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 Sexy Nepali xxx-site.

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Posted on 02-18-10 11:06 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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In my recent research of Nepali based websites,

I found "SAJHA" is the first & the number one sexy Nepali pxxx site.

You can easily check and compare with any Nepali websites around the world.


NOTE: Please friends, is it true?? or fulse?? leave your comments with suitable reasons.

coming up more...   

Last edited: 19-Feb-10 01:04 AM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

This page is only showing last 20 replies
Posted on 02-19-10 10:21 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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What a site So much information in one page it's overwhelming. most people visiting are from Doha or Qatar area. Not for me

Posted on 02-19-10 12:57 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Twake production

= No results found.

2.  - 

   Subedi Inc
   3005 Seven Oaks Place
   Falls Church, Virginia 22042
   United States

   Registered through:, Inc. (
   Domain Name: DCNEPAL.COM
      Created on: 19-Sep-06
      Expires on: 19-Sep-13
      Last Updated on: 24-Dec-09

   Administrative Contact:
      Inc, Subedi
      Subedi, Ramhari 3100 S. Manchester St. #T2 Falls Church, VA 22044
      United States

   Technical Contact:
      Inc., Netfirms
      Manager, Domains 5160 Yonge St., 1800 Toronto, ON M2N6L9
      4166612100      Fax -- 4166610700

DCNEPAL.COM - Domain Informationnew
Domain DCNEPAL.COM   [ Site Info  Traceroute  RBL/DNSBL lookup ]
Registrar URL
Whois server
Created 19-Sep-2006
Updated 24-Dec-2009
Expires 19-Sep-2013
Time Left 1307 days 5 hours 10 minutes
Status clientDeleteProhibited clientRenewProhibited clientTransferProhibited clientUpdateProhibited
DCNEPAL.COM - Geo Information
IP Address  
Location US US, United States
City Scottsdale, AZ 85260
AS Number AS26496
Latitude 33°61'19" North
Longitude 111°89'07" West
Distance 10384.25 km (6452.48 miles)

Posted on 02-19-10 10:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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x enjoy the seen

Posted on 02-19-10 10:29 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Posted on 02-19-10 11:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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bimalji jaha samma malai lagchha yaha kura totally Porn site ko bhanda pani nepali site jasle Porn lai pratmikta diyeko chha, tesko kura hundai chha, tapai yesari pornsite ko add haldine :P

Posted on 02-20-10 7:42 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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I have heard that your computer might get infected with virus or trojan when you open

Is that true?

Posted on 02-20-10 8:13 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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i am behind twake production ...feel free to contact me. you can checkout other twake production videos on youtube id in youtube is ojha1980 .

Posted on 02-20-10 9:59 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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One another Best Sexy Nepali xxx-site

check some clips:

NOTE: Please friends, is it true?? or fulse?? leave your comments with suitable reasons.

Posted on 02-21-10 10:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 how about masti

Posted on 02-22-10 2:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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more about cybersansar: is one of the most visited Nepali website, I do not know the current statistics but its widely known that this site was one of the most visited few years ago. One clearly recieved the idea since they heavily promoted the site on magazines such as Boss and Wave'More than 5000 people a day view the website, have you' with headlines stating ; something along the lines of that. 

Back in the day when the website was known as CyberNepal, I used to be a keen viewer as I believe the whole e-modelling trend was popularised by CyberNepal. In its Hey-Deys and even sometimes now, it has produced and showcased many promising faces ranging from Kohinoor Singh, Namrata Shrestha, and Yamuna Uprety. The site has also featured many popular faces from the Nepali Film Industry ranging from the sulty Rekha Thapa, Richa Ghimire etc. However, it is clearly visible that the website has lost its quality in the models which they pick. Either the fault lies in the experience of the model or the photographer does not have any creativity apart from positioning a half-naked girl in a white background. The website has lost its trance and become as normal as any other Nepali e-modelling websites, the models which they use are nothing but vulgar with some looking like they could be from B-Grade Indian movies. A girl can look equally sexy in a sari or even a traditional Nepali dress as demonstrated by Hema Shrestha in the Maitighar remix video yet CyberSansar has consistently failed to take this approach yet we see models with bikini tops in front of pictureque locations. New websites such as TimroHamro has a better narrative in photography. What are your thoughts and views? 


NOTE: Please friends, is it true?? or fulse?? leave your comments with suitable reasons.

Posted on 02-23-10 3:27 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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your job is talk shiatt about people and website....kiss my butthole,,will you, thanks
Posted on 02-23-10 9:32 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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friend 8848m,

Thank you for your response but why are you so much worried?? and angry??



