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 I find British/English bands superior to american

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Posted on 04-10-11 4:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Friends, I think British/English music bands are superior to american bands. For instances;

The Beatles
Rolling stones
Led Zepellin
Dire Straits
Pink Flyod
The Yardbirds

Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath(Pioneer)
Judas Priest

Sex pistol (Pioneer)
The Clash

What's your opinion guys????
The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 04-10-11 4:48 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Good! now also think where they gain their major popularity, America !!!

Keep on rockin'
Last edited: 11-Apr-11 09:00 AM

Posted on 04-10-11 5:05 PM     [Snapshot: 27]     Reply [Subscribe]
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How about modern American bands like
Foo Fighters
Kings of Leon
Green Day
Linkin Park
3 Doors Down
Black Flag
The Distillers,
The Offspring
Lost Lonely Boys
Avenged Sevenfold
Maroon 5

Last edited: 10-Apr-11 06:15 PM

Posted on 04-10-11 6:33 PM     [Snapshot: 80]     Reply [Subscribe]
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gun s roses
green day
red hot chilli paper
blink 182
matchbox twenty
pearl jam

american bands
Last edited: 10-Apr-11 06:34 PM

Posted on 04-10-11 8:41 PM     [Snapshot: 166]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Alice IN Chains
Rage agaisnt the Machine
System of down

and there are many more coming frm teh american music scene however the british are reallly the pioneers but what abt today!! i guess the Americans are taking good control on the marketing and popularity section of the bands these days limiting it to the Americans except for the few exceptionals!!

Posted on 04-10-11 8:53 PM     [Snapshot: 174]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thanks guys for comments. But only very few bands you guys mentioned have been successful attaining mammoth status as comparred to English/Brit bands I wrote.
Posted on 04-10-11 8:54 PM     [Snapshot: 174]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yes britishers exported Rock n Roll to the rest of the world when it started but actually gained fame in North America. USA has pretty much taken over the western music industry  now. These days USA is the number one exporter of Music. Jazz, Rock, Metal, Alternative and name it, USA has the upper hand.

But i do agree that Britishers were the pioners of rock music. In my hay days i used to be a big Judas Priest Fan. I still listen to little Pink Floyd, Led Zep, David Bowie and few other Brits bands.
Posted on 04-10-11 9:08 PM     [Snapshot: 196]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Kurt Cobain had the poster of Iron Maiden ih his room (It was one out of only 2 posters in his room). He started playing music with Beatles songs when he was a kid.
Posted on 04-10-11 9:59 PM     [Snapshot: 233]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What's your point Nalapani. Do u know that Beatles are heavily influenced by American singers/guitarists/songwriters like Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard. John lennon used to worship Bob Dylan who happened to be great American poet/song writer/musician. Led Zeppelin was heavily influenced by American musicians like Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters.

I really didn't get your point.

Posted on 04-10-11 10:49 PM     [Snapshot: 257]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Hey, u left Def Leppard among British.
Posted on 04-10-11 10:54 PM     [Snapshot: 259]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ All the way

I am not claiming britons are greater. All I wanna see is your views on this. Whatever you said is very true. Keep rocking dude !!!

@ silence
Yes! you are rite. I forgot them. There are still many more like Eric Clapton, Elton John, Wham, The verve, Travis, Radiohead, Venom, Cradle of Filth,........................

Last edited: 10-Apr-11 10:57 PM
Last edited: 11-Apr-11 04:39 PM

Posted on 04-11-11 10:57 AM     [Snapshot: 361]     Reply [Subscribe]
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One more American Band:


Posted on 04-11-11 10:59 AM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Where is Coldplay . in the list ?

Posted on 04-11-11 3:42 PM     [Snapshot: 448]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Too much of commercialization and bigbudget is making harder for new talents and indie songs to come to scene. Its definately needed for artist to survive but you know..........
Posted on 04-11-11 4:13 PM     [Snapshot: 458]     Reply [Subscribe]
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When we think about American music most of the time we think about  hip hop stuffs where black people dancing around with scars, tapes and lockets. Although i do enjoy many of that song but I don't think it is the finest music.

I also feel in general british bands are better and sooting than US bands. Although there are greats bands in US.   On current band i really  like muse.

Posted on 04-11-11 4:22 PM     [Snapshot: 464]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I also forgot to mention legendary englihs rock band DEEP PURPLE. 
Posted on 04-12-11 4:35 PM     [Snapshot: 527]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Great American Bands
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
The Eagles
Allman Brothers
Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band (over-rated IMO)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Green Day
The Cars
+ more

Great American Musicians labeled as Solo Artists
Jimi Hendrix
Stevie Ray Vaughan
BB King
Bo Diddley
Muddy Waters
Buddy Guy
John Mellencamp
Jerry Lee Lewis
Michael Jackson

Before you write the Americans off, check inside the link how many of the bluesmen have Yankee roots:
The 20 Greatest Blues Albums Of All-Time

Last edited: 12-Apr-11 04:47 PM

Posted on 04-12-11 4:49 PM     [Snapshot: 528]     Reply [Subscribe]
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No Quiero,

I would not underestimate Blacks for their contribution in the modern music. I agree Hip/Hop (which is not my taste)  is more like a lifestyle and culture than music but  i give full credit for blacks for inventing Rock n Roll, blues, Jazz, Ragge and all. The legendary bands were all influenced by old timer black musicians. Elvis, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin all looked up to some black musician.

The only music whites have created is Line Dancing and Techno Trance....IMO

Whites learned music from the Blacks and made them popular.  Similar to Ram Thapa and Kumar Basnet in Nepal.... collected the music created by Kaami, Damai in Nepal...and made their musc/songs popular.
Posted on 04-12-11 5:53 PM     [Snapshot: 577]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 04-12-11 10:46 PM     [Snapshot: 619]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 Another Great American Bands:

Lynyrd Skynyrd
Bon Jovi
Dream Theater
ZZ Top
Grand Funk Railrod
Greatful Dead
Pearl Jam
Van Helan
The Beach Boys
The Doors
Mr. Big
Alice Cooper
Faith No More
Velvet Underground
Steely Dan
Will give u more name later,

Keep on rockin'

Posted on 04-13-11 9:16 AM     [Snapshot: 667]     Reply [Subscribe]
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