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Rasika Kancchi
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 Women are not here for your entertainment

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Posted on 08-13-10 10:32 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm not here for your entertainment
No no no
You don't really want to mess with me tonight
Just stop and take a second
Just take a second
I was fine before you walked into my life
Cause you know it's over
Before it began
Keep your drink just give me the money
It's just you and your hand tonight
Yeah oh

Naya Nepali and the other men's attitude to women is really something else. First of all, this is the reason that there are only a few girls here. There are a lot more boys. And second of all, the way you men act here, how are we supposed to feel welcome and respected in sajha?

As if it is not bad enough in Nepal already, I would think that once you have travelled a little bit that your views would be a little enlightened. But no. It is the same old, same old. When will you all grow up and see that women are more than just something for your entertainment? We are not just something to throw your lola at during Holi, ok?


The postings in this thread span 3 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 08-13-10 4:58 PM     [Snapshot: 1029]     Reply [Subscribe]
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We're all friends. That's all we've ever been.

I see that now you are pretty much kneeling in front of your daddy glaring at you. Nas is looking up at his daddy trying to explain to him what transpired in a night's fun. "Daddy, I love you daddy. I love no one but you. You are my life and soul. Heh, heh daddy."

Then Nas puts on a wittle wittle pout, trying to look innocent and cute. Nas rolls his eyes like a little girl who just got a poppsickle stick from the 'baraf' guy in Thamel streets. And Nas pulls that famous line from Rodney King: "Can't we all just get along? Am I being so unreasonable?"

Posted on 08-13-10 5:09 PM     [Snapshot: 1035]     Reply [Subscribe]
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rasika kanchi u r so much in love with my intellegence , arent u????  a message in my inbox would have done the trick baby, why did u bothered to create a thread in my name.....
P.S creating multiple profile is not gonna help as long as u carry the same attitude...peace
Last edited: 13-Aug-10 05:17 PM

Posted on 08-13-10 5:22 PM     [Snapshot: 1106]     Reply [Subscribe]
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As Dushashan tries to pull on Draupadi's sari, trying to disrobe her, Draupadi, holds onto her sari with all her might. She holds on, trying to save the only thing that she has, her respect.

And Dushashan pulls. His eyes feasting on her femininity, listening to the goading voice of his brothers led by Duryodhan, Dushashan pulls and pulls on Draupadis sari, hoping to embarass her naked in the court filled with men. For them this is mere entertainment. Just another day of the Kaurav brothers doing what they do best.

Draupadi yells in the court of Hastinapur. "Oh men of Hastinapur, how could you all watch me be disrespected in this way? Why did no one speak up? She points at all the men in the court of Hastinapur. Are you not real men that you could watch an innocent woman be disrobed in this way and you all said not a word?"

Last edited: 13-Aug-10 05:29 PM

Posted on 08-13-10 5:35 PM     [Snapshot: 1133]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Well its a give respect, take respect thing!!! 
Posted on 08-13-10 5:43 PM     [Snapshot: 1157]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I Hate America:

"Again to Rashika kanchi, 

I saw your another comment in other thread that the problem of Nepal is people don't respect woman. 

and my answer is yes we won't unless you have dare to fight to get it. Dear, Respect is the term which you supposed to earn not 'give'. "

Posted on 08-13-10 5:49 PM     [Snapshot: 1167]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rashika Kanchi
Exactly, dont ask for respect in SAJHA, go earn it!

Posted on 08-13-10 5:51 PM     [Snapshot: 1181]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 And second of all, the way you men act here, how are we supposed to feel welcome and respected in sajha?
you are not even asking, you are begging!!

Posted on 08-13-10 5:59 PM     [Snapshot: 1181]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Yooo hooo. Hellooo? Where are you sweetheart? Oh dear Alpha-male. Oh beater of women. Oh humiliator of dancing girls. Under whose skirt have you gone to hide now?

As Nas's daddy browbeats his son into submission, his boka sathis are in a dharma sankat. Should they continue to be loyal to this fallen leader of theirs or should they do the right thing and act in the name of dharma? Swallowing their dry saliva they can't decide what to do untill Nas, grits his teeth at them and brow beats them as if saying, "Damn it, do something, don't just stand their like a bunch of brainless hippies." And then suddenly the bokas out of nowhere they find their voice. They start to bleat like little lambs. They wave their hands up and down jumping and yelling trying to catch Nas's daddies attention.

