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 Lets voice against the corrupt bankers of Nepal Share Market and Finance (NSM)

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Posted on 05-09-11 5:43 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Not only who steal money from state dhukiti by preparing false vat bills, raise voice against who take loans from banking institution thinking as if its their own property. This has been a growing trend nowdays in todays banking sector in nepal, which can be fatal for banking industry in Nepal

NRB to seize former NSM chairman’s passport

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has decided to seize the passport of Yogendra Prasad Shrestha, former executive chairman of Nepal Share Market and Finance (NSM), and take action against him. A board meeting of the central bank on Sunday took the decision saying that Shrestha misappropriated more than Rs 2 billion.

As per the law, Shrestha may face a three to five years prison sentence. “It has been decided that action will be taken against Shrestha as per the law, and Nepal Rastra Bank Act, Bank and Financial Institutions Act and Banking Offence and Punishment Act are focussing on it,” said an NRB board member. “Initial probe shows huge irregularities in the company,” said a senior NRB official.

According to the central bank, investigation is still underway and the Nepal Rastra Bank Act, Bank and Financial Institutions Act and Banking Offence will be invoked in this case. These acts have provisions ranging from stopping dividend distribution to sending the institution into liquidation.

The central bank on Thursday had frozen Shrestha’s bank accounts and lockers for his refusal to produce documents sought by the NRB’s supervision team. The banking regulator has also frozen bank accounts of Gita Shrestha and Saurav Shrestha, relatives of Shrestha.

The NRB’s initial investigation found that Shrestha took loans from his own company in the name of fake loanees. Shrestha also misappropriated Rs 200 million of Rastriya Beema Sansthan (RBS). According to NRB officials, the deposit of RBS has not been included in the corporate deposit details that NSM has to send to the central bank.

The Nepal Share Market and Finance (NSM) episode has established what was feared in the domestic financial market. Bad corporate governance is spread in the banking fraternity and it is high time that the regulator took a hard decision.

A series of corporate governance mishaps have hit the domestic financial market hard, with NSM the latest casualty. The NSM episode shows how vulnerable corporate governance is in development banks and financial institutions. “The situation is much worse that what we had thought,” said a senior NRB official.

This fiscal year alone, the central bank has taken action against nine financial institutions (FIs) including five finance companies. In similar cases, the central bank penalised promoters, stopped FIs from collecting deposits, lending and distributing dividends.

In all cases, promoters were found to have manipulated banking norms related to insider lending. They also did not allow the management to work professionally. Those FIs having the same person as chairman and chief executive have suffered bad corporate governance the most, as seen in Samjhana Finance, United Development Bank, Gurkha Development Bank and Nepal Share Market.

The central bank was forced to dismiss DB Bamjan, then executive chairman of Gurkha, after a series of scandals plagued the bank. Several Gurkha promoters borrowed around Rs 500 million through third parties.

NRB investigation further showed that Gurkha, violating the Bank and Financial Institution Act (BAFIA), was in the  process of buying land worth millions of rupees owned by its own promoter, Krishi Premura Holding. The bank had already paid Rs 300 million of Rs 900 million, the valued price of the land located at Kamaladi, Kathmandu.

Such was the level of irregularities that the central bank on April 29 had decided to write to the authorities concerned asking them to freeze all fixed and movable assets belonging to former directors, employees and loanees of the bank responsible for financial crisis in the institution, and take action against them under the Banking Offense Act. Officials facing the central bank’s action are former executive chairman Bamjan and directors Nirmal Gurung, Dhan Prasad Rai, Dinesh Shakya, Mina Shrestha, Sanjeev Kumar Mishra, Mahesh Prasad Rijal and Ramesh Tamang.

NRB investigation found that former executive chairman Bamjan took around Rs 250 million, while former general manager Shrestha and director Dhan Prasad Rai received Rs140 million and Rs 30 million, respectively, through third parties.

On Feb. 8, NRB decided to liquidate Banepa-based Samjhana Finance after the institution failed to recover from the financial crisis within stipulated time. Major promoters’ involvement in taking loans for themselves and their kin against banking norms led the finance company towards disaster. In Samjhana’s case, directors were not only involved in insider lending, they were also hiding details of certain transactions.

The risky behaviour of the promoters of Bara-based United Development Bank (UDB) led the central bank to declare  it crisis-ridden. The promoters were found taking loans against banking norms and the BAFIA. UDB Chairman Rabindra Bahadur Singh and director Radha Krishna Amatya were each fined Rs 500,000.

The central bank in February banned three FIs—Mercantile Finance (Birgunj), Multipurpose Finance (Rajbiraj) and Investa Finance (Birgunj) from collecting deposits, lending and distributing dividends to shareholders for their failure to increase their paid-up capital on a proportional basis every year

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 05-11-11 3:16 AM     [Snapshot: 381]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This reminds me of Nepal Development Bank which was shot down.

