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 IMPRESSIVE!!!!!! Way to go Mr. Rauniyar... Good Luck
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Posted on 09-08-11 8:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Very Nice intro about Mr. Rauniyar. Good Luck !!!!!! 

We will help and support you....

There are lots of  very valuable nepali brains here in sajha.... If you can reach to them that will be a great help for your campaign....

Posted on 09-09-11 5:48 AM     [Snapshot: 453]     Reply [Subscribe]
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hahahahahahahahhaha........... han han han .....
Last edited: 09-Sep-11 05:53 AM

Posted on 09-09-11 10:03 AM     [Snapshot: 626]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I truly admire Rauniyaar Ji's hardword, dedication and I celebrate his success. He is an inspiration to all of us. But I am in dilemma. Rauniyaar Ji's political belief and my libertarian beliefs are diametrically opposite. While I believe in individual freedom and liberty and the smallest form of government, Rauniyaar Ji is all for big government, welfarism and a nanny state. I can never ever support any democrats on the ground of my principles. Both the Democrats and Republicans are the filth of this beautiful nation. This country has been destroyed by this two headed serpent. I think it's time the American citizens wake up before it's too late. Though Dr. Paul is running on a Republican platform for the presidency in 2012, he truly is a Libertarian. He tried running on Libertarian party back in 1988 but could not succeed. It's very difficult for the third party run in this two party dictatorship so he had to be in the Republican bunch. Anyways, if you look at the American history, all the founding fathers were libertarians and republicans. The Republicans that we call Republicans today are not the true conservatives but Neo-conservatives who belive in creating and maintaining the global American Empire. It sounds like the Democrats are anti-war party but they truly carry on the same Neocon policies of maintaining empire. Look at the mess in Libya. President Obama (I just can't withstand this guy.) totally destroyed that nation. He is a "bloody murderer" as Minister Farrakhan says.

One of my family members was in Seatle, trying to organize a fun raising event for him among her American networking. Asked me to raise a fund here in NY but I am all focused on Dr. Paul's campaign here. After I graduate, I plan to volunteer for his campaign. Raise as much as I can for him.

I do not want to wish my Nepalese brethren an unsuccess but I truly don't want no more democrats in the House or repubulicans for that matter.

Posted on 09-09-11 10:23 AM     [Snapshot: 646]     Reply [Subscribe]
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All the best Darshan ji...What you trying to do is good... But there is smthing missing N people stil doubt abt your views of democrat... Why didnt you give them a clear picture why you are running from democrat... Any way gud luck..
Posted on 10-03-11 8:03 AM     [Snapshot: 917]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-03-11 10:41 AM     [Snapshot: 1077]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 @ NAS Dream on Bro.. Dr. Paul is too much libertarian for US.
BTW please find some one else's quote than the minister if you want to criticize obama. "Bloody Killer" you can do better than that!....
Last edited: 03-Oct-11 10:44 AM

Posted on 10-04-11 5:33 PM     [Snapshot: 1452]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Happy Bijaya Dashami Dear Darshan Ji.

From your "Nas Ji" and all of our Sajhaites,

Especially my beloved friends Chiya, Samikshya, Peace In Heaven, Paulina Didju, _Nas, Curious_gal, Perika, Sexy in Sari, Ne0, YoTaBhayanaNiSom, Dhiraj Ojha, Fat Beast, Geology Tiger, Rahulvai, Crazynep, Rajesh Dai, cajunboy, dranox, chaurey, Babaal Khate, Stiffler, Pandora, Freeport, SKT1212, collegefootball rocks, DallukoSano, Dhwaase, WTF, gede, hate, stat, meh_nepali and many more.

May all your dreams come true.

Thank you for your warm wishes.

With Love
Nas bro

Posted on 10-04-11 5:53 PM     [Snapshot: 1467]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Dear Nas bro,

I think this is a very good news for Darshanji's campaign :

Rauniyar in the map for first district


He is facing a quartet of present and former Democratic legislators, but 1st District U.S. House candidate Darshan Rauniyar is showing he’s a player in the race by raising $110,000 in the last three months.


“More than 800 donations. My personal contribution is only $1,131. No business, lobbyist or PAC money,” the candidate said in an e-mail.

The district’s new boundaries are not yet drawn, yet there’s already an active competition to replace U.S. Rep. Jay Inslee, D-Wash., who is running for governor.

The main focus has been a battle between liberal Rep. Roger Goodman and centerist Democratic State Sen. Steve Hobbs over who can garner the most endorsements from legislative colleagues. Former State Rep. Laura Ruderman is backed by a bevy of the state’s most prominent women political activists.

Rauniyar is playing off that, touting himself as “the only non-politician in the Democratic field” and noting that politicians in Congress keep “bringing us to the brink of economic catastrophe and government shutdown.”

Rauniyar was raised in Nepal’s capital of Kathmandu, emigrated to the United States in 1988, and has a MBA from Portland State University. He has worked for technology companies, describes himself as a “successful entrepreneur,” and has been active in Democratic politics.