Posted on 02-27-10 10:15 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Namrata (Hamro Didi/ Bahini/ Sathi/ Chori/ Cheli) ko yeuta anjaan galti ko sabai bhanda badi najayaj roop ma faida liyera DAAM ANI NAAM KAMAUNE yeuta matra kohi chha bhane tyo ho "SAJHA.COM". Jata heryo Nepali Cheli lai nagyayeko chha. Kura Kani tyahi bahek k cha yaha??

Bichari ko Naam le nai sajha lai banayo ani sajha le kamayo..kati kamayo hola ?? can you Imagine??

Friends, what do you think??? How much they earn???

Posted on 02-27-10 10:38 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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tTrue of FULSE RE ahahahahaha what is FULSE??? DID YOU MEAN False? 

Posted on 02-27-10 10:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 27-Feb-10 11:00 PM

Posted on 02-27-10 11:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There enjoy the exploits of dcnepal moron

Posted on 02-28-10 12:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Please Donot say and try to mess anything with DC NEPAL nepali's no.1 website..and any other
TALAI JAN..., Tele serial man pardaina , news man pardaina ani , yaha ko nango naach maan parchha hola ni,. tyahi bhayera nepal, nepali ani nepali pan ko serial, news ani yesto kaam ko kunai kadar gardaina... tero nayapan- chadapan ani.. modern bhanera nango naach nachna ra nachauna mildaina yaha sajha ma.
My dear best friend,
                  , Dcnepal, Mysansar, Cybersansar, nepali[Disallowed String for - use of word not allowed].tk, all them websites have different intentions and contents. Fine_tune, i am guessing u are administrator of dcnepal and and you are trying  to prove dcnepal is best. First thing, its not new that administrators of different websites are trying to win the race for users and traffic. Instead, of talking shiatt of other websites, do good for your own website so that users,not administrator will say, hey listen dcnepal is good website. U are racing for being best, probably financial cause, but coming here in sajha, talking shiatt about sajha, nobody will click your website and make you richer. U are the one who have to make changes, make your website fun place, make users comfortable, flow of information, news etc. From the day, somebody posted a video from dc nepal, showing normal citizens personal life at parks, i never use that website neither i recommend to anyone. and trust me your comments on top are making you and your website wrost. THis is not proper way to approach users of the websites, i know sajha is not yours, but would you give same kinda comments in dcnepal, say same thing to a user, don't try to talk about dcnepal, dont point finger, common i am not scared of you, you are barking because ur identity is hidden biatch. As, i said users upload stuffs, and its a public forum, i dont know if you understand what is public forum, nevermind,  and here is diclaimer from sajha,
Your submission of this posting is an acknowledgement that you have read and agree to the contents of the Disclaimer.
Photo disclaimer 
Please read the following disclaimer carefully before uploading any photos to the web site.
By uploading photographs to, I certify that I own the photograph or have the right to use and publish it. I understand that reserves the right to reject any photograph
          The photos and contents are sole responsible of users not the administrator, so, discussing on this matter will take nowhere. I can only make people understand when people try to , if they just ignore facts and shout louder and make things right, its you. Bhir ma janne goru lai ram ram bhanna sakincha tara kandha halna sakinna. 
IF you wanna make ur website much better site to visit, appreciate the complains and compliments, because you can click your website all day long, but others will not. and trust me, i am gonna say to ten people, ten gonna say to hundred, and thats how information will flow. 
Again, i  have been using sajha, its like a home to me, i check sajha everday, comment on some, while watch drama in many others, help if i know something, otherwise enjoy the pics. And the thing i cannot understand is YOU are stuck in those photos, those are photos of models not personal, those models are not showing body only in sajha, they are naked already in some other websites like cybersansar, enasha,etc. I am happy that i was also able to explore the beauty of them in sajha. If users had not posted those pic, i would never known their beauty. IF you really wanna do something good for people and society, try to find those models and tell them not to show their boobs and asses or do something good for the country, make educational videos, show go things done in society, help for old and orphans, opening of health care or school, not people focking in park, its their personal life.
Its boring but hope it helped you to improve someway.

Posted on 03-16-12 8:55 AM     [Snapshot: 135881]     Reply [Subscribe]
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Sajha and XXX? Where??

Posted on 03-16-12 4:37 PM     [Snapshot: 136517]     Reply [Subscribe]
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 how the heck do people bring 2 old year old thread?
Posted on 03-16-12 10:17 PM     [Snapshot: 137017]     Reply [Subscribe]
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there are too many jobless people now in america; all they do is digging into old unnecessary stuff.

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