In a landmark decision, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has decided to send the long-troubled Nepal Development Bank into liquidation after concluding that all its five-year long efforts to revive the bank failed owing to incompetent and defiant management.

A vital board meeting of the central bank held on Tuesday also decided to freeze all the transactions of the bank, including accounts maintained by the NDB at other financial institutions until the appointment of a liquidator.
It, however, decided to release a limited amount for essential administrative expenditures of the bank.
"The action was very necessary to clean up the mess in the Nepali banking sector," NRB Governor Deependra Bahadur Kshetry told myrepublica.com.

The board meeting also decided to send a letter to the board of Nepal Development Bank asking it to justify why shouldn´t the NRB initiate liquidation process by filing a case at the Appellate Court in Patan within 15 days.

"The clarification has been sought due to legal provisions. Otherwise, transactions, property, liquid assets at the bank, bank accounts and books of accounts will be seized from Wednesday itself," said a highly-placed source.

What this means is, depositors of the bank would not be able to withdraw their money, among others, from Wednesday.

The bank has a total deposit of Rs 720 million as at mid-March 2009. Of the total deposit, the bank has not been able to return Rs 330 million worth of institutional deposits, mainly belonging to Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Nepal Army, even after the expiry of maturity date.

EPF and Nepal Army´s Welfare Fund have deposits worth Rs 330 million and Rs 200 million as the fixed term deposits at NDB. That is, 45 percent of the deposits owned by the bank belongs to EPF, while NA´s Welfare Fund deposit concentration is 27 percent.

As per the clause 74 of the Banks and Financial Institutions Act, the NRB has to file a case at the Patan Appellate Court to begin the process of liquidation of a financial institution whose financial damages are beyond repair.

The NDB, which started its operation in 1998 as a development bank, has a paid-up capital worth Rs 320 million. Of the total capital, 70 percent is owned by the promoters while remaining 30 percent shares were subscribed by general public.

Despite repeated directives issued by the central bank aimed at improving financial health of NDB, its negative capital fund, which was 25.02 percent, further worsened to 30.43 percent by mid-March 2009, according to an inspection report of NRB. Similarly, its non-performing loans also scaled to almost 30 percent from 25.02 percent. Accumulated loss of NDB too touched Rs 678.6 million by the end of mid-March 2009.

In its decision, the central bank has accused NDB of not being able to fulfill a set of directives that it had issued to the management of the bank while declaring the NDB a problematic bank in October 2007. The NRB has argued that the whopping negative capital fund, worst internal governance and repeated violation of the central bank´s directives are the major factors that compelled the central bank to take the decision.

Posted on 05-11-11 2:10 PM     [Snapshot: 484]     Reply [Subscribe]
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This man is a shame.

I disagree with previous poster who said the bank's money is "depositor's money". It is promoters'/shareholders' money. If the bank is taking its employees to Pokhara (which I support and see nothing wrong), it is just taking some profit away from its shareholders.

I am not against paying employees well in bank. There is a huge competition in banking business, and it is not easy to retain employees. I support it fully if Nepali can earn more money while living in Nepal. What I don't support in Nepal is that banking jobs are normally given to the relatives of connected people. I think our legislature should work on making banks advertise all positions they need, and go through some kind of fair process in hiring. It is a hard process to install a 'fair hiring process" in private sector in a free market, but we must do it, and improve on it. It can't be made fair overnight, but we must work towards it.

And a seizure of passport of Shrestha is a slap on the wrist, a joke. His properties should be seized immediately, pending legal proceedings. There should be lengthy jail sentences reserved to people like him.

Posted on 05-11-11 2:17 PM     [Snapshot: 487]     Reply [Subscribe]
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तेस्लाई मात्रै किन ? पूर्व मन्त्री चौधरी , प्रचन्ड आदी इत्यादिले  करोड हैन अरबौ पचाए, त्यता बाट चै सुरु गर्दा कसो होला ?

Posted on 05-11-11 3:19 PM     [Snapshot: 509]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"तेस्लाई मात्रै किन ? पूर्व मन्त्री चौधरी , प्रचन्ड आदी इत्यादिले  करोड हैन अरबौ पचाए, त्यता बाट चै सुरु गर्दा कसो होला ? "

I hate exactly this type of questions, which often show up in many Nepali sites. When they arrested Chiranjivi, people said, "why he alone? There are Prachanda etc.?"

All big tasks start from small. Once we catch a few small fishes, we will have a momentum and then we can catch the likes of Prachanda too. But first we need to start from small guys. thulolai sake thulolai pakre bhayo, tara sabai kam sano bata shuru hunchha.

Lastly, I don't see the relationship between this guy (which is purely financial sector corruption related to corporate behavior) and Prachanda or Chaudhary (which is political corruption). Why do we need to mix everything?


