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 सामुहिक रुपमा देशको पटक पटक बलात्कर-Where is Human Rigts?
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Posted on 05-02-10 1:24 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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सामुहिक रुपमा देशको पटक
पटक बलात्कर भईरहेकोमा आज नेपाली जनता लज्जित हुनु परेको छ। Everyone
please email and ask what these Civil Society & Human Rights
organizations are doing in Nepal. Historically, they never cared about
"General Public"; for them "people" are Maoists & their cadres.
'anon@nepalcivilsociety.org'; 'gauri.pradhan@nhrcnepal.org';
'insec@insec.org.np'; 'nhrc@nhrcnepal.org'

Also, cc your email to all media and express what Nepali people feel about the current situation.  We have had enough. Please raise your voice.  Show what nation means for you.

'UnitedNationalistNepalese@yahoogroups.com'; 'pradumna@kantipur.com.np'; 'sunilvashistha@kantipur.com.np'; 'kbasnet@kantipur.com.np'; 'gauchan@kantipur.com.np'; 'shishir14@kantipur.com.np'; 'kedar@kantipur.com.np'; 'admin@kantipur.com.np'; 'sudheer@kantipur.com.np'; 'harithapa@kantipur.com.np'; 'au@kantipur.com.np'; 'tkpjina@kantipur.com.np'; 'subas@kantipur.com.np'; 'sanjeevan_maharjan@live.com'; 'prashanta@kantipur.com.np'; 'subas@kantipur.com.np'; 'deepakt@kantipur.com.np'; 'keshuvko@kantipur.com.np'; 'khimghale@kantipur.com.np'; 'dhiraj@kantipur.com.np'; 'gopa@gorkhapatra.org.np'; 'kghimire1960@yahoo.com'; 'gopa@gorkhapatra.org.np'; 'trn@gorkhapatra.org.np'; 'pushkarlal@newsofnepal.com'; 'direk@newsofnepal.com'; 'suman@newsofnepal.com'; 'news@nagariknews.com'; 'jana.aastha@gmail.com'; 'janasatta@wlink.com.np'; 'janakpurfm@yahoo.com'; 'mail@hitsfm.com.np'; 'info@sagarmathatv.us'; 'info@nepaltvusa.com'; 'atv@avenues.tv'; 'stream@mos.com.np'; 'pkrfm@wlink.com.np'; 'info@pokharafm.com.np'; 'rne@wlink.com.np'; 'radio@engg.wlink.com.np'; 'info@gazzabko.com'; 'mike@bfbs.com'; 'bageshwarifm@wlink.com.np'; 'info@jagaranmedia.com.np'; 'kailikafm@techmind.com.np'; 'diwan_coldstore@yahoo.com'; 'khandbari_fm@yahoo.com'; 'radiokhaptad@hotmail.com'; 'dad-koshi@yahoo.com'; 'dev931@hotmail.com'; 'maitrifm@enet.com.np'; 'narayanifm@ntc.net.np'; 'fmnational@gmail.com'; 'indrenifmdang@gmail.com'; 'kpr61@ntc.net.np'; 'marketing@pathibharafm.com'; 'pkrfm958@hotmail.com'; 'aansutosh@mail.com'; 'info@jagaranmedia.com.np'; 'baglungfm@yahoo.com'; 'hada_rajesh@bhaktapurfm.com.np'; 'bherifm105.4@gmail.com'; 'rmrc_npj@wlink.com.np'; 'bfm912.brt@gmail.com'; 'bulbulefm@yahoo.com'; 'butwalfm@hons.com.np'; 'info@capitalfm924.com'; 'contact@dineshfm.com'; 'ecrfm104.2mhz@hotmail.com'; 'prajwalghimire@yahoo.co.in'; 'dangbase@mail.com.np'; 'info@gorkhafm.com'; 'hamrofm@wlink.com.np'; 'info@radiomithila.org'; 'sushilpokharel@yahoo.com'; 'ilamfm@enet.com.np'; 'imagefm@wlink.com.np'; 'bandhudp@hotmail.com'; 'abcradio@ntc.net.np'; 'afm@pinet.com.np'; 'rcdsc@ntc.net.np'; 'bishnunacharya@hotmail.com'; 'radiobaglung@hotmail.com'; 'radiobarahi@wlink.com.np'; 'radiobheri@yahoo.com'; 'bheriaawaj@wlink.com.np'; 'radiobir@wlink.com.np'; 'kktsaochkamali@yahoo.com'; 'aryalc07@gmail.com'; 'radiodeukhuri@yahoo.com'; 'dhital_tr@yahoo.com'; 'devraj_devkota@yahoo.com'; 'sharadasangam@yahoo.com'; 'kirdarc@wlink.com.np'; 'sbmugali@yahoo.com'; 'info@radiosagarmatha.org'; 'asanat@enet.com.np'; 'sumhatlung07@yahoo.com'; 'binayadevkota@gmail.com'; 'khgsindhuli@yahoo.com'; 'radiodangfm@ntc.com.np'; 'pitam200@gmail.com'; 'sherpadandu@hotmail.com'; 'chem.kaushal@gmail.com'; 'triyuga_fm@yahoo.com'; 'tulsipur_fm@yahoo.com'; 'bikashrai4@hotmail.com'; 'rupfm102mhz@yahoo.com'; 'humanism@wlink.com.np'; 'fm.samad.np@gmail.com'; 'jichaudhary@gmail.com'; 'skfm@ntc.net.np'; 'shreenagarfm@yahoo.com'; 'siddhartha.fm@gmail.com'; 'skyfm106.6mhz@gmail.com'; 'solufm@ysc.org.np'; 'info@starfm.com.np'; 'synergyfm@wlink.com.np'; 'foldkan@gmail.com'; 'tinaufm@gmail.com'; 'gopal@commoneronline.com'; 'vijayafm@techminds.com.np'; 'kumar@voy.com.np'

