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 Phd interview invitation!!!
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Posted on 01-18-12 12:09 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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  Phd program ko laagi University haru le face to face interview ma bolayoo!!! Kasari prepare garne hola saathi haru.
Is it better to dress formal ki casual? Aani mero professor ko kura aanusar: these kind of university sponsored interviews are more like recruitment than a real interview haree ni ho? Is he right??Yo situation maa pareko saathi haru bata kehi suggestions payee aabhari hune thiyee :))

Jai Nepal!!!


Posted on 01-18-12 12:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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they are not real interview...they just talk with you informally show you the college...do not take it as interview, just take them as vaccation...they just call you to impress you so that you can join their college...

Posted on 01-18-12 12:25 PM     [Snapshot: 49]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everything bhustigre said plus wear some nice clothes...congratulation!
Posted on 01-18-12 12:49 PM     [Snapshot: 83]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Congrats dude. 

I'd say go with something formal. Don't kill it though. 

Posted on 01-18-12 12:52 PM     [Snapshot: 83]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everything Bhustighre and Sanju Baba said applies in here!!! Plus, do not worry at all. These are not formal interviews. Professors walk with you around the department, introduce you to other professors and other graduate students. May be, he/she might take you to lunch/dinner. Its nothing like job interview. One more thing, when they pay you for your visit, its certain that they will hire you as a teaching/research assistant. So, no problem at all....Have fun and yeah, like Sanju Baba said, try to be formal almost all the time. Good Luck.
Posted on 01-18-12 1:20 PM     [Snapshot: 131]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Aani wat abt aafno research ko kura ....do i have to explain all that to faculty memebers who interview me? Professor haru k0 biodata aani research ko baremaa kati ko research gareraa jaaana parchaa??? 
Aani formal bhanaa le k tie suit nai launaa parchaa raa? Maile weather herda ta snowfall bhai rakhya cha sabai university maa...
Thanks for all the suggestions saathi haru!!!

Posted on 01-18-12 3:39 PM     [Snapshot: 270]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Jaibik Shakti,

I concur with most of the comments people have expressed above. Yes, most interviews are informal, but it also depends on the program you're being invited. For smaller rigorous programs, I'll bet that they are not going to take in everyone they interview. So, its wise to do a little search on the faculty research. Make sure you have a question or two about their research. noone is more impressed than the one who's done some homework about his/her research.

Also, its good to be on guard both in terms of clothing and behaviour. Having served in the admission committee, make sure you don't let yoru wild side come out too much just because there's free booze and food. Those "student hosts" if you're assigned once, believe it or not, will have a lot to say about you to the admission committee. Don't let them red flag you. and RELAX!!!!

Posted on 01-18-12 3:41 PM     [Snapshot: 262]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dress code: Business casual, just a neat shirt/T-shirt and pants will be just fine. Don't wear clothes that have extreme paintings/colorings; just plain and simple. Shoes need to be clean and comfortable, don't wear new shoes. That doesn't mean you have to wear shoes with holes showing your toes either.

Homework: Take a look at research the School does. If there's something interesting going on, learn more about the faculty and what he/she does. It's nice to have something to talk to the interviewer's about their institution. If you know who's going to interview you, learn about the type of research he/she does. Be prepared to explain your prior research experience in a concise yet effective manner; practice if you feel like you'll lack fluency during the interview.

During Interview: Act professional, give honest answers but don't feel obliged to reveal personal information, listen to the whole question before jumping in to provide answer. Comment on the interviewer's research and/or the program you are applying if/when you get a chance - very important! Have fun.

Source: based on my talk with a graduate school admissions administrator at State's one of the best research schools.

Good luck!

Posted on 01-18-12 4:32 PM     [Snapshot: 297]     Reply [Subscribe]
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It really depends on what your interview is like. I think it is always best to dress business formal. You can find guidelines in the following web site.

