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 Suing a grocery store

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Posted on 10-07-10 10:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It ain't no big deal..but it might be some experience though. Last Friday we purchased a packet of  तील from an Indian Grocery store, to make pickle for momo. When we brought it home, we realized that there was a whole bunch of पुत्ला inside the sealed packet. It could have like 10 or more of them flying inside the packet and they are getting bigger by the day. What do you guys think about suing the grocery store or asking for some compansation??  What we are planning as of now is talking to the manager and asking for some compansation (a minimum of 50 dollars) this Saturday. We r gonna let you know about the follow up this weekend.  Would that sound appropriate??

If you guys had similar experiences what would you do??  Or, what would you guys suggest for us??

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 10-08-10 2:20 AM     [Snapshot: 278]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Is it India Imports????
well u have to calll the health deparment...doing so they will send a letter to the owner asking for answer and compensation as well....nepali people are particularly very patient if it was a case of wid a desi then he wld have screamed and yelled at the owner......so i suggest u call health deparment....if it this store or any other indian store they don't deserve sympathy....

Posted on 10-08-10 7:16 AM     [Snapshot: 362]     Reply [Subscribe]
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isn't पुत्ला supposed to a dummy made for protests which they later let in fire?

How can they fly thats my question?

Posted on 10-08-10 8:08 AM     [Snapshot: 412]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Haha, dik le hasayo, tyo teelko sutla hola, putla ta dik le vaneko ho
Posted on 10-08-10 8:11 AM     [Snapshot: 417]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Putla = Put* + la** =  Sotla 

????? TF
Last edited: 08-Oct-10 10:52 AM

Posted on 10-08-10 8:16 AM     [Snapshot: 420]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Damn! Furke;

-you changed my name to "Dik", what the heck, i am a dick head.
-Putla- You cannot spilt the word better than that. lol

"lol" seems like a drowning guy...why should he laugh out loud anyways?

Posted on 10-08-10 10:30 AM     [Snapshot: 518]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Cmon guy. Give him a cautionary warning this time. Its a small business and u don't wanna earn enemies for nothing
Posted on 10-08-10 10:50 AM     [Snapshot: 554]     Reply [Subscribe]
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its a long name to type, dimag kharab. While typing your name i have to type, backspace, type, bakspace, backspace, type so thought use shortcut, if you didn't like i won't use again, hehe

Posted on 10-08-10 11:02 AM     [Snapshot: 568]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Ha ha... Som le america ma kam sam chhodera sue gardai khane bichar garya jasto cha... La gari khau.

Posted on 10-08-10 11:21 AM     [Snapshot: 593]     Reply [Subscribe]
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PK--- I am not doing devil's advocate here but I think you should check the expiration date before you buy it. Most of these bugs are created because of the heat and warm weather. If I were you, I'd go to the store and talk with owner/manager, unless for $50, you're willing to forget everything and start over.
Keep in mind that there are only few Indian stores in most cities. If they get fined, they are not gonna close down, they will increase the price of items and you end up paying for it in a log run(may a lot more than $50, if you're lucky to pull his tooth to get this).
Soon, The indian grocery will be like a health plan...no one an afford it. It's a long haul to get products from India to you kitchen and it takes quite some time.I'd suggest to go to the store which has more turnover so that you have better chances to get fresher products.
My 2 cents.....

Posted on 10-08-10 12:50 PM     [Snapshot: 657]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Thats fine Furke!

Anyways, Coming to the topic.If you really want to sue them, go do it! But, consider;

-Lawyer's Fees
-Summon/ Time off from work and Studies.
-Stress/ Homework/ Putting up information together, at least for the lawyer.
-Not being able to go to that store ever after ( if you consider ethics).
-Lastly, the the biggest thing would be, you have not consumed it yet. The case can only be stronger if you had consumed the product and was in the verge of dying.

For Business owner;
- At the max $1000 for the compensation; which of course would ultimately be consumer's lawyer's fees.
-Maybe a citation worth a few hundreds, which goes to the government.

So, what's you gonna earn or learn unless you are a Law student? 
Not all cases would result in lump sum of money as your thinking right now. Getting a burn from a hot cup of coffee because the cup did not mention "content is hot" sign is a very old story.

Posted on 10-08-10 1:33 PM     [Snapshot: 705]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Diwnload an app " moron test" and take the test... I'm sure you will fail it..

It costs u atleast 1500 to go to the court here in Texas
Posted on 10-08-10 3:52 PM     [Snapshot: 784]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just got curious again, as per your statement they will fail and your are sure about it? Why you are so sure about others result. ? Did you take the test and you know about it?

Posted on 10-08-10 4:15 PM     [Snapshot: 803]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I think court fee for a civil case in Texas is less than $30. sna, what's your math for 1500?
Posted on 10-08-10 9:03 PM     [Snapshot: 921]     Reply [Subscribe]
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sojhosajho: It ain't no India Imports.

dimag kharab: That's funny. I didn't realize that the word has this meaning too. I do think the legal hassles ain't worth taking because I would end up losing my time and effort and maybe some money too.

furke: Wow, that's some word engineering..u deserve some points :)

stiffer: Cautionary warning is what I plan to do but don't wanna give up 50 bucks..I think I deserve it :)

YoTaBhayanaNiSom: Well, this could definitely be a start
coola: Well, we do have enough Indian stores around so it wouldn't really matter too much. But I don't expect a repurcussion to that level.

Bhojpure: You rite buddy..what if I make lotsa money if I win the case :)

Posted on 10-08-10 10:31 PM     [Snapshot: 1001]     Reply [Subscribe]
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f#$#CK putla pani kahilay badcha ra............. yo case ta file garnu bhanda agadi nai dismiss huncha. What is putla by the way? Do you mean putali?
Posted on 10-09-10 1:05 AM     [Snapshot: 1067]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Dude just look at this picture. The stuffs u see flying above the sesame inside the packet are the flies I am talking about. This pic is taken with the webcam and might not appear too clear. I can upload better resolution pictures if u require one. Lemme know if you would like to use the same to prepare pickle for momo.

Posted on 10-09-10 7:35 AM     [Snapshot: 1143]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Bhojpure Dai timi Sanga bolnu chaina... Ani furke, I am assuming PK is not an attorney .. N let me tell u, I have been there
Posted on 10-09-10 7:44 AM     [Snapshot: 1147]     Reply [Subscribe]
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गर बाबु गर, एउटा वकिल पनि लगाउ , सोध कती लिन्छ तेस्ले , त्यो पसलेको सेकिदेउ ढाड , किन्नेले पनि एसो आँखा लगाएर किन्नु नि , घरमा पुगे पछी मात्रै सबै घुन पुत्ला देखिने.

उपबुज्रुग भएर लेखे पछी अरुले सुताइ हाल्छन सुलिमा , तेसैले जता तेतै उपबुज्रुग नबै लेख त कसैले तिम्रो तोकसो गर्ने छैनन।

Posted on 10-09-10 8:10 AM     [Snapshot: 1156]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Why didn't people think that its the Production company to sue not the Grocery Store. You can have a better luck making money doing so.

Posted on 10-09-10 10:44 AM     [Snapshot: 1225]     Reply [Subscribe]
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lol...what are you gonna sue the store for ?  what was the damages and the compensation you are seeking for...you were just not able to make momo ...that's it....
what damages....  go to the store and tell the guy you want to sue him....he will infact sue (pisab) you ....c'mon get over it....its a freakin $4 sesame seed..


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