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 India is Nepal's God
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Posted on 12-13-11 9:12 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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LOL. Look at this thread:

These Nepali men are so stupid. In one thread they ask this question: Do you still believe in God and/or religion?

And in the next thread, all these Nepali men are looking up at India in complete awe. They don't know whether to fear it or to worship it. Jackasses!

Don't you fools know that you have already accepted that India is Nepal's God? Look at Rethink, BitterTruth and Stiffler, they are fully convinced that they have no other choice but to worship India. India is the center of Nepal's universe. This will never change. So the sooner you accept that India is your God and start worshipping her every morning, the better.

Have a picture of Mother India on your altar in your puja kutha and do deo-batti, ful-maala, dhoop, and put some akshata and chandan on it. OK? LOL.

Oh and if that is not enough, you Nepali men should chant Rakshas dai's mantra.

Last edited: 13-Dec-11 10:30 AM

Posted on 12-13-11 9:27 AM     [Snapshot: 41]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Keep on deleting it. I will keep on posting it.

Posted on 12-13-11 9:34 AM     [Snapshot: 52]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am simply trying to discourage worshipping a God that doesn't have your best interest in mind. What is wrong with what I'm saying?

I was just trying to discourage you Nepali men from making fools of yourself. Am I being so unreasonable?

Your little laati sister,

P.S Get a sense of humour!
Last edited: 13-Dec-11 09:34 AM

Posted on 12-13-11 10:11 AM     [Snapshot: 105]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Don't you know how to fight like a man? Where has all your masculine bravado gone, darling?

Maybe you're not a Nepali man. Maybe, YOU are a shemale. OMIGOD! Is that what you are, baby? Are you shemale?

Us girls have a vagina. Do you have a man-jina?


Posted on 12-13-11 10:24 AM     [Snapshot: 138]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Wow. I never thought I'd see the day when in Sajha, the men are crying for justice from being abused by the women.

But then again, Dhritarashtra and Gandhari never saw the day that they would lose every one of their 100 sons in the battle of Kurukshetra. If they had seen that day, then they would have given the Pandavas justice on day one. And they would not have have waited for so many people to have died in the battlefield before they gave the Pandavas the justice they deserved a long...long time ago.

There is a lot to learn from history, is there not Janatare? I am glad you are studying my Didi, Rasika Kanchhi's history. LOL.

Unfortunately, despite reading so much of our history, it seems knowing how to love and respect women is still a mystery to you. LOL.

Posted on 12-13-11 12:21 PM     [Snapshot: 218]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Stiffler,

You look like Atlas with a heavy heavy weight on your shoulders, carrying it all by yourself. Aren't there any Hercules amongst your Nepali guys who will help you out and take your burden?

Becharra Stiffler.

Posted on 12-13-11 2:50 PM     [Snapshot: 293]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This post is kinda sad, I cant belive im reading it. SOmeone coming into my community and dissin me...well no problem..words are just words!yedi bro Nepali ho & ure just doin this for fun then lamo khau mula...

if you are indian, then this is for you...

All this unnecessary hate towards India is kinda logical. Its like how Indians hated(hate!I dont know if they still do but thats wht seems in the movies) the British.Someone tries to mess with you, you dont like em.Just like how its with me and this thread or you.

The thing about everything revolving around India, thats just whts called DUMB luck!!!Im not saying its "BAD" but its just "DUMB".ITs coz Nepal is a land locked country and its easier to get everything from India than China(mountains).DUH!!!!and people in Nepal and India have a lot in common-the same phuked up family values, the same rules of the society..the dailects are similar!...So, its DUMB that everything in Nepal comes from India and revolves around it....the good & the BAD& the UGLY too,,!!but as we all know its human nature to pick up  BAd things faster....than the good ones.....

Posted on 12-13-11 3:08 PM     [Snapshot: 306]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The thing about India being Nepals god is just messed up....sure,,,there are motha-loving politicians who are a disgrace to NEpal,and sell anything and everything to India or anyone for that matter!!!but that doesnt mean I'm one too which means India is not my God. Nepal is my God and those who have sold her may burn in hell in India or wherever that they have sold her to....