Posted on 05-11-11 5:16 PM     [Snapshot: 549]     Reply [Subscribe]
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सेयर मार्केट्स फाइनान्समा दुई अर्बभन्दा बढी हिनामिना

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परिवारका सदस्यलाई पनि कारबाही गर्ने राष्ट्र बैंकको निर्णय | श्रेष्ठले दुई अर्ब कहा लुकाए अथवा लगानी गरे ? अनुसन्धान हुादै छ | श्रेष्ठको चल-अचल सम्पत्ति बेचेर निक्षेप फिर्ता गर्ने नया व्यवस्थापनको प्रतिबद्धता


नयाँ पत्रिका

काठमाडौँ, २७ वैशाख

नेपाल सेयर मार्केट्स एन्ड फाइनान्सका निवर्तमान कार्यकारी अध्यक्ष योगेन्द्रप्रसाद श्रेष्ठले करिब २ अर्ब रुपैयाँ हिनामिना गरेको फेला परेको छ । सो रकम फाइनान्सबाट निकालिएको छ तर उनले कहाँ राखेका छन् भन्ने खोजी भइरहेको छ ।

 राष्ट्र बैंकले गरेको प्रारम्भिक अनुसन्धानमा श्रेष्ठले १ अर्ब ९७ करोड रुपैयाँ हिनामिना गरेको पुष्टि भएको हो । त्यस्तै नागरिक लगानी कोषको ३६ करोड रुपैयाँ निक्षेपमध्ये १६ करोड रुपैयाँ पनि श्रेष्ठले नै दुरुपयोग गरेको राष्ट्र बैंकले आशंका गरेको छ । राष्ट्र बैंकको आशंका पुष्टि भएमा श्रेष्ठले दुरुपयोग गरेको रकम २ अर्ब १३ करोड पुग्नेछ । कोषले जम्मा गरेको ३६ करोड रुपैयाँमध्ये साढे १९ करोड मात्रै फाइनान्सको हिसाबमा छ । 

राष्ट्र बैंकका एक अधिकारीले लगानी कोषको खातामा नदेखिएको रकम पनि श्रेष्ठले नै दुरुपयोग गरेको हुन सक्ने बताए । 'फाइनान्सका अध्यक्षले यति धेरै ठगी गर्न सक्छन् भन्ने कल्पनासमेत गरिएको थिएन,' राष्ट्र बैंकका एक अधिकारीले भने, 'अर्काको खाताबाट करोडौँ रकम आफैँ झिकेर सञ्चालकले ठगी गर्छन् भन्ने अनुमान थिएन ।'

 श्रेष्ठले फाइनान्सको पैसा झिकेर कतै लुकाएका छन् वा लगानी गरेका छन् भन्ने अनुसन्धान भइरहेको राष्ट्र बैंक स्रोतले बतायो । स्रोतका अनुसार श्रेष्ठले काठमाडौंको पुतलीसडकमा निर्माणाधिन 'स्टार मल' मा लगानी गरेका छन् । श्रेष्ठको माच्छापुच्छ्रे बैंकमा करिब १२ प्रतिशत सेयर रहेको बताइएको छ । 

स्तरोन्नति गरी वाणिज्य बैंक बन्न फाइनान्सले निवेदन दिएपछि अवस्था अध्ययन गर्न गएको राष्ट्र बैंकको टोलीले श्रेष्ठले रकम हिनामिना गरेको फेला पारेको हो । वाणिज्य बैंक बन्न पुँजी वृद्धि गर्नुपर्ने भएपछि संस्थापक सेयरधनीले फाइनान्सबाटै ऋण लिएर लगानी थपेका थिए । 

रकम हिनामिना मात्र होइन, श्रेष्ठले जथाभावी लगानी पनि गरेका थिए । बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्थाका प्रवर्द्धकले आफू तथा आफ्ना परिवारका नाममा कर्जा प्रवाह गर्न नपाउने कानुनी व्यवस्थाविपरीत उनले श्रीमती र छोराका नाममा समेत कर्जा दिलाएका थिए ।

 राष्ट्र बैंकले श्रेष्ठ, उनकी श्रीमती र छोराले बैंकिङ कसुर गरेको ठहर गर्दै कारबाहीका लागि सरकारलाई पत्राचार गर्ने निर्णय गरेको छ । बंैकको सञ्चालक समितिको मंगलबारको बैठकले श्रेष्ठका परिवारसमेत बैंकिङ कसुरको भागिदार भएको ठहर गर्दै कारबाहीका लागि अर्थ मन्त्रालयमा पत्राचार गर्ने निर्णय गरेको हो । 

