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 How to avoid stealing money from Gas Station?

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Posted on 02-18-10 1:26 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Guys help me. I just could not stop stealing money everyday from the Gas Station I work. I have been adicted to this act. How can I stop doing this? This gas station belongs to a Dhoti. I am in Texas.

I steal almost $100 everyday. I don't know I am doing good or bad.

Last edited: 18-Feb-10 04:09 PM

The postings in this thread span 2 pages, go to PAGE 1.

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Posted on 02-19-10 4:15 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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jaba samma thaha paudaina kehi pani hudaina.....tara thaha payo bhane kamm pauna nai garo hunchha...sahu haru ko link hunchhha katai na katai bata....i heard that they talk about this kind of happening in masjid,gathering,Jammad khana so all of them will be informed about you....jaha pani paila kamm garya chha ki chaina sodchha.....chhu bhane pachhi kaha kasko store ma sodhehalchha ni....ani sahule bhujchha kasto chha bhanera ani balla hire garchhha ni timilai.... chorthyo tehi bhayera fire garya bhane pachi kamm pauna nai muskil hunchha.....10-20 ta milayera jhyap hanyo bhane ta taha paudaina tara sarai nai hanyau bhane ta 1 na 1 din th aha pauchha....inventory short hunchha anek hunchha....aakhir sahu pani jhyap hanera ta sahu bhako hola ni haina ra...sahu ko jamana ma camera po thiyena ki k taha...sahu lai cashier le kaha bata jhyap hanchha bhanne ta taha nai hunchha ni natra bhane kina ta churot,beer,soda bhanera banauchha sidai grocery bahnne TAB banai halthyo ni ...TAB banayera inflow ra outflow heri ra hunchha sahule....TARA YAAD GARA ARULAI NATHAGI AAFU MATHI AAUNA SAKINNA SO BE CAREFUL.....ARKO NEPALI SATHI LE STORE KHOLYA SUNNA PAUM....JAYA NEPAL...
Posted on 02-19-10 9:38 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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It seems that nobody steals money from their work place EXCEPT me. It is my bad.

And I am very happy to know that all our friends here in Sajha are against stealing money from work place. I appreciate their honesty.

If everyone in Nepal is as honest as our friends here in Sajha, our nation will definitely be the best in the world. God bless us and our nation.

Last edited: 19-Feb-10 11:06 AM

Posted on 02-19-10 12:37 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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कान्छा रे  चाकेको जुरोस्  खोजेको पुगोस्  .....
Posted on 02-19-10 12:44 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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There are a lot of Neps in Dallas stealing money from Dhoti gas stations. Go hang out with them. It will make you feel better.
Posted on 02-19-10 3:13 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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If you get paid more than 15 dollars per hour at that gas station, it's wrong you are stealing. If less than that, steal to make 15 dollars per hour. If you are taking one risk, why not another? And don't think of working at gas stations for long. Make money quick or finish your study soon and get outta there. GAS STAION KO JAGIR, worse than RANDI ko pesa.

Posted on 02-19-10 7:28 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 mero ta chuttai asul chha sathi.....ma ta gas,phone,insurance,rent etc ko paisa ta store bata nai jhyap hanchhu sathi.... din ko 15 jati matrai hanchhu mahina ma 500 jati hunchha ani 2 din ma 1wata cigarette hanchhu thikai chha .... ani talab chhai 2200 hunchha malai ta pugchha sathi....

Posted on 02-20-10 12:29 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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do not steal at all period.


Last edited: 28-Mar-10 12:38 PM

Posted on 02-20-10 1:04 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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To nothing to say:

If this is the situation and your philosophy, no doubt you will be working for the same boss for another couple of years until he fires you and probably join another gas station and ruin rest of your lives. 

No matter how much your boss likes you, boss remains boss forever. 
They are using you. Every boss thinks their clerk is a puppet. nothing to say ko ghaita ma ghaam lagos.....    जधौ

Posted on 02-20-10 8:18 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Employee Theft

By Justin A. Walsh
August 2000

Billions of dollars are lost and stolen annually from businesses, because of employee theft. Employee dishonesty and theft costs U.S. business over $50 billion dollars annually. National estimates show that 75% of all employees steal from their employers at least once throughout their careers. The same statistics show that at least half of these 75% steal multiple times from their employer. It is plain to see that the businesses of the United States cannot continue to function if they let employees steal from them.

The intent of this article is to give supervisors and business owners a better understanding of employee theft. We will first be defining employee theft, next we will reveal the causes of employee theft, then state the facts about employee theft, exhibit numerous case studies where employee theft has drastically affected businesses, and finally suggest the measures that should be taken to prevent employee theft.

Definition: Employee theft – any stealing, use or misuse of their employer’s assets without permission to do so.

To further add to this definition it is also important to point out what employees normally steal from their employers:


Money is one of the most common assets that are stolen from employers.

Theft of time

Theft of time occurs when an employee is paid for time which they did not work. Usually this happens through the falsifying of time records. Technically theft of time can also include employees who are not working while on the job, though legally this is more difficult to prove.