ITs like saying Britain is India's god for bringing in rail roads and the English language which by the way is spoken fluently by Indians today which you will have to agree did help India.I'm not comparing or saying that India is its state today because of the BRITISH,,,NO India on the roadmap to development because of its people..the ones who worked hard!!!

If you say India is Nepal's god because everything is brought from India then you will have to say that Britain is India's god for bringing in the founding steps for development!!!..whcih I believe Indians will disagree just as how your argument will be dissed by Nepalese.

About having MOTHER INDIA 's picture with deobatti,,,how abt wiping my ass with MOTHER INDIA's picture???

Disclamier:I understand that Indians would be very angry with the above statement just as NEpalese are with this thread.So I just wanna appolozize, I didnt wanna say that but wht else can you expect?...

Posted on 12-13-11 3:11 PM     [Snapshot: 323]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Finally,,,"LOL"s are so freaken GAY man....tesmathi man-jina ko video khojdai post garnu...comeon man,,,use ur words and time for something better!!!!...

If you dont have anything bette to do ..then lamo khau mula...

May India prosper,,,and Pakistan and China & dont forget LIberia...

Posted on 12-13-11 7:38 PM     [Snapshot: 441]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well said, DeathRocker! Keep rocking on. Your language is coarse. But I love where your heart is dude. Awesome!

You know DeathRocker, my great-grandfather used to say, "Ma chiplo roti khanchu ra khasro kura garchu." Tapai ko kura malai ek damai chitta bujhyo.

Last edited: 13-Dec-11 08:07 PM
Last edited: 13-Dec-11 08:09 PM

Posted on 12-13-11 8:41 PM     [Snapshot: 507]     Reply [Subscribe]
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tei bhaneko ni. Yo ta hamro community po ho ta. Jo jo yaha ayera je man lage tei bhanna thalyo bha-ne hami chup lagera basna parchha bhanera kaha niyam lekheko chha?

Tapai le thik bhannu bho! Thank you for having the courage to speak up. It opened my eyes.

Posted on 12-15-11 8:32 AM     [Snapshot: 708]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No fight but please argue'! The history just has a link of Hinduism and may be half of Indians are Hindus, I think more than half, though major population of India is Muslims,. The point here is there is common gods and godesses in both countries which is very rare, Christianity has so many sub divisions Catholics Vs Christians being major and do many differences, but our cultural heritage are so diverse, enlighted by spiritual pathways., rich bhawanas and mythological importance in Vedas, Upanishads which is very important for our survival. The yoga, the herbal remedies, the strong teas, the dahee, the dudh pure from gai and bhaisi and the respect to each human and celebrating a day in name of GauMata only possible in Nepal and India. That can't be ever understood by any Gore or Kaale foreigners. So there is huge difference in many aspect in terms of economy, power, area, and superiority of education. But it has influence in our people in both countries, so we have to go hand in hand and legs and legs parallally, not parodoxically.
Posted on 12-15-11 9:37 AM     [Snapshot: 742]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chanakya Niti, what the hell are you talking about?

Posted on 12-15-11 10:07 AM     [Snapshot: 760]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@mridula, I lika ya. wish you were my girlfriend.. I dont' worship india but I don't really hate it overall..
anyway, taunting is good. but some real men like me do have something called 'patience' ..
This song is for ya.. hahaha. I know you can think of me as 'lallu' but I still would sing a song for ya..

Posted on 12-15-11 10:52 AM     [Snapshot: 794]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Chanakya niti, sorry to disturb you. I think you are still on your maternity leave after giving birth to a word "parallally".
Posted on 12-15-11 10:05 PM     [Snapshot: 916]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I am not an expert in English literature expert'! But has freedom of expression. Bujhne lai srikhanda, nabujhne lai Khurpa ko beed

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