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 मिठो-भेटघाट को RULES हेर्नुस् ।बडो गज्जब होला जस्तो छ गुलेहो, लु यो पढ. ।
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Posted on 06-25-11 8:33 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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  • The Ladies will be assigned seats for the evening at numbered station.
  • The Men will rotate to each Lady's station.
  • केटाहरु चाही के केरा हल्लाउदै केटीको वारीपरी घुम्ने ? 
  • Each male will receive their order of rotation list so when the bell rings you know what station to go to next.
  • ट्रैन हो र हामी स्टेसन स्टेसन जानलाई ? 
  • Everyone meets all participants.
  • You will have 4 minutes with each person.
  • २० २० डलर तिरेर ४ मिनटले भुत्रो कुरो हुन्छ । 
  • Bell will be rung once to start and Bell rung twice to end the 4 minute session.
  • At the end of the 2 bells, you will be given 30 seconds to jot down notes about the person you just met.
  • At the end of the Mitho Bhet-Ghat event, participants turn a “worksheet” in to the organizers — a list of who they would like to provide their contact info such as email or phone number exchanged. When there is a match, contact information is forwarded to both interested parties.
  • Bring some cash for a drink or two. We will have a mini bar (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages) available for you.

Posted on 06-25-11 9:14 PM     [Snapshot: 42]     Reply [Subscribe]
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thanx to u purana kagaj for brining this one over here.

I am glad that i had already decided not to attend. By the way, who is that genious who thought that guys would be so desparate to meet girl like this way(well, some might be but not the one you guys are looking for). if  you guys(mitho bhet ghat team ) are organizing some kind of c game that our sajaians already menntione on another thread, i don't have to say anything..good luck on that.... However, as you claimed this event as a socializing event, where people can share their interest with each other and make ever lasting connection and bla bla bla why is this nautanki of bell and all b**sh**t. And unless one person have an intention to have f** with another this whole bell thing is a humiiation for both male and female who truly go there to socialize with other people. 

Posted on 06-25-11 9:32 PM     [Snapshot: 106]     Reply [Subscribe]
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4 min ma kura matra garne ki kei kaam ne garna payincha lol
Posted on 06-25-11 9:35 PM     [Snapshot: 108]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Americane braw,, good question.
Purana kagaz bro kata harako yar etro din??
Posted on 06-26-11 5:15 PM     [Snapshot: 539]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 ४ मिनेटमा त बिर अस्पातल अगाडिको भालु सँग कुरा मिल्दैन , सोसिअलाइज कसरी गर्नेहो ? 

NAS ले भनेजस्तै यो चिकामरी खेलाउने षड्यन्त्र हो । 
Posted on 06-26-11 8:37 PM     [Snapshot: 745]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Khas ma hamile speed dating event jasto garne bhanera socheko thiyau at the very beginning. Ani, US ma univ. attend gareko nepali haru le matra yesto in-person experience gareko huncha bhanne hypothesis ma whole team biswas garna pugyau. Ani..yo event lai kasari nepali circle ma pani "chada" event jasto na thanai kana accept garaune hola bhanne bichar suru bhayo.
Antim ma social networking event jasto garau, yedi bhagwan ko kripa le kasai single nepali dai/bhai or didi/bahini le afnu soul mate (love on first sight) jasto bhetnu bhaye bhayi halyo. Hoina bhane pani tyo "high school ma padda afu lai ek dam man pareko keti tara keti le afu lai man na parayera arkai lai man parako jasto case bhayo bhane pani", antim ma at least facebook through friends bhayi rahane..bhanera "social networking" ko tag halne bichar gareko?
tapai haru lai kasto lagcha? k cheez galat garyau hola ta? kehi advice cha bhane hami lai advice dinus na..we really want to make it a very good event, at least to the best of our capacity. Tara hami sabai le yo pahilo patak event organize garna thaleko, we are nervous. Help garnus na..do you think we should cancel this? or ajhai kehi major or minor revision garyo bhane yo event bachaune chance cha, cajunboy, purana kagaz, amricane and rakchyas dai/bhai/didi/bahini.
-Bishal Thapa
Posted on 06-26-11 9:15 PM     [Snapshot: 810]     Reply [Subscribe]
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For me this whole this is wrong bro, our social life havent been dead like america and europe that we have to find our love from craiglist and other dating site. we have familes to look guy or girl for us. dont forget 90% of our marriage are still arrange marriage and they are better than a love marriage.
i can come to your event and act like gentle guy with some hifi life and impress some girls. what if tomorrow after marriage or after been in relationship she found out i am always drunk gajedi? whom to blame me that girl or your organization. you can open dating site and do online business but not like this open and insulting way selling name of all nepalese association .
4 mins re , manche ye yeha eak arka lai chinna barsau lauchan tapai 4 min ma kaam tamam garna khojnu huncha.
its just my personal view , i am sorry if i offend somebody.
Posted on 06-26-11 9:36 PM     [Snapshot: 812]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kehi cheez sahi bhannu bhayo tapai le. Hami nepali lai yesto matchmaking garne aawassyakta aayi sakeko chaina? Tyo mamu/daddy le keta/keti khojididaina ma good husband/wife fela parcha bhanne kura ma chahi tapai ra ma disagree garnu parne huncha..tara yo thread ko topic tyo hoina. Tapai le time invest garera gahiro soch dinu bhayeko rahecha. Tesko lagi dhanyabad.

