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 Why do Indians smell like a $h!T?

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Posted on 02-28-12 11:47 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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The Indian Girl next door really stinks Man. Whenever I'm in the elevator with the bunch of her GFs I feel like vomiting(i.e. all of her GFs smell too). The funny thing is she tells me how good I smell! (yes Biatch, I use cologne). Have you guys come across smelly Indian? That's Gross
Last edited: 28-Feb-12 05:54 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-28-12 8:27 PM     [Snapshot: 530]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 I had a similar experience to which i can completely agree with your statement.
There was an indian woman, "successful business woman"sitting at the bar, a few bar seats away from me. She was not at all attractive, I believe she may be a  regular at  that restaurant. She seemed to be friendly to all the employees and closely knew most of them by name.
It was not enclosed in an elevator like you, however the smell was very enclosed! 
I ordered my drink and started looking over the menu to grab some bite. 
While i was looking at the menu, I smelt the delicious food, being delivered to her.
"Umm it looks good" I said....
She replied,"Yeah, Its my favorite dish."
Then I turned to the bar waiting  my drink. As soon as the bartender pour my drink, From nowhere, I got hit by a rotten, spiced, and  decayed overpowering smell of an ordor which hit me like a bullet train that I got a headache immediately...........
I thought it may have been my drink, since the smell was so intense and direct upon pouring, so I sniffed my glass but it had  a pleasent smelll... I then turned right to locate the source of the odor,  there was nothing...
As soon as I turned left, there was a intense odor coming directly to me as the fan was blowing the air.
Then I noticed that The same lady had pulled off her coat and layed it  on the bar stool beside her, it was obvious thats the crazy stinking smell... which gave  me a crazy head ache.......I couldnt believe the smell, it was as if her coat had enclosed all that odor and upon taking it off,
 Wheeeewwwww the beast was released! Needless to say, I respectfully declined my seat at the bar, and was moved to a table.

Last edited: 28-Feb-12 08:28 PM

Posted on 02-28-12 8:31 PM     [Snapshot: 629]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 अब सरियेना भने त ragg नै हुन्छा. अर्को महिना मा lease सकिंछा. त्यसपछि त सुपर्ताप हो. हुन त building manager ले नि भन्दैथियो " तिमिहरु औटई देश बाट होइन?" भनेर. मैले भने: कदापी होइन. त्यो पनि आजित भैसक्या रहेछा बिचरा अपार्टमेन्ट भित्र केहि केहि बनाउन जादा खेरि AWEFUL smell आएर. लोल 

Posted on 02-28-12 8:36 PM     [Snapshot: 629]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 la bhayo tai hero bhais..ta sanga net ma discuss garera na mero kei faida..na taile uniharu ko khilli udaye ma uniharu lai kei asar..ta chai stereotype lai factual samjhidai bas..oho maile aaja sajha ma indian haru ko beijjat gare bhanera makhha parera bas uniharu ajha progress gardai bascha..aaja world ma where do they stand ta thahai hola..so i dont have to say anything more to you..maile pahadiya ganaucha bhanekai chaina..testo aru ko birodhi hune bhaye tero jhan utsaah badhauthe..la moj gar.
Posted on 02-28-12 8:51 PM     [Snapshot: 665]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हेर भाई त हिनताबोधले ग्रस्त रहेछस. ल माने उनीहरु नै बादर उनीहरुकै पुछार लामो. भयो? हेर मलाई कसैको बैजत्ती गर्नु छैन, मैले त देखेको कुरा भनेको हो. उनीहरु जहाँ सुकै पुगुन I DONT GIVE A फ.   KHUBILITY छ भने जो जहाँ नि पुग्न सक्छा YOU DONT NECESSARILY HAVE TO BE A SPECIFIC NATIONALITY AND/OR RACE.


Posted on 02-28-12 8:57 PM     [Snapshot: 692]     Reply [Subscribe]
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ta chai ghantabodh le grasta raechas..jasari taile khubi cha bhane jo jahan ni pugna sakchas bhanish tesai gari ganaunu cha bhane jo sukai ganauna sakcha...they dont have to be a certain nationality and/or race bhanne kura kina bujhna sakinas huh?? aafai lai contradict garcha..hypocrate.
Posted on 02-28-12 8:59 PM     [Snapshot: 610]     Reply [Subscribe]
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कसीनो गूल्ले तीमी यो केसमा अली हाईपर भको हो भन्ने हाम्रो पार्टीले ठहर गरेको छ। तीमीलाई म एउटा एक्ज्यामपल दीन्छू। मेरो यो सेमेसटर ८ बजेको क्याल्क ३ क्लासमा एउटी नेपाली छे। उनी ८ बजे बीहान ब्रेडमा गु दलेर खाएर आउछीन की कून्नी, मूख चै त्यस्तै गनाउछ। अब म यदी भैया भइदीएको भए र सूलेखा डट कममा गएर "नेपाली पीपूल स्टीङ्क लाईट दे जस्ट ह्याड अ शीट स्याण्डवीच" भन्यो भने अली चीत्त दूख्छ नी ब्रो, दुख्दैन भन त । बरू गनाउने केटीको कन्फीडेन्स लो हून्छ, म भैदीएको भए माक्स लगाएर दनादन दनादन दीन्थे ।
Posted on 02-28-12 9:04 PM     [Snapshot: 713]     Reply [Subscribe]
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" tesai gari ganaunu cha bhane jo sukai ganauna सक्छ"