Here is why I say dress business formal: you can't lose with it. If you see that the situation is business casual, then you can always take your suit jacket off. You always want to look sharp. Here are some tips:
  1. Get an adult haircut
    1. This means look professional and not like the 6th Beatle.
    2. You want to get a haircut about a week before your interview. This will allow your hair to grow out a little bit and it will let you look sharp but not rigid.
  2. Use conditioner
    1. Nepali men don't tend to use conditioners. Sometimes, it's even more prevalent to use the soap. Don't be lazy. Get a proper men's shampoo, and conditioner. This will prevent from looking, for lack of better words: छ्याकर्याक्क
  3. SHAVE!
    1. A clean shave is a must
    2. Here are instructions from this funny but helpful video on proper shaving techniques.
    3. If you are curious about what razor is the best, I use the Gillette ProGlide Fusion. They give me the most "सटासट" shave
  4. Wear a nice suit
    1. Hear me out on this: many of us neglet the value of a fitted suit. It may be slightly more expensive, but trust me--you will look and feel 100x better. Plus it's not as unaffordable as you may think. You can get one at Burlington Coat Factory or Joseph A. Bank for <$200 sometimes. Joseph A. Bank sometimes even has a "Buy one get two free" sale, which I took advantage of once.
    2. Wherever you buy a suit, here are some of my suggestions:
      1. You want to stand out on your one-on-one interview, and not when you are going on a group tour. This means you need to be as not-standing-out as possible.
      2. Wear a black suit
      3. Wear a white shirt
      4. Wear a solid red tie. I understand the value of individuality, but you want to impress the admissions officials during your personal interview and not distract them.
      5. Wear black formal socks (do NOT NOT NOT wear white, or athletic socks. White socks with black pants is पखे and if you wear black socks that are intended for athletic events, then when you sit down, the socks will probably ride down. You don't want interviewers to see your legs. That shows sloppy dressing.
  5. Wear nice shoes
    1. People look and judge your shoes. It's a fact. Some may not care if you are wearing sloppy shoes, but the point of an interview is to highlight your personal qualities and not have distractors like a bad haircut, or non-polished shoes.
    1. Be an hour early to an interview. I'm Nepali so I understand. If I target to be there an hour early, I will only then be there about 20 minutes early. There's a saying in the US Military: "If you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late, and if you are late, it is unacceptable". Abide by that that motto!!
    2. It looks unprofessional when you are late. So remember: it is always better to be early
    1. You're Nepali, you have an amazing story of coming to the United States already, and your life is already interesting. Don't bull5h!+ to the interviewers. They see right through you! Be true to yourself
  8. Do your homework
    1. Every researcher thinks their research is the best. If you want to be in with an interviewer, you must do your homework beforehand. This means reading up on the topic and the general research. You can probably find that on the University's web site.
  9. Relax
    1. If you are too nervous, that serves as a distraction as well. Best way to relax is to think about a happy place. I always think about a nice relaxing view. Do whatever works for you
  10. Practice your interview
    1. Your college or university most likely has a career center where you can schedule a mock interview. If not, you can probably contact a local library and ask for interview resources. If that's not available either, you can go to your City's Workforce Development and ask them if there are services like that available. A mock interview is always a good way to prep for the day of. If you know answers to common interview questions like "What is your major strength?" "What are your major weaknesses?" "What is your research focusing on?" boosts your chance to not freeze up during the interview
    2. Find questions about the program that you will probably get to ask. This is the time to see if the program fits for you as well. You don't want to be stuck in a program that you want nothing to do with
I also use the following resource: The Pre-Interview Ritual

Hope that helps! Always treat an interview with seriousness. "First impression is the last(ing) impression"

Posted on 01-19-12 7:43 AM     [Snapshot: 618]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i have been in grad school for past 5 years and i have been in those interviews a couple of times. listen to what everyone has said.

the only thing i would stress is : know your shite. things like why did you apply and do you know anything about it. 

and one thing, dont take this opportunity for granted. you got this opportunity means you are smart, i think they already saw that in you.

i know an undergrad in my lab, who very smart, did wanted to go to wash U. he didnt get the opportunity and when i asked him he said he didn't answer quite well why did he apply. 


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