राष्ट्र बैंकले श्रेष्ठको पासपोर्ट जफत गर्ने र सम्पूर्ण चलअचल सम्पत्ति  रोक्का गर्ने निर्णय गरिसकेको छ । रकम दुरुपयोग गरिएको पाइएपछि योगेन्द्रप्रसाद श्रेष्ठ, संस्थापक गिता श्रेष्ठ तथा सौरभ श्रेष्ठका नाममा रहेका सबै बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्थाका खाता तथा लकरसमेत रोक्का भइसकेका छन् । राष्ट्र बैंक स्रोतका अनुसार श्रेष्ठले आफ्नो कसुर सकार्दै दुरुपयोग गरेको रकम तिर्ने प्रतिबद्धता जनाएका छन् । 

यता फाइनान्सको नयाँ सञ्चालक समितिले पूर्वअध्यक्ष श्रेष्ठको परिवारको नाममा रहेको अचल सम्पत्ति बिक्री तथा सर्वसाधारणलाई दिएको कर्जाबाट ४ अर्ब ५५ करोड रुपैयाँ असुलउपर गर्ने काम सुरु भइसकेको जनाएको छ । फाइनान्सले सर्वसाधारणतर्फको निक्षेप दायित्व करिब ३ अर्ब २५ करोड रहेकाले सर्वसाधारण आत्तिनु नपर्ने बताएको छ । 

फाइनान्सले २ लाखसम्मको व्यक्तिगत निक्षेपकर्ताको रकमको बिमासमेत गरिसकेको छ । फाइनान्समा राष्ट्र बैंकको २२ करोड ऋण लगानी रहेको छ । 

सेवा सुचारु गर्न राष्ट्र बैंकको निर्देशन

राष्ट्र बैंकले सेयर मार्केट्स एन्ड फाइनान्सलाई सेवा सुचारु गर्न मंगलबार निर्देशन दिएको हो । अनियमितता भएको सार्वजनिक भएपछि फाइनान्सले सेवा बन्द गरेको थियो । 

राष्ट्र बैंकका प्रवक्ता भाष्करमणि ज्ञवालीले फाइनान्सले कार्यालय बन्द गरेको पाइएकाले सेवा सुचारु गर्न निर्देशन दिइएको बताए । उनले फाइनान्सले प्रवाह गरेको कर्जा सुरक्षित रहेकाले निक्षेपकर्ता डराउनु पर्ने कुनै अवस्था नरहेको बताए । 

सेवा सुचारु गर्न राष्ट्र बैंकले निर्देशन दिए पनि फाइनान्सले निक्षेप संकलन गर्न भने पाउनेछैन । सर्वसाधारणको निक्षेपको भुक्तानी भने फाइनान्सले गर्नेछ ।

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Yogendra Prasad Shrestha is a talent used in the wrong place.

Is he a nepali Madoff?

THere use to be a time ppl bribe 10 rupees in f=govn plces, while shaking hand, hiding money in palm, now ppl fraud not lakh, not crore but billions.
Where he hides 2 billion is a question.

Posted on 05-14-11 5:36 AM     [Snapshot: 672]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Paisa amrica ma hoina nepal ma po raicha

Ekkai choti 2 billion
Afu ta dhoti ko gas station ma ghotdha ghotdha hairan bhai sake, kailey kai ali jhyaap hanincha
teti le ka pugnu

Hami ni nepal gai yogrn ji ra anney director le paisa kamay justai kamau , kaso sathi ho
Anney director k nirdosh ki kahli yogen ji ko matrai talent ho ??
Jay nepal

Posted on 05-14-11 8:26 AM     [Snapshot: 697]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Pire: Everybody knows and hate that kind of comments and I hate those people whos' parents were part of this process but trying to be an advocate. I guess you are not one of them? And it is okay to make money below the boarder line ( Karod).

I think NRB should be watcing their activity from the very beginning ? Man who is not in Fast Track to mint money. Yes, this all BHEJAA but used in wrong place. I think he was in the main stream of Nepali dream and dream of all ( be rich in no time).

Posted on 05-16-11 6:39 AM     [Snapshot: 774]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Police seeks arrest warrant against absconding former NSMF’s Chairman

Police has sought an arrest warrant against Yogendra Prasad Shrestha, former chairman of Nepal Share Markets and Finance (NSMF), as he has been found involved in financial irregularities during the investigation conducted by Nepal Rastra Bank’s (NRB) inspection team.

As Shrestha has been found involved in indiscretion while issuing loans worth over 2 billion, the police has sought the arrest warrant against him along with his family members as per the appeal made by NRB.

Shrestha has been absconding since being found involved in financial irregularities and the central bank has requested the police to search for him and carry out necessary investigation into the case.

The central bank has also already forwarded the letter to the Home Ministry through Finance Ministry to arrest Shrestha along with his family members for further investigation and necessary actions citing his involvement in financial irregularities.