-United Nationalist Nepalese (UNN)
(rights has been spelled wrong; don't know how to edit the thread topic. apologies for that)

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Posted on 05-02-10 5:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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HelloUNN mitra,
Thank you tapaile uthaunu bhayeko bisaya ramro ho tara yo Humna rights bhaneko chahi kun chari ko naam hora? kaha payinchha ha? desh ko naam jasto chha yo ta naya desh ho Nepal ko naam ferne bhaneko sunya thiye thyahi rakhechha ki kya ho? 
Ghanto Human Rights ? kahile dekhnu bhayeko chha? Bhognu bhayeko chha? ani kahile afule garnu bhayeko chha? nabhaye kina badi halla machhaune? Yo ta bidesi ko chalkhel matra ho yo hamro hoina hamro Human Rights ta Nepal ko Anpad Kukhura chor, Bharstachari neta haru le grdai chha ni uni haru Human rights Hanan Nagarnus tapai.
Please chuup yo human rights le gulu dukhyo kya. 
Hamro Nepal ma tyasto bhairako chha students ko exam cancelled re, byapari ko kal karkhana banda re, ghra ghra le party party ko gundaharulai dal bhat masu khwaunu parne re Hamro Desma testo Bhairakhda ni yaha ko kunai news ra media ma gulu gandaina. 
pade leckheko bhanne gule sabai ghar ghar bata sadak ma ayera desh ko lagi aawaj uthauna kohi nasakne bidesh ma khaire ko puti herera dance restaurant ma bitaune jadhya [Disallowed String for - use not allowed] modern, america, australlia, uk basera khare ko pu ti ko photo herne lade shja ko pujari fan haru..ghnto human rights.  

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Posted on 05-02-10 9:54 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please join this effort.  Together, we can do it.  Every single email/voice counts.  Tweet or put the following message in your status in facebook.  If Maoists can bring people forcefully for demonstration in Kathmandu, people can send a warning via internet.  Let the message be loud and clear: We want Peace now!

रुपमा देशको पटक पटक बलात्कर भईरहेकोमा आज नेपाली जनता लज्जित हुनु
परेको छ। Everyone please email and ask what these Civil Society
& Human Rights organizations are doing in Nepal.
Historically, they never cared about "General Public"; for them
"people" are Maoists & their cadres.
'gauri.pradhan@nhrcnepal.org'; 'insec@insec.org.np';

Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers Singh Durbar Kathmandu Nepal (info@opmcm.gov.np); Ministry of Foreign Affairs (adm@mofa.gov.np); Baburam Bhattarai (bhattaraibaburam@gmail.com); 'hisliayami@gmail.com'; 'nepal.pradip@gmail.com'; nilamber Acharya (nilacharya@gmail.com); Subas Nemang (nparl@ntc.net.np); Mahesh Acharya (acharya.mahesh@gmail.com)

Posted on 05-02-10 10:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please ask this question to Comrade and the greatest human rights leader Nepal has ever produced, Padma Ratna Tuladhar. He will be able to interpret the Human Rights from Mao's Red Book. Why do you worry about kids education? Remember Dr. Babu Ram Bhattrai's speech few years back? Everybody will get university degree/certificate free. It is a birth rights. So the leader is there to give the certificates and degrees of your choice, just sing and dance accoring to the tunes of the Maoist leaders. You will get everything.
Posted on 05-05-10 11:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please do not forget to send even a one liner to the human rights/civil society organizations.  It will make a difference.