Hami le chahi yo "money back guarantee" jasto service dina athawa..yo event ma bhag linus tapai lai pakka ramro bhauju/buhari khoji dine pani bhanna khojeko hoina. Maaf pau testo galaf vibe yo event le tapai lai diyo bhane. Tara it is just simply a misunderstanding.
Tapai ko opinion sahi huna sakcha hamro wording galat bhako or message clean na bhako huna sakcha. Website lekhda euta startup kholna ateko jasto pani katai katai sound hundo rahecha hamro website bata. Tara tyo galat ho dai/bhai.

khas ma goal chahi..laaj lagera para para basne didi/dai/bhai/bahini tara sathi sanga chuttai cahhi tyo keta/keti kasto ramro bhanera kura garne ko lagi, euta ice break garne opportunity..ra hami sacchikai tyo lajayera afnu bhagya ma baheko keta/keti nai kehi samay aajai dhilo bhetne cha bhane..tyo process yo event ko madhyam le ali kati speed up garaideu bhanne asha liyera kadam chaleko hamile.

Sahi bhannu bhayo..hamro mamu daddy haru ko arrange marriage gare pani marriage successful cha dherai. Ra..bhagya ma bhako keta/keti yesai bhet huncha usai. Hami le cahi kehi ramailo garda gardai yo event ko marfat..ra MAIN..tyo drink kinne $20..euta kavre-palanchowk ko babu ko education ma lagaideu bhanne socheko? yedi tapai le high expectation na likana pani hamro event ma aaunu bhayo..ra kohi bhetnu bhayena bhane pani.tapai ko $20 le kunai bidyarthi lai maddat huncha..ani.....hami lai pani bhetnu huncha bhane ta teti naramro kura ta hoina ni, hoina ra?..ani hami arko barsa yo event lai kasari ramro banaune bhanera..salla pani garumla..aaunus na yo event ma ek tali...lets see if you like it? kaso dai/bhai?

Posted on 06-26-11 9:41 PM     [Snapshot: 827]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Why do the women stay at their tables, forcing the men to come to them? This just perpetuates the age-old gender role where men are expected to approach women which immediately gives the women all the power. What delicate flowers they are! How about equalizing things a little?

One of the most imortant thing to consider in these events is to bring as many women as you can otherwise the majority will be all BOKAS...How can you invite more ladies ?

How about doing something like "LADIES DRINK FREE" kinda thing ? That way i am sure more ladies will come to the event...Make it like going to bar kind of thing and let it be open rather than ringing bell every 2-3 minutes....If you do that you'll have hordes of people coming to the event...They key point here is to offer something FREE to ladies.

I've already registered for it and i am looking forward to it, but if i don't see lots of girls, i might not enter to the site. I'll let my 20 dollars go.

Posted on 06-26-11 9:49 PM     [Snapshot: 827]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Arrange marriages are better than love marriages..

super duper like like like.. i know because i have my own experience..

"manche lai chinna barsau lagacha""

tehi pani ka chindo raicha ra brother....chinne bhaye ko vaye ta vai halthyo ni....sometimes i feel that love doesn't exist anymore...

Posted on 06-26-11 9:59 PM     [Snapshot: 866]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@Rakchyas dai/bhai,
  Natra tesai garnu parla. Saturday ko lagi chahi hami le table chair set garne fix bhayi sakyo..tyo din tehi setup ma start garnu parla..ani yeso interest herera natra. tehi ko tehi..tyo chair table lai panchayera..tapai le bhane jastai proportion mildaudai..open floor event garnu parla...saturday kai second session ra sunday ko session. Good point rakchyas dai.

Mero teammate ko idea chahi kasto bhane, by chance, dherai daju/bhai ani thorai didi/bahini event ma aaunu bhayo bhane ta, didi/bhahini ta overwhelm hunu huncha..tesaile mech ma rakkhyau bhane ta..at least euta didi/bahini le euta daju/bhai lai matra respond garnu parcha ni bhanne socheko. First tali dai ek dam multi-level saman experience nagari sochna na sakine..first level cahi sochyau hamiley.

@purana kaagaz,
    hami le euta galti garyau..women bhanda dherai men huncha bhanera assume garyau. Tyo cahhi hamro galti ho purana kaagaz. Tara, tyo women sitting down bhaneko chahi, jo thorai number huncha..wuh cahi table ma basne ani dherai jana bhako gender chahi table ma move bhayo bhane tyo thorai jansankhya bhako gender lai overwhelm hundaina ni dherai bhanera ho. Tapai le sahi bhannu bhayo..gender X chahi table sarne bhanera lekhnu parne. Thank you.