Shrestha is accused of issuing loans to his own family members while none of the promoters of the bank and financial institutions can issue a loan to his own family members as per the financial act.

The central bank has also decided to seize the passport of Shrestha while the bank has already frozen the bank accounts and property of Shrestha.
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Posted on 05-19-11 8:06 PM     [Snapshot: 877]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Police arrest suspended exe-director of Gorkha Dev Bank

Police have arrested former executive director of Gorkha Development Bank, DB Bamjan, from the capital Thursday evening.

Bamjan had been absconding after Nepal Rastra Bank declared the bank problematic and intervened in its management.

Bamjan was suspended from his post on charge of abusing his authority against the banking act for personal gain.

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घुस को समस्या एक दुई जनाको हैन यो नेपालीको अनी तेस्रो विश्वको चर्को स्मस्या हो, ब्यापारिले भ्याट बाट कमाए, माओवादीमा लाग्नेले जनता बाट उठाए अनी शहरी छेत्रमा घर ठड्याए , छोरा छोरीलाई प्राइभेट स्कुल पठाएँ , मन्त्री बर्गले कमिसन बाट कमाए यो होड बाजिमा को कमी हुन चाहदैन । नस्क्ने बिदेस लागे कोही पढ्ने बहानामा कोही कमाइन्छनै भनेर । तेसैले त्यो मेक्सिको बाट अमेरिका छिर्न खोज्ने छ जना नेपाली तेसैको नतिजा हो ।
कमाइ परिश्रम् को फल हो तर समय लाग्छ फलको स्वद लिन, हामीमा पर्खाइ गर्ने फुर्सद छैन , आजको भोली नै चाहिन्छ। बलहुने ले बलल्को प्रयोग गरेका छन, बुद्दी र पैसा हुने तेतै लागेका छन ।
समस्याको जड लाई निको पार्नु पर्छ । पुराना कुरा लाई बिर्सिने कुरा हैन त्यो नै सम्स्याको मुल जड हो , त्यता बाटै सुरु गर्नु पर्छ।

baaje do not poke me.

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Well said Chanrika
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UDB former chair, board member arrested

Police have arrested former chairman Rabindra Bahadur Singh and board member Radha Krishna Amatya of United Development Bank on charges of corruption Tuesday.

The Central Investigation Bureau at the police headquarters arrested Singh and Amatya at the request of Nepal Rastra Bank on charges of irregularities of about Rs 300 million.

They have been kept at the custody of Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu

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Photo included

युनाइटेड बैंकका पूर्वअध्यक्ष र सञ्चालक गिरफ्तार

प्रतिमा बाँस्कोटा


काठमाडौ, जेष्ठ १८ - रकम हिनामिना गरेको अभियोगमा प्रहरीले युनाइटेड विकास बैंकका पूर्वअध्यक्ष र एक सञ्चालकलाई गिरफ्तार गरेको छ ।

प्रहरीको केन्द्रीय अनुसन्धान ब्युरोले पूर्वअध्यक्ष रवीन्द्रबहादुर सिंह र सञ्चालक राधाकृष्ण अमात्यलाई बैंकको २८ करोड २९ लाख ६७ हजार रुपैयाँ हिनामिना गरेको आरोपमा गिरफ्तार गरेको हो ।

राष्ट्र बैंकले गरेको अनुसन्धानबाट दुवैले बैंकमा अनियमितता गरेको देखिएपछि आवश्यक कारबाही गर्न अर्थ मन्त्रालयमा पत्राचार गरेको थियो । त्यसपछि प्रहरीले उनीहरूलाई गिरफ्तार गरेको हो । बैंकिङ कसुर तथा सजाय ऐन २०६४ को दफा ७, ८, ९, १२ र १४ बमोजिम कसुरमा संलग्न रहेको ठहर भएपछि दुवै फरार थिए ।

सिंहले संस्थाको पुँजी वृद्धि प्रयोजनार्थ 'कल इन एडभान्स' बापत जम्मा रहेको ब्याजसहितको रकम ६ करोड ७५ लाख रुपैयाँ अनधिकृत रूपमा खर्च गरेको देखिएको छ । यस्तै संस्थाबाट पटकपटक गरी बिनाप्रयोजन 'सन्ड्री डेब्टर्स' शीर्षकमा लेखांकन गरी १ करोड ४० लाख २३ हजार रुपैयाँ पेस्की लिएका थिए ।

नियम विपरीत झिकिएको रकममध्ये हिसाब मिलान गर्न कृत्रिम ऋणी खडा गरी ५ करोड ८२ लाख ८० हजार कर्जा प्रवाह गरेको देखाएर हिनामिना गरेका थिए। पूर्वसञ्चालक सम्बद्ध कर्जाहरू असुल गर्न यस बैंकले दिएको निर्देशन विपरीत २०६६ चैत १३ गते ४ करोड ६२ लाख १४ हजारको कर्जा अन्य सम्पत्तिमा उल्लेख गराएर कर्जा अपलेखन गरेको प्रहरीले जनाएको छ ।