Posted on 05-06-10 12:50 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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From: UNN
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 11:20 AM
To: 'Dr. Devendra Raj Panday'; 'Krishna Pahadi'
Subject: Incompetent Civil Society

Dear Dr. Pande/Mr. Pahadi:

We sent you an email few weeks ago (below).  Subsequently, we contacted many other active "illusionary" human rights organizations in Nepal as well.  They seem to have taken our concern seriously and are amending their actions. We will write the same to you what we wrote to them.  

We hope your organization is observing the present situation of Nepal closely.  As you know, people have lost confidence in Civil Society these days. There are several allegations against your organization as well and the most degrading is the unfair practice of human rights.  Simply put, it is believed that Civil Society treats only Maoists as Humans and the rest of the public are not important humans for the Civil Society to care.  I recommend you reading the chain of the emails below.

Excerpts from few emails we received:
1.    Those three name (human rights and civil society leaders) you mentioned had only one mission that is to remove kingship, For that they become slave of Maoist. If you go deep in their history you will find their present existence is blessing of Darabar. They are snakes who bite those who provide them milk.
2.    An eyewitness in Nepal reports: These UN agencies and so called human rights organizations should leave Nepal as soon as possible. Maoist party who started demonstration since last two days for the people should know that admitting children under 14 in their Youth communist league (YCL) is against children rights. I have seen during their demo more than 35% of YCL were under age of 14. There is no doubt about them of not knowing why they are there. Isn't it necessary to teach Moist about children rights and human rights? Don't they think once before using those little and innocent children in their so called noble cause "fighting for the people" B.S. If they don't know about Children Rights then how could they even think that they are the one who can run the government properly and new government has to make under their leadership!! And if they know then why are they violating that?? So many questions??? Funny thing is UN agencies people were there to monitor the demo and they can't even see this....so i don't think there is any use of UN agencies!!Are UN agencies here only to raise corruptions, to make our country underdeveloped or making their so called skilled employees ride the vehicle and wear their agencies jackets??? If they can't see all these things than how could they be there as a monitoring representatives? They have nothing, neither knowledge nor wisdom. They have no courage to face any one who challenges them for discussion.
3.    Another commentator and a media personality states: Mr Pahadi is due my challenge for a debate for 25 months.  Fearing a public humiliation, he has been ignoring my open calls.
4.    In particular people like Devendra Raj Panday, Pahadi, Himal Magazine chief editor, Sunder Mani Dixit.  People have utter dissatisfaction with these people's pro-Maoist stance.
5.    The civil society wallahs here are irrelevant. I can't say much more/less for OHCHR either.
6.    OHCHR & Civil Society is trying to paint a rosy picture of the Maobadis' latest acts of urban disruption Civil Duties
We would like to highlight here why few people (fair assumption 8-10) had formed Civil Society and the outcomes so far.  
Protect Civil Liberty and Watch Basic Human Rights' Violation- Disastrous

Protest for Justice & Establish Rule of Law-Disastrous

Warn Political Parties and their Leaders against Corruption, Favoritism & Nepotism- Disastrous

Support Peace Negotiation between 7 Parties' Government and Maoists as per the Mandate of the People's Movement-Failed

Critique the Formation of the Interim Government-Failed

Play Active Role to Accomplish Constituent Assembly Election-Election was held with the power of guns but eventually the term is going to end without any accomplishment.  Will Civil Society take responsibility to refund public tax money?

Actively Participate to Rewrite the Constitution which can successfully establish the Federal System of Governance--Election was held with the power of guns but eventually the term is going to end without any accomplishment.  Will Civil Society take responsibility to refund public tax money?