हा हा हा 

कसैलाई जानी जानी smelly हुन मन् लाग्छा र? कि तलाई लाग्छा हो तेरो काउन्टर पार्ट्स हरु जस्तो? 

एहा खुबिलिटी को कुरा भैराछा गनाउने को होइन बुझिस भाई. 

Posted on 02-28-12 9:05 PM     [Snapshot: 692]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why do 'Most' indian... bhanera sodheko bhaye huneythiyo ki?? 
I don't believe all indians stink cos Karina Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai must smell angelic :D 
So, the use of the word 'Most' would have solved the problem from apparent retorts.
And, that's not how you pay back someone's compliment by addressing her as (yes Biatch, I use cologne) out here.

Btw, I get tons of compliments on me like how I smell esp. from women in my workplace.
I go to restaurants, guys ask me what I wear. It simply feels good to get noticed.
Probably, women want to sleep with me,..hahhahaha. That's what I feel with their look.

And no, I don't wear that crazy cheap'Axe'shit like they market on TV

Last edited: 28-Feb-12 09:06 PM

Posted on 02-28-12 9:13 PM     [Snapshot: 746]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bitter bro, that sound like acqua di gio!
Posted on 02-28-12 9:13 PM     [Snapshot: 744]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हेर katy perry को FAN:

अब ति नेपाली लड्की को सास गनौछा भने अलि गतिलो खालको Brush र Paste किनेर देउ न. अनि बिहान उठ्ने बित्तिकै र बेलका सुत्नु भन्दा अगाडी दात मज्जाले माझ्न लगाऊ. के थाहा तिमि LAID पो भैहल्छौ कि?

Posted on 02-28-12 9:16 PM     [Snapshot: 767]     Reply [Subscribe]
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त्यो त मन मनै भन्या नि. खासमा म तेती बोल्दिन तिनीहरु संग. DIRECTLY त कहाँ भन्नु!! 

Posted on 02-28-12 9:41 PM     [Snapshot: 828]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol @ casino.. keep up bro :D at least we know most of them stick..

@OTGA, I use Cool Water Cologne, and Chrome Legend :D , I use Cool Water aftershave, perfect kissable face you can get :D 
women go crazy, believe me :D 
Posted on 02-28-12 10:00 PM     [Snapshot: 870]     Reply [Subscribe]
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हास्ने बेला भको हो कसीनो ब्रो??

Posted on 02-29-12 1:07 AM     [Snapshot: 1046]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 unfortunately lots of Nepal ppl stnk too. after all most of us shop at the Indian grocery store and eat the same curry shytt . it's not the colonge or perfume that helps. it's the clothes that store all the bad odor , so best thing to do is to keep clothes somewhere in the house where smell of curry can't reach. and use frabics freshners on them and wash them after one or two (max) wears. 
I love dolce and gabanna light blue and all time fav drakkar noir. what do you guys like? 
Posted on 02-29-12 1:55 AM     [Snapshot: 1096]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I hated drakkar noir
Posted on 02-29-12 2:27 AM     [Snapshot: 1120]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 lol..ya it's little old skool but still smells great...
Posted on 02-29-12 6:20 AM     [Snapshot: 1187]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pshrestha: one of the senior Dai use to stink back in the days. I told him that he smells too much guess what he takes shower everyday & uses Deodrant & colognes now a days. So the best solution would be: if you know the person who's smelly just tell 'em without offending them.
Posted on 02-29-12 9:21 AM     [Snapshot: 1305]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 02-29-12 9:58 AM     [Snapshot: 1310]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 02-29-12 10:10 AM     [Snapshot: 1387]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last weekend I was at the mall with some girl friends and in the elevator one african woman asked the girls if they were from Pakistan cuz they smelled like his ex boyfriend who was from pakistan.

Focking curry is embarassing but tastes good LOL


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