यस्तै अन्नपूर्ण विकास बैंक हेटौंडा शाखामा युनाइटेडको नाममा रहेको खाताबाट एकल दस्तखतबाट गैरकानुनी रूपमा २ करोड ४० लाख बुद्धिबहादुर श्रेष्ठको खातामा रकमान्तर गरेको

देखिएको छ ।

'कल इन एडभान्स' बापत राखेको ६ करोड ६२ लाख रुपैयाँ २०६६ माघ ११ गते सम्ममा झिकिसकेपछि गैरकानुनी रूपमा २०६७ जेठ ६ गते सञ्चालक समितिबाट उक्त रकमलाई काल्पनिक सेयर पुँजीमा परिर्वतन गराएको उल्लेख छ । यस्तै निर्देशन र नियम विपरीत पारिश्रमिक लिएको देखिएको छ ।

सञ्चालक राधाकृष्ण अमात्यले पनि ६ करोड ७५ लाख रुपैयाँमा बैंकबाट 'कल इन एडभान्स' शीर्षकबाटै अनधिकृत रूपमा निकालेको प्रहरीले जनाएको छ । अनुसन्धान ब्युरोले सिंहलाई डल्लु र अमात्यलाई पिंगालास्थानबाट पक्राउ गरेको हो । उनीहरूलाई थप अनुसन्धानका लागि महानगरीय प्रहरी परिसर काठमाडौं पठाइएको छ ।

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जनता ठग्ने बैंकर्सहरु नेताबाटै संरक्षित

फितलो कारवाही, मौलाउँदो बिकृति


१९ जेठ, काठमाण्डौ । बैंक तथा वित्तिय संस्था खोल्ने र सर्वसाधारणले जम्मा गरेको पैसा आफु र आफन्तको हितमा लगाएर करोडौं रुपैयाँ घोटाला गर्ने ठूलाबडाहरुको संख्या बढ्दै छ । राष्ट्रवैंकले अनुसन्धानबाट दोषी देखिएका त्यस्ता दुई दर्जनभन्दा बढी संचालकहरुलाई पक्राउ गर्न प्रहरीलाई खबर गरिसकेको छ । यो लहरोमा अन्य बैंक तथा बित्तिय संस्थाका संचालकहरु पनि तानिने राष्ट्रवैंकसम्बद्ध स्रोतको दावी छ । सर्वसाधारणको रकम हिनामिना गरेको र नियम विपरीत काम गरेको भन्दै राष्ट्र बैंकले दुई दर्जन भन्दा बढीलाई पक्राउ गरी कार्वाही गर्न प्रहरीसँग अनुरोध गरेको झण्डै दुई हप्ता भयो । प्रहरीले अहिलेसम्म ३ जनालाई पक्राउ गरेको छ । अरु फरार छन् ।

पक्राउ पर्नेहरु

· गोर्खा विकास बैंकका भूपू संचालक डीबी बम्जन ।

· युनाईटेड विकास बैंकका दुईजना रविन्द्रबहादुर सिंह र राधाकृष्ण अमात्य ।


· गोर्खा विकास बैंकका संचालक निर्मल गुरुङ, धनप्रसाद राई, दिनेश शाक्य, मिना श्रेष्ठ, संजिव मिश्र, महेशप्रसाद रिजाल, रमेश तामाङ ।

· गोर्खा विकास बैंकका कर्मचारीहरु राजेन्द्रदास श्रेष्ठ, दिपक राना मगर ।

· गोर्खा विकास बैंकका ऋणी र अन्यमा प्रवीण नौलाखा, राकेशकुमार अडुकिया, संजिव अग्रवाल, जीवन घिमिरे, रुची जाजोडिया, पुनम खेतान ।

· नेपाल शेयर मार्केट्स एण्ड फाईनान्समा योगेन्द्रप्रसाद श्रेष्ठ, गीता श्रेष्ठ, सौरभ श्रेष्ठ ।

· सम्झना फाईनान्सका श्यामबहादुर श्रेष्ठ, हिमबहादुर गुरुङ, सरोज बज्राचार्य, विजयमणि आचार्य, प्रवीण खनाल, पवन खनाल ।

यस बाहेक नेपाल विकास बैंकका केही संचालकलाई पनि कार्वाही गर्नुपर्ने भएकाले सूची छिटै सार्वजनिक गर्ने राष्ट्र बैंकले तयारी गरेको छ । तर राष्ट्रवैंकले कारवाहीका सिफारिस गरेका र पुलिसले वारेन्ट जारी गरेका यी वित्तिय अपराधीहरु राजधानीकै तारे होटलमा चुस्की लगाउँदै, नेताका दैलो धाउँदै आफुलाई बचाउने अभियानमा छन् । प्रहरी भने खोजी जारी रहेको निरिह जवाफ दिएर उम्किरहेको छ ।

