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 Why Don't Marriages Last These Days ??
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Posted on 09-27-10 10:50 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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- Man, some really old marriages have gone down the drain ....

- Is it the materialistic world, we livin' IN?

- Or is it the temptation, we can't resist?

- George Lopez is divorcing ... via CNN
(17 years - washed away ...)
- Another divorce that shocked me was Al Gore's ... 
(40 years - washed away ...) 

Posted on 09-28-10 3:38 PM     [Snapshot: 231]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Because we don't know the meaning of sacrifice. We live in a 'me' world. Back in the day you needed to have lots of kids so that a few would survive. You needed losts of kids to help you in your farm. These days, marriage seems like it is almost out of fashion.

People can have kids without getting married. Marriage is optional. They say that after 4-5 years of being with someone the sex-life goes down hill. So for people who value sex more than the relationship, it is time to find another partner.

The thing is that the longer you are married the more easy it is to take your partner for granted. And that is for the rest of us.

The pressure for guys like Tiger Woods, Al Gore, George Lopez, etc, who are famous and have lots of money and are well known to so many women. Well, is it really that surprizing that these guys marriage gets in trouble?

I am more surprized by people like Jay Leno who has been married for so long than people that you mention above whose marriages have dissolved. There is a whole industry (the gossip magazines) that feeds off material from their affairs. Shoot, even you and I are discussing it.

Posted on 09-28-10 6:04 PM     [Snapshot: 328]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Marriages don't last these days because you don't have to last it anymore. People fall in love and get married and people grow apart and they divorce.  and now when they grow apart, they don't have an obligation to stick together unlike  20 years back when "until death do us apart" was a norm and a social rule.

Posted on 09-28-10 6:56 PM     [Snapshot: 385]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Homeyji & dolphin,

- appreciate U'R inputs ...

- someone once told me ...
- "until death do us apart" has changed to ...
- "until another man/woman do us apart"

- nothing is sacred anymore ... 
- commitments are taken lightly ...

- few days ago ....
- read on the web that some insurance companies are offering "divorce insurance packages" ...

- i wonder what these people will do once old age kicks in ...
- don't they need any companionship then ??
- or, do they want to spend their old age in a miserable old home ??

Last edited: 28-Sep-10 06:56 PM

Posted on 09-29-10 9:42 AM     [Snapshot: 605]     Reply [Subscribe]
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once I had a heated argument with a Nepali guy who was more American in his thoughts than Nepali , We were arguing about marriages and divorce rates in Nepal and America, I told him Nepal has less divorce rate than USA because people know the meaning of marriage because of our culture and society, lots of give and take and a balance of authority inn place. Dad brings money home and mom is in charge of using it wisely. in a close  perfect nepali home, Wife respects the husband and husband recognizes that and cares, provides and supports the wife in every ways. these are exceotions but overall nepali marriages are different than Americans. that was one of my points then he asked me this, If divorce was common in Nepal, how many women would divorce their husbands in Nepal given the chance, its a male dominated world in Nepal and women in a marriage faces a lot of challenges and have to sacrifice a lot to make the marriage last, she gets beaten, over worked, dominated, limited freedom and her life is about serving the family.SO how many Nepali women in Nepal with bad relations get a divorce if given the chance. They are stuck with an abusive drunk husband and some are even killed. He had a good point. So to define marriage is hard I guess it all depends where and the culture and tradition plays a huge role in the marraige mind set. Personally I think Love and respect is the key to a happy marraige and yes a lot of mutual sacrifices along the way, Its a journey of life my friends, and to share it with some one so compatible is heavenly but by no means one should continue to be married in an abusive relation.

Posted on 09-29-10 10:47 PM     [Snapshot: 779]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Marriage needs compatibility, understanding and sacrifice, lack of any of these will fall apart.

Posted on 09-29-10 11:16 PM     [Snapshot: 798]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ terobaaje & Bhojpure01,

- Thanks for bringing things in perspective ...

- 2 souls getting along ... can be heavenly ... or, can be downright ugly ...

- I guess people should focus more on ...
- Working things out .... (as far as possible)
- Before using the D' word ...

- Feel for the kids who get caught in the middle of the mess ...

Last edited: 29-Sep-10 11:16 PM

Posted on 09-30-10 8:28 AM     [Snapshot: 887]     Reply [Subscribe]
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What's up with this big font and bullets in every single posts?? It's very annoying.

Remember, number alone don't mean a thing. Just because a school has higher passing rate doesn't mean that's a good school. The test standard might be below par and teachers might ahve ramped up the numbers.
Posted on 10-01-10 8:52 PM     [Snapshot: 1018]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Everybody in this world will eventually adopt free to divorce culture of the western world. People in Nepal didn't divorce because they were not FREE to do so. This is changing everywhere and in Nepal too.
Posted on 10-01-10 11:06 PM     [Snapshot: 1055]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@ Stiffler,
- thanks for bringing the annoying part to my attention ... (the bold part is out from now on ...)
- give me a smile now ... will U ...

@ Power_Ranger,
- Appreciate U'R comments ...

Last edited: 01-Oct-10 11:06 PM


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