One of them points out of the window and yells, "Look a bomb just went off, I think it was the Maoists."

Another says, "Nas's daddy, you owe me money, remember? Umm...yeah you owe me Rs 500. please give it to me right now. My mother is dying of cancer."

Yet another, fakes a heart attack and rolls on the ground gasping and wheezing untill he turns blue in the face.

Posted on 08-13-10 6:41 PM     [Snapshot: 1229]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rasika kanchi,
                        What kind of respect you are talking about? This is the part I am missing here. Did your dad left your mom pregnant and you were born? Every men respects women either mother, teacher, sister, grandmother, whatever the relationship is. Its animal nature that male tries to get as many pussies as it can get and female tries to get best male outta population for the continuation of generation, it might have changed little for human beings being most intellectual animal in earth. I have seen women knownly entering married man's life and burning the house. Those bitches who are selling their body to their best customers, thats the reason prostitution is called entertainment adult buisness. And by the way they are all adult and can make their decisions whether to choose that profession or not. You can argue all day and night long about Dropati, Sita, parwati or Swarga ki pari's who used to entertain indra, nature made males (not all but most) stronger, intellectual and family protector. Accept the fact, man repect women thats why they make love with women. 

Posted on 08-13-10 6:56 PM     [Snapshot: 1287]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Humiliater of Dancing girls"......"Beater of Women" ????  What a filthy accusation Rasika Sweetie. When did I humiliate my sweet dancers. Jesus Christ !! I love them all.

Posted on 08-13-10 7:00 PM     [Snapshot: 1297]     Reply [Subscribe]
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I'm missing you sweety. How can you leave me like this? Sniff sniff. Sob sob. Come back come back where ever you are.

Nas's father turns his gaze from his son to the other bokas rolling around the ground, screaming, bouncing, and hitting themselves in the face. But one of them, the second in command in the group, sees that all this is not working. After getting a nod and a pursed lip from Nas, who at this point is white in the face and his hands look yellow, drained of blood, the commander steps up with his hands raised, smiling, with his head slightly tilted to the right.

"Uncle...c'mon uncle. This is your only son Uncle. If he doesn't spend your money, who will?"

Last edited: 13-Aug-10 07:05 PM

Posted on 08-13-10 7:22 PM     [Snapshot: 1335]     Reply [Subscribe]
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@nas: shit dude c exactly looks like rakshi kanchi
@rasika kanchi: peace
Last edited: 13-Aug-10 07:22 PM

Posted on 08-13-10 7:22 PM     [Snapshot: 1335]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 13-Aug-10 07:22 PM

Posted on 08-13-10 7:24 PM     [Snapshot: 1338]     Reply [Subscribe]
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"Teen dharke kalo thago (thread) changa chayyyyt"

(look up guys, the thread is about to end.)

As the Terminator said, "I'll be back"

Posted on 08-13-10 7:28 PM     [Snapshot: 1359]     Reply [Subscribe]
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You are not men. You are all cowards. All you put togethor could not fight one weak, defenceless, girl. *Shaking my head*

I would spit in front of your feet. But you don't deserve even that much.

Last edited: 13-Aug-10 07:29 PM

Posted on 08-13-10 7:50 PM     [Snapshot: 1380]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Rasika dear, Please chill out and enjoy this beautiful dance by one of the bars. She is really sooo स्यौसी !


Posted on 08-13-10 7:55 PM     [Snapshot: 1411]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-13-10 8:36 PM     [Snapshot: 1452]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 08-14-10 12:59 AM     [Snapshot: 1650]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Just reading 3-4 guys' opinions have you giving up on your cause already? 

Not everyone treats their women like crap. The ones who do are the ones who end up Dev-Das-ing once she leaves him for another man. The strippers, whores, call girls, drugs/alcohol are just temporary substitutes. Money can't buy the real thang.

And I do agree, Sajha = Bokaland, and thats something you're not going to be able to change anytime soon. Persevere, and you will eventually be accepted :) (Theres a fun group around here called the BJP - Boka Janata Party, and most people, consciously/unconsciously are members ;)).

Cheers and welcome.

Posted on 08-15-10 12:07 AM     [Snapshot: 1963]     Reply [Subscribe]
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The above story is dedicated to the alpha-male and ruler of sajha, my future husband, Nas. With much love, smiles and all,

Rasika Kancchi


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