 फितलो कार्वाही

सर्वसाधारणको रकम हिनामिना गरी लाभ लिनेहरुलाई कसुर हेरी जरीवानादेखि जेल चलानसम्म गर्न सकिने कानुनी प्रावधान छ । तर हालसम्म ठूलै बैंकिङ कसुर गर्ने व्यक्ति पनि जेल चलान भएको उदाहरण छैन । आर्थिक वर्ष २०६७।०६८ मा राष्ट्र बैंक र फाइनान्स गरी १० वटालाई कार्वाही भएको राष्ट्र बैंकले जनाएको छ । जसमा तीनजना सञ्चालक तथा व्यवस्थापक पदबाट हटाईएका छन् । यसबाहेक कार्वाहीमा परेकालाई १५ लाख २५ हजार जरीवाना गरिएको छ । बैंकिङ कसूरमा कार्वाही गर्ने निकाय राष्ट्र बैंक भएकाले अन्य मार्फत उम्केको हुन सक्ने राष्ट्र बैंकका प्रवक्ता भाष्करमणि ज्ञवाली बताउनुहुन्छ । बैंकिङ क्षेत्रमा सबैभन्दा अनियमितता पछि खारेज भएको नेपाल विकास बैंक डुबाउने व्यक्तिले कुनै कार्वाही भोगेका छैनन् । खारेजीको प्रकृयामा गएको सम्झना फाईनान्सका कुनै पदाधिकारी पक्राउ परेका छैनन् । राजनीतिक हस्तक्षेपका कारण पक्राउ परेका पनि छुट्ने गरेका छन् । स्रोतका अनुसार कतिपय बैंक तथा वित्तिय संचालक राजनीतिक पृष्ठभूमीका भएकाले कार्वाही गर्न प्रहरीलाई समस्या परेको छ । प्रहरीले फरार भनेर खोजी गरिरहेका वैंक संचालकहरु काठमाण्डौंकै तारे होटलमा गोप्य मिटिङहरु गरिरहन्छन तर समातिएका छैनन् ।

मौलाउँदो विकृति

चालू आर्थिक वर्षमा एकपछि अर्को गर्दै बैंक तथा वित्तीय संस्थामा अनियमिता गर्नेहरुको संख्या बढ्न थालेको छ । बित्तीय अपराध बढ्नुमा राष्ट्र बैंक नै बढी दोषी रहेको धेरैको ठम्याई छ । ‘नियमन निकाय नै फितलो भयो’ अर्थशास्त्री विश्वम्भर प्याकुरेलले भन्नुभयो – ‘२०४०/०४१ को संयन्त्रमा कुनै परिवर्तन भएको छैन ।’ प्रविधि र जनशक्तिमा समय सुहाउँदो सुधार हुनुपर्ने उहाँको सुझाव छ । वित्तीय अपराधीहरु फरार रहेको अवस्थामा पुगेपछि मात्र कार्वाहीका लागि पत्राचार गर्ने गरेको राष्ट्र बैंकलाई आरोप लाग्ने गरेको छ । हचुवाको भरमा बैंक तथा वित्तिय संस्था खुल्न दिनाले पनि यस्तो समस्या आएको भन्नेहरु पनि छन् । तर राष्ट्र बैंकका प्रवक्ता भाष्करमणि पोखरेल यसमा सहमत हुनुहुन्न । नियमन तथा अनुगमनको अभाव भन्दा पनि व्यक्तिको प्रवृत्ति र मुलुकको अवस्थाले विकृति देखिने गरेको उहाँले बताउनुभयो ।

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Police arrest former exe chairman of Samjhana Finance

Former executive chairman of Samjhana Finance Shyam Bahadur Shrestha has been arrested on charges of his involvement in financial irregularities worth millions of rupees.

Nepal Police’s Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) on Sunday arrested Shrestha from his own residence in Samakusi, Kathmandu. Shrestha has been accused of involvement in the scam worth Rs. 20 million in the finance company.

According to the CIB, following Shrestha’s involvement in the irregular activities Central bank asked the police to take necessary action against him as per the Banking Offense and Punishment Act.

Last year, the central bank had termed the company ‘problematic’ and decided to dissolve the company as its executive officers have been found of involvement in misappropriation of worth over Rs. 650 million.

The bank also said that the blamed chief executive have affected the financial health of the company as they themselves have taken the loans without the approval of loan committee and proper guarantee. Hem Bahadur Gurung and senior managers Saroj Bajracharya, Bijayamani Acharya, Prabin Kumar Khanal and Pawan Kumar Khanal among others are also accused of being involved in financial irregularity in the case

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People's Finance closed

All branches of People's Finance Company including the head office have closed from Monday as the company could not reimburse its depositors.