Free drinks for ladies excellent idea..tara dai/bhai, tapai ko first paragraph ma chahi hami le assume garyo ani keti manche lai priority diyo bhanera bhannu bhayo..ani third paragraph ma chahi...ladies free drink bhannu bhayo..aru kasai le pheri man naparaula ki. Malai tahha cha, tapai le ta bhujnu huncha bhanera..tapai ko suggestion ho aakhir, aru kasai lai yo idea le marka parla? kasto cha ta tapai ko bichar tyo bare ma? tapai tahah cha dai cha ni, pheri jati ramro sochera gare pani ..kasai na kasai lai ta chitta pakka nabhujla..hoina?
tara thank you dai/bhai for suggestions. I like the "free drinks" idea. Tara tapai aauunus..dhoka bata na farkinu hola..tapai creative hunu hundo rahecha..chit chat ta garnai parcha hami..hamro arko saal pani garne plan cha yo..yo tali golbheda khayanau bhane :)

Posted on 06-26-11 10:11 PM     [Snapshot: 903]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@dryounghova je , nepali mai kuro garda ali majja huncha jhai lagyo malai ne. mobile bata chalaudai chu natra unicode bata sajilo hune gari rakhi dinthe , maafi pau. malai sab bhanda man napareko kuro chai tyo 20 dollar nai ho . karvepalanchok ko kunai yeuta biddharthi padauna tapai lai yestai karyekram garna parcha bhanne chaina. aru dherai maddhem bata paisa uthauda ne huncha jasto malai lagcha.
aaile ko jamana bhaneko lajayera basne haina jasto malai lagcha, afai hernus.hamro samaj kati bikasit.hudai cha , yeha ko nepali samaj ko ta tada ko kura daju nepal mai hernus kati open minded society bikasit hudai cha. yesto ma tapai haru lai lagnu ki hami lajaune jodi lai yeha bolayera bhetauchu bhannu, ramro joke bahek kei haina. tyo ani tyo mathi tapai haru le kasailai man parne jodi bolauna lako ne haina. teha aayera man parepachi bhetauna lako ho.
tapai haru ko program garnus aaune haru aaulan tara ma chai tyo thau ma sure aaudina jaha yeuta keti sanga bolna ko lagi 20 dollar tirna parcha.
purano kagaz bro, mero man ma yeuta idea ayo ke , yo program ko guest chai namrata lai rakhne ki bhanera , puja ne free cha hola. natra hamri maya baizin lai rakhe khasa ko hune tho .
Posted on 06-26-11 10:39 PM     [Snapshot: 930]     Reply [Subscribe]
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tyo pani sahi bhannu bhayo..ma chahi ali old-school thinking gare jasto cha. aaba bikasit bhayi sakyo nepal dherai, manche lai, chora athawa chori manche lai laaj lagdaina testo. Tara khasai bhanne ho bhane, hamro hope nai tehi, laaj lagena bhane ta yo event jhan successful hola ki bhanne cha aasa man pachadi. Sorry for not using right terms, ra "laaj saram" ko kura mention gareko ma. It is such a simple point. I didn't get it. Thank you for pointing it out.

aru non-profit cause ko lagi donation uthaune dherai upaya cha, tara yo cahhi kina kina popular huncha jasto lagcha, donation ko hisab le 80% ani ramailo ko hisab le 20% aauchan jasto lagcha malai..mero math tara paaka galat hola. Atti optimistic chu, tara donation ma philosophically biswas na garne (dherai bhetincha testa boston tira, nepali athawa non-nepali..tara mero sample size small bhayp dherai, tahah cha) athawa kehi aafu lai kehi upalabdi (good karma bhayek aru pani) huna sakne event ma matra involve hune, specially young (20-30 age group ka) chori manche/chora manche chan bhane pani , hamro event ma aaune chan jasto jagcha.

Dukha lagyo tapai na aaune bhaneko sunera, tara aaba five days baki cha, yo five days ma jasto sakyo teti corrections chahi garna try garne chau. Dhanyabaad, ra shuba raatri (USA ma). Have a good day bholi amricane dai/bhai.

Posted on 06-27-11 7:56 AM     [Snapshot: 1130]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The Ladies will be assigned seats for the evening at numbered station.

The Men will rotate to each Lady's station with a handkerchief and place it behind any unassuming lady. If the man can make a rotation without the lady finding out, then the man gets to pick the lady, otherwise the lady will beat the heck out of the man with the kerchief.

Posted on 06-27-11 11:24 AM     [Snapshot: 1502]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rumal lukai !!!
Posted on 06-27-11 12:56 PM     [Snapshot: 1618]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 ka baysyaka!!!  "chaku dekhayera makha pakadne kaam"
Posted on 06-27-11 10:22 PM     [Snapshot: 1887]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 यो त सारै तोरी परा भो !!!! I don't think anyone is so eager to have socialize with girls... 

Posted on 06-27-11 10:52 PM     [Snapshot: 1914]     Reply [Subscribe]
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म आउथे होला तर यो जुलाई ४ को हप्ता अरुनै केही प्रोग्राम छ। जे होस् कार्यक्रमको उदेश्य केही राम्रै रहेछ। गूड् लक


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