Posted on 10-04-11 5:54 PM     [Snapshot: 1474]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The News


Press Release




Political Newcomer Raises Impressive $110,000 on First Quarterly Report


Fundraising Numbers Show Momentum on Rauniyar's Side in WA-01



Bothell, WA – October 3, 2011 – Technology entrepreneur and candidate for Congress in Washington's 1st Congressional District, Darshan Rauniyar, is pleased to announce today that his campaign has raised $110,000 for their first quarterly FEC report. "As the only non-politician in the Democratic field, I am very pleased with the broad show of support people have shown my campaign", said Rauniyar. "My vision of taking care of America and the American people first has excited people from all walks of life, and I have received an unprecedented level of support for a first-time candidate."

"My message is resonating with voters," explained Rauniyar. "The American people want an end to the partisan gridlock they see every day in Washington D.C. They want their elected representatives to do their jobs, and make the common sense decisions that are best for the American people and this great country of ours. With our economy strugging, Congress keeps bringing us to the brink of economic catastrophe and government shutdown. The American people are looking for a leader with a fresh perspective, someone who is going to fight to create jobs by revitalizing our manufacturing base, provide for the education of our children, and fight for healthcare for every American. I look forward to laying out my positions in detail in the coming months – these positions will be my pledge to the people I will serve."

"As the political outsider in this race, I will not be beholden to special interest groups or their lobbyists. My time in Congress will be spent doing what is best for the American people," Rauniyar continued. "As both an immigrant and an entrepreneur, I will bring a unique global perspective to Congress. I am running because this great country gave me the opportunity to succeed - to get the education I needed, and the chance to build a successful business. These opportunities are fading for many Americans who struggle every day to find work, pay their bills, and provide for their children. I want to restore the American Dream and give them hope that they can have a better future, and to restore the principals of our Founding Fathers - that every Americans have the chance to pursue life, liberty and happiness."

Rauniyar was raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. He came to America in 1988 in order to study Electronics Engineering at the Oregon Institute of Technology. He later received his Master’s in Business Administration from Portland State University. He has held various senior-level positions in technology companies, and later went on to be a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He has been active in the politics for over a decade, and has campaigned for local, state, and federal candidates. He is an elected Democratic Precinct Committee Officer, and has served on the Executive Committees of both the 1st Legislative District Democrats and the Snohomish County Democrats. He was a member of the Snohomish County Citizens Committee for Human Rights, and is a member of the the Snohomish County Parks Advisory Board. He has served as a Board member for numerous non-profit organizations. He lives in Bothell with his wife, a local pediatrician, and has two sons who attend a local public school.




Darshan Rauniyar Announces Successful First Month of Fundraising

Political Newcomer Puts up Impressive Numbers


Bothell, WA – August 1, 2011 – First-time political candidate, Darshan Rauniyar, running for Congress in Washington's 1st Congressional District, announced today that his campaign raised over $30,000 in the month of July.


"We have received donations from $5 to $1,000, and from 18 to 84-year-olds", said Rauniyar. "I am proud and humbled that over 200 people are excited about my candidacy and have donated to my campaign, and many more have begun to give their time and energy. We are building a grassroots campaign, and this month has seen us lay the foundation for a successful congressional race."


"It has been extremely gratifying to see my message about restoring the American Dream resonate with policies. They want new and strong leadership to get our economy back on track, our people back to work, and to ensure that everyone has the same opportunities I've had to realize the American Dream. We must rebuild our manufacturing base, and find a dedicated funding stream for education to put America on a path towards recovery."

"As the only non-politician, and a first-time candidate, I am happy with our start", said Rauniyar. "Much of this first month was spent learning and setting the foundation for our campaign. Now, I expect to be able to focus more of my energy on fundraising and continue to talk with voters about their issues. I will run a grassroots, from the ground up campaign."

Rauniyar was raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. He came to America in 1988 in order to study Electronics Engineering at the Oregon Institute of Technology. He later received his Masters in Business Administration from Portland State University. He has held various senior-level positions in technology companies, and later went on to be a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He has been active in the politics for over a decade, and has campaigned for many local, state and federal candidates. He is an elected Democratic Precinct Committee Officer, and has served on the Executive Committees of both the 1st Legislative District Democrats and the Snohomish County Democrats. He is a member of the Snohomish County Human Rights Commission and the Snohomish County Parks Advisory Board. He has served as a Board member for numerous non-profit organizations.


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Help Elect Darshan!

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Paid for by Darshan Rauniyar for Congress

Posted on 10-04-11 6:08 PM     [Snapshot: 1481]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"No business, lobbyist or PAC money,”

Lato bro, I am already liking what I am hearing. Oh you don't know how much I hate special interests like big business that sleeps with the Government and the filthy scumbag lobbyists.

Some PACs are good though.

I really want to see where Our Beloved Darshan Ji stands on QE4 !

Anticipating for his updates in his website.

Posted on 10-05-11 1:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1674]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 10-05-11 5:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1760]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 This is an important step for all Nepalese Americans. I gave my $25 but realistically I don't see him getting elected. 

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