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 Replacement of Nagrita Card
Posted on 06-12-11 1:06 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 hello all

I am very confused on what nepali law says about replacing one's nepali citizenship card (nagrita). I have a grandmother who has lost her card and her husband is no longer living but we have his original nagrita card. She also has a photocopy of her original card. Will this be enough for the local nagar palika to issue her a new card?

I have spoken to few ppl and they have said that the photocopy is enough. The people in the nagar palika said that it's up to the head chief but won't give us clear answer on what official rules exist surrounding the replacement of a nagrita card if one happens to lose it. I am sure those nagar palika officers are going to give us hard tiime and ask for money and bribe as much as they can.

If you know the rules, can you please share. Thanks.

Posted on 06-12-11 7:10 AM     [Snapshot: 69]     Reply [Subscribe]
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नेपाल को कानून दैबले जानुन

So the best is to visit the district office with wateva documents ur grandma has. They will tell you wat else u need. Of course they will not ask for original one since that was lost.
Posted on 06-12-11 2:41 PM     [Snapshot: 185]     Reply [Subscribe]
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fill the forms, pay the fee and go with the photocopy. all should be fine.. the new card says 'प्रतिलिपि' at the top of it

Posted on 06-13-11 12:32 AM     [Snapshot: 289]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thank you for suggestion. But I am a bit of a skeptic though. 

The reason I am trying to assemble an answer to this is similar to other 'grey areas of laws' in nepal - no one really knows what the REAL law is. Suppose I fill out the form, pay the fee and show them the photocopy of my grandma's nagrita as well as my grandpa's original nagrita. What if they make the following claim:

1. They cannot relay on a photocopy since they think it may be fake.
2. They cannot use a dead person's nagrita to confirm the validity of living person's nagrita.
3. They cannot do anything until we pay them another fee.

The room for these mostly corrupted officers to harass us is plenty. Sure, its easy to pay the 'subba' and get what I want BUT I am NOT willing to fuel the fire or contribute to the corruption by paying them money that they do not truly deserve. This has got to stop. A way to avoid this is to know WHAT the law says.

If you know the law or have similar experieces please share.

Posted on 06-13-11 2:34 AM     [Snapshot: 314]     Reply [Subscribe]
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There should not be any problem like you think. Try first and see what will happen, thinking lot of things and not doing any thing will not work...!! Pratilipi nagarikta banai di halcha ni... even her husband no longer alive. Photocopy should work.

Posted on 06-13-11 8:50 AM     [Snapshot: 377]     Reply [Subscribe]
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you have to go to the same office from where your grandmother took her nagarikta. they have records of who they issued the nagarikta to. the only rsason why the photocopy will be useful is to find the registration date so that they can easily find the original record from stack of files. this obv would be a non issue if they were using electronic databases. the bottom line is you have to go to the district from where the nagarikta was originally issued.

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