Help to Restructure the State with Autonomous Local Administrative Logistics for Local Level of District Governance to Emerge Actively-Disastrous

Fight to Abolish the Oligarchic System that Allow Central Government Appointees to Administer the District such as CDOS-Disastrous

Set Off-limits of the Central (Federal) Government from Interfering and Manipulating Local Level of Government for Political Power-Disastrous

Establish Complete Decentralized System of Governance by Eradicating Centralized Feudal or Oligarchic or Totalitarian Governing Logistics-Disastrous

Make Sure Members from Village, District Assembly to the Parliament are Elected in General Election with Popular Vote-They were not elected; they were nominated.

Highlight the Values of Secular Society with its Rational Approach to Mankind-Who gave you this mandate?  The ancestors of Civil Society founders did not unify Nepal neither they have contributed anything for Nepal. It was founded by Prithvi Narayan Shah, The Great.  It is shameful if you want to snatch his credit.

Enlighten the People from the Darkness of Feudal Mentality which had misled Nepali people with Religious Propaganda and Superstitions for last 250 years-In urban English, remove monarchy to that open corruption can prevail.

Civil Society must Lead the People's Movement to Establish Complete Democracy and its Culture in New Nepal--Disastrous

Publish Works of Civil Society Works: Literature, Research Papers, Journals, Etc-Disastrous
Please note, any communication with UNN is sent to more than 500,000 organizations/media/people/political wings.  We are still waiting on the information we requested below.
About UNN: The world patriots formed UNN to oversee the activities of various NGOs planted either by Maoists or are excessive Maoist friendly or failed to perform their duties.  It focuses for all individuals, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, or background and speaks fairly and boldly on behalf of all nationalist Nepalese, both within Nepal and abroad.  Development, democracy, fairness, justice, dharma are key values.
We want to help your organization gain credibility in the general public as well.  This is an opportunity to prove what Civil Society really stands for.  We hope you will not miss this opportunity. We expect your cooperation.

United Nationalist Nepalese (UNN)

From: UNN
Sent: Mon May 03 02:35:30 2010
Subject: RE: CNN Delhi's Erroneous News

Dear Sara:

Thank you so much for covering the news from Nepal.  As you said, Nepal is going through tough times.  Although your report is noteworthy, there are some serious flaws that you should meticulously look into.

1)    Maoists are not showing that they have the capability for peaceful demonstration; it’s their fear of losing badly if they provoke violence this time.  Sadly for them, the King is not in the picture this time who would give up his throne if 19 people would be killed (like in April 2006).  Their partners are ready to crush them and so is Nepal Army.  Not to forget, 28 Million people have suffered enough and these hungry stomachs would revolt against this regime.  In essence, Maoists have lost the dreams that they had sold to these poor people.  People got a chance to witness the Maoists’ reality now.
2)    In 2008, Maoists won the election by guns. Not more than 60% people voted and most of them were forced to vote for Maoists.
3)    Nepal is not going through Monarchy to Democracy; Nepal is transforming from a powerless constitutional monarchy to a communist dictatorship.
4)    UNMIN is the least credible organization and an unwelcomed guest in Nepal.  The fighters are out on the street and UNMIN is monitoring the deserted empty cantonments.  It was tricked by the chief Prachanda who himself admitted in a video that he inflated the number of PLA fighters to accumulate funds in their pocket.  After the tape leaked last year, Prachanda resigned from the post of Prime Minister as he had no choice.  He also expressed the “state capture” as his ultimate goal.
5)    Forced donation is burdened on 28 Mil Nepalese (no one is reporting this).
6)    Almost everywhere in Nepal, uncountable weapons have been recovered that Maoists were planning to use in this demonstration.
7)    Most organizations extended their support to Maoists in the name of peace process, but no organization offered any support to the victims of Civil War whose families were chopped into pieces by these Maoists.
8)    People are terrorized; the real number of Maoists, as stated in many sources, is not even 14,000.

We will appreciate if you report the correct, fair, and justified news.


