalese Embassy. We were really proud of these things and we all believed we were off to a great experience! There was also a lot of disorganization during the week and we kept being understanding towards the management thinking that Miss Nepal US was currently in a baby stage, the organizers were still learning- and hence they needed our support. We were all very happy to have an opportunity to learn so much from each other- and our excitement made up for our frustration.However disorganized the training period was- each of us believed that the grand finale would be worth it. It would indeed be very GRAND!!!!


Whatever happened on the final day shocked us!  The event started two hours late at 9 o clock. The event was held in a University and the University was only booked till 11 pm.(???)  Once the show started-a lot of choreography got cancelled! They said we were running out of time! All the choreography that we practiced with our choreographer  went down the drain. All her effort went down the drain. She still stood there smiling and supporting us. The evening gown round was cancelled- the gown round where one of our designers had worked so hard for. Shestayed up all night working on them- all her effort also went down the drain! Then to save time we were called back stage and were told to please cooperate we have only 20 minutes to end the show- we  will announce the top ten and will select the top 5 based on how they walk. Thanks to the winners of last year – Sujita Basnet, Tilasmi Bista, and Nabina Basnet that the top ten got the question and answer round. We were told back stage that they would get questions and 2 minutes to write down the answerbut that did not happen. All contestants were asked a different question and within minutes they were crowned winners. No one knows how they were judged. This show did not feel like a beauty pageant.Miss Nepal USA was truly one memorable experience!


I am not here to say that I should have won or one particular person should have won! The winners could have been the same- It’s the system I am upset about. I am not here to attack the organizers. (if that was my mission- I could have made an anonymous post) .They are near and dear to me. I am only here to express my opinion about the event. These participants paid $1000, had left schools, and their jobs to be able to be a part of Miss Nepal US. These particpants had to fly from all different states in USA. We  are all very disappointed and sad with how it worked out. The show could have started on time, more than that learning from how late last year's show went, and how late the talent show went in NY- a different venue could have been booked! It felt as if the family we thought we had did not value the time and effort of the people involved! Some of us might speak up and some of us might not, but I know no one is really happy with how grand finale turned out to be! I am a person who sticks to my morals   and I want to raise awareness about what I think went wrong in the show. If you disagree with me- I will respect your opinion too


Posted on 08-20-12 12:40 AM     [Snapshot: 1763]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I wouldn't want to compare ANA with this pageant because those are two completely different events and I believe ANA was a way better platform and a better show. This is just a protest against Miss Nepal USA 2012 and we all would like to limit it to that only.Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to getting the same kind of support since we are working our way through this process and that help would be our great need. Thank you again.
Posted on 08-20-12 10:29 AM     [Snapshot: 1989]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why don't you put the organizer's and event co-ordinator's name here? even their individual photos would be better....this way we can know who these un-professional people are...and then we can aviod them in future if happen to deal with them. That is one effective way to let people make aware.....
Posted on 08-20-12 12:13 PM     [Snapshot: 2090]     Reply [Subscribe]
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  • here are the organizer name n pic

    - Sharad bikram sighn- MAin organizer of ANA FAshion Extravanganza
    -sailesh shrestha
    -Bikrantman shrestha
    -Rabi lamichane
    -AMit shah- main organizer
    -Jolly amatya
    -Arjun subedi
  • Nabina Basnet-
    to see their pic go to this link:  http://www.missnepalus.com/coreteam.php?id=4


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Posted on 08-20-12 8:21 PM     [Snapshot: 2287]     Reply [Subscribe]
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WOW! Kuddos to you all!
Posted on 08-20-12 9:46 PM     [Snapshot: 2404]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kalle janu bhanya tho natak garna. America fashion show garna ako ki carrer banauna.
Keta ho detail maa buja ta youn soshan pani bhayo ki .

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