Theft of supplies

Theft of supplies is another prevalent form of employee theft. Common examples of this form of theft are office supplies (paper, computers, cabinets, etc.) and restaurant supplies (food, condiments, silverware, etc.).

Theft of merchandise and company property

Theft of merchandise refers to products that are to be sold. A good example of theft of company property is product displays.

Overcharging customers and then pocketing the extra cash

This can drastically affect a business’ reputation, because it affects not only the employer but the customers as well. If the customers find out that a business is overcharging them it can hurt that business’ public relations. This is very common in restaurants because most private restaurants do not keep a close eye on their employees’ actions.


This is probably the most damaging of all the forms of theft that were mentioned earlier. Common examples of this are theft of product design and trade secrets. Businesses should be fully aware of how theft of information can cripple their business operations.


Causes of Employee Theft

Rarely do most employees steal from their employer because of need. Thefts usually because an opportunity to do so has presented itself. It stands to reason that an employee will only steal from their employer if the chances of getting caught are low.

There are many other basic reasons why employees steal:

  • Low morale at the workplace. This is also a major reason why businesses suffer from low production.

  • The employee feels that the business or company has wronged or mistreated them in some way.

  • The employee feels that they are underpaid [and under-appreciated] for the "hard" work they do.

  • The consequences for theft are minimal. The company has no punitive procedures or policies regarding employee theft. If there are no set consequences to employee theft then employees will continue to steal, because they think that they won’t be punished.

  • Lack of control over inventory. It is easy to steal because the employer does not have preventive measures to stop them. Preventive measures are crucial to reducing the risk of employee theft. If preventive measures are not existent then the opportunity to steal is very high.

Facts about Employee Theft

  • A majority of employee theft goes undetected by supervisors and management.

  • Opportunity remains the leading cause of employee theft.

  • Employee theft is responsible for 33% of all business bankruptcies.

  • Other employees often ignore the theft and don’t do anything about it. Employers should not count on other employees to report employee theft, unless they can put a system in place that keeps the "reporter" anonymous and/or a reward program is set up.

  • Employee theft is prevalent in every type of business.

  • Business owners must be aware of these facts in order to detect employee theft. It is a common fact that most employers do not suspect their employees of theft. Another fact that is important for owners and supervisors to keep in mind is that the majority of the people who are stealing are those who have a close relationship with their boss.

Case Studies

"The comptroller of a multinational company’s new overseas subsidiary provided a friend with a corporate credit card. Over 2.5 years, the comptroller authorized payment of $17 million in charges for this friend's purchases and cash advances. The loss was discovered when the comptroller was on sick leave and a box of monthly credit card bills arrived at the company’s office" (Dickerson and Tully).

"The chief financial officer of a meat exporter wrote $95 million in checks to himself over seven years. He covered the missing funds by securing corporate loans, then paid off earlier loans by arranging for even more loans. The scheme continued until federal tax investigators uncovered it" (Dickerson and Tully).

These are just a few prime examples of how employee theft affects the business world. In essence millions of dollars were stolen and extorted from these businesses. In order for this to be stopped businesses must take preventive measures.



It is important to establish a "zero-tolerance" program regarding employee theft. Make sure that it is understood, during orientation that the company will take legal action against employees caught stealing.

Next, employers should take security measures to reduce the risk of employee theft. To accomplish this employers should:

Select employees carefully

Employers should use background checks that will inform them of the employee’s prior criminal record. Reference checks as well if education verification should be mandatory.

Supervise employees on a regular basis

The first suggestion is to install covert or overt video equipment to supervise the employee’s actions. This is a crucial way to prevent or catch employee theft.

Improve the business’ accounting system

Separate accounting tasks. Do not assign A/P and A/R to the same employee. Do not have the same employee responsible for payroll and distributing pay-cheques. Prevent the rest of the employees from having access to accounting functions through the use of access codes or separation of duties.

Establish specific guidelines for dealing with employee theft

The guidelines should clearly identify the consequences of employee theft. The consequences should include the firing of the employee caught stealing and that employee should be prosecuted. Primarily the key to the success of these measures is that every employee be aware of the policy.

Conduct surprise audits

These audits will reduce the risk of employee theft, because it will limit theft opportunity.


Web Resources:

Business owners and supervisors who are interested in learning more about employee theft and prevention will find further information at the following websites:


Located in the archives section of this website are articles on employee theft prevention. These articles are very informative and focus on employee awareness and preventing high-tech theft. Every business owner should look over this site to learn more about employee theft prevention.


This site is very informative on the subject of preventing business fraud. In the archives section of the site are numerous articles on how to fraud-proof information systems and strategies to deter fraud.


This site provides details for securing your business assets. Includes a resource library on securing your property and personnel.


This site is a must-see for those interested in information security. This site is dedicated to meeting the increasing demands of consumers for information security.


This site focuses on certain aspects of employee theft. This site includes a well written section on why employees steal from their employers.


This is the web site for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. It contains articles, resources and courses for those interested in fraud detection [and employee theft].


Bottom, N. R. (1998). Employee dishonesty, crime in business. In

Protection Officer Training Manual (edition 6, pp. 191-196).

Woburn, MA.: Butterworth-Heinemann.

Case, J. (1999). Why employees steal. Employee Theft The Profit