United Nationalist Nepalese (UNN)
A Non Profit Advocacy Organization

From: UnitedNationalistNepalese@yahoogroups.com [mailto:UnitedNationalistNepalese@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of UNN
Sent: Sunday, May 02, 2010 10:32 AM
Subject: (UNN) RE: Nepal Human Rights & Civil Society-World is Watching

 No response was received for the following email.  The world is watching the terrorism spread by the Maoists (Khaobadi) and we are watching you and what subsequent actions you will take or what comments you may pass.
Exclusive Video: Flood of people wanting Monarchy
back welcome Prince Paras in Birgunj: https://youtu.be/5Sv1XNVDjl4
भारी मात्रामा पेट्रोल, गुलेली र गुच्चा बरामद
प्रतिमा बास्कोटा
काठमाडौ, वैशाख १६ -  प्रहरीले सुन्धारास्थित एक गेष्ट हाउसबाट भारी मात्रामा पेट्रोल बम बनाउन प्रयोग हुने सामाग्री बरामद गरेको छ । प्रहरीले उक्त सामाग्रही माओवादीले शनिबारदेखि सुरु हुने आफ्नो निणयक आन्दोलनलाई ध्यानमा राखेर ल्याएको आशंका गरेको छ ।
प्रहरीले बिहीबार दिउँसो छापामा मार्दा सुन्धाराको सेती-महाकाली गेष्टहाउसबाट ४ सय लिटर पेट्रोल, दश बोरा खाली बोत्तल, गुलेली एक बोरा, गुच्चा दुई बोरा बरामद गरेको छ । त्यसैगरी काठको भूष सात बोरा, कैची सात थान, कपडा पनि बरामद गरेको छ ।  
प्रहरीले गेष्टहाउस सञ्चालक अजव पाण्डे अनुसन्धानका लागि नियन्त्रणमा लिएको छ । प्रहरीले पाण्डेलाई उदृत गर्दै कुपण्डोल ठेगाना भएका कृष्ण घिमिरेको नाममा कोठमा बुक गरेर खानेकुरा भन्दै ति सामाग्री राखेका थिए ।
माओवादी हड्तालका मुलुकका विभिन्न ठाउँमा कक्षा १२ को परीक्षा स्थगित भएका खबरहरु प्राप्त भइरहेका छन्। राजधानीका केन्द्रहरुमा परीक्षा स्थगित भएका छन्। उच्च माध्यामिक शिक्षा परिषदले यस बारेमा कुनै आधिकारिक सूचना जारी नगर्दा विद्यार्थी अन्यौलमा छन्। परिषदका उच्च अधिकारीहरु सम्पर्कमा आउन चाहेका छैनन्।
United Nationalist Nepalese (UNN)
A Non Profit Advocacy Organization
From: UNN
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 11:45 AM
 Dear Civil Society/Human Rights Leaders:
Media has been reporting about Maoists’ conspiracy to wage a civil war again.  As expected, your organization has not issued a single statement against Maoists.  It is very likely that Nepal Civil Society is a Maoist Sister Organization.  Because of such accusation, we demand you to make your credentials public: your organization’s legal structure, donors, executive profiles, membership strength etc.  We truly want to see whether you have the mandate to be called “Civil Society”.
Please note, any communication with UNN is sent to more than 500,000 organizations/media/people/political wings.  I have previously stated to NHRC that the world patriots formed UNN to oversee the activities of various NGOs planted either by Maoists or are excessive Maoist friendly.   
Your credentials are at stake.  Make sure your responses are satisfactory.
To the people either cc’ed or bcc’ed, we will circulate the response once we receive answers.
United Nationalist Nepalese (UNN)
A Non Profit Advocacy Organization

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Supporting Maoists
will invite 10 year jail

May 6 09:24 PM

New Delhi, May 6 (IANS) Those who speak in
favour of Maoist guerrillas will face legal action and 10 years
imprisonment, the government announced Thursday in a warning to civil
society groups who raise voices in favour of Leftwing extremism.

person who commits the offence of supporting such a terrorist
organisation (like Communist Party of India (CPI)-Maoist) with inter
alia intention to further the activities of such terrorist organisations
would be liable to be punished with imprisonment for a term not
exceeding 10 years or with fine or with both,' a home ministry statement

It said such action would be taken under Section 39 of the
Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967.

The home ministry said
the government has noticed that some Maoist leaders were directly
contacting certain NGOs and intellectuals to propagate their ideology
and 'persuade them to take steps (and) support the CPI-Maoist ideology'.

public are informed to be extremely vigilant of the propaganda of
CPI-Maoist and not unwittingly become a victim of such propaganda,' the
statement warned.

The Leftwing extremist group and all its front
organizations have been designated as terrorist organisations by the

According to the ministry, the 'sole aim' of the
CPI-Maoist is to overthrow the Indian state.

It 'continues to kill
innocent civilians including tribals in cold blood and destroy crucial
infrastructure like roads, culverts, school buildings, gram panchayat
buildings so as to prevent development from reaching these
under-developed areas', the statement added.

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