The finance company was closed issuing a notice on Monday. The notice said, the company cannot open due to technical reasons.

Company offices were closed as it did not have enough liquidity to reimburse its depositors.

The company fell into extreme financial crisis after an institutional depositor, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), withdrew Rs 70 million deposited in fixed account last week.

The company, with a paid-up capital of about Rs 280 million, has issued loans almost worth Rs 1 billion. Most of the investment is in real estate sector.

NRB has initiated probe into the financial crisis of the bank. The promoter of the company is absconding.

51 percent share of the company is owned by the promoter, while 49 percent is owned by public

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यिनी हरु सबै पार्टी बाट सुरक्षा प्राप्त गरेका छन अनी हप्ता बुझाएका पनि छन । एउटा हैन बिसौ MADEOFF निक्लिए नेपालमा ।

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People’s Finance exec chair found involved in huge financial irregularities

Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) has revealed that the executive chairperson of People’s Finance, Chhabilal Bhusal, has been found involved in large amount of financial irregularities in the company.

The special inspection team deployed by the NRB found that Bhusal was involved in many irregularities while issuing loans and has also taken loans for himself in the name of other borrowers from the company.

According to the bank and financial institution act (BAFIA), promoters of the bank and financial institutions cannot issue loans for themselves from their own company.

Bhusal has been found making huge investment in real estate and housing sector from the loan he took from his own company, according to a NRB source.

All branches of People's Finance Company including the head office have closed from Monday as the company could not reimburse its depositors.

The finance company was closed issuing a notice on Monday. The notice said, the company cannot open due to technical reasons.

The company fell into extreme financial crisis after an institutional depositor, Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), withdrew Rs 70 million deposited in fixed account last week.

The company, with a paid-up capital of about Rs 280 million, has issued loans worth almost Rs 1 billion. Most of the investment is in real estate sector

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Another financial institution (FI) has approached Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) for liquidity injection. Gripped by acute liquidity shortage, Vibor Development Bank (VDB) on Wednesday sought succour from NRB and Nepal Bankers Association (NBA).

After Nepal Rastra Bank pulled out its fixed deposit of Rs 260 million followed by Nepal Army’s Rs 50 million, Vibor dived into acute liquidity shortage. Nepal Army had taken loans about Rs 50 million against its deposit in the bank.

With two financial institutions asking for liquidity in two days, there are fears in the financial sector the situation could drag down other other financial institutions. “The government must step in,” said a leading banker. “It should announce immediate measures to control the situation.”

Ajay Ghimire, chief executive officer of VDB, admitted that his bank had approached NRB and NBA for liquidity management. During talks with NBA on Wednesday, bankers urged VDB to let NRB take over its management until its liquidity situation stabilises.

 “All banks showed reluctance to provide inter-banking loans and suggested VDB allow management takeover,” said a banker who attended the meeting. “Bankers were uncomfortable to provide VDB inter-bank loan as it didn’t have enough security instruments like treasury bills and bonds.”

Despite good credit to deposit ratio of 58.09 percent, the bank has struggled to manage liquidity. According to Ghimire, the problem at Vibor is purely a liquidity one, not systemic risk. “We’ve asked the central bank to ease the liquidity problem,” said Ghimire. 

As of Q3 of the current fiscal year, its non-performing loan has gone up to 8.42 percent from 0.42 percent during the same period last year. The bank has been incurring net loss of Rs 88.44 million as of its third quarterly report. The bank said it is due to recovery problems in some loans, especially slow recovery in realty and housing sector. According to the banker, Vibor had asked for liquidity around Rs 200 million through interbank lending. The central bank was undecided until Wednesday how to bail it out. NRB has called a board meeting on Thursday.

NRB Deputy Governor Gopal Kafle said the central bank hasn’t thought of taking control of the bank. “Any decision on the bank would be taken by the central bank’s board meeting on Thursday,” said Kafle. The central bank could opt for refinancing measure instead of takeover.

NRB had earlier provided refinancing facility of Rs 190 million to the bank. According to Ghimire, the bank was struggling to manage liquidity position for few weeks and had taken refinancing facility from the central bank. “After the Nepal Share Market episode, we’d taken refinancing facility from the central bank and were in recovery mode,” said Ghimire. “However, there was pressure on deposit withdrawal from Monday with People’s Finance closing down its transaction due to liquidity shortage.”

Bankers say it is time the government set up confidence building measures. According to them, a series of government decisions at the same time heightened problems in the banking sector. “Neither the government nor NRB sees the gravity of the problem,” said a banker. “The decision to withdraw  Rs 500/Rs 1000 notes bearing the former king’s likeness, income disclosure provision, issuance of bond by the government despite enough cash in the treasury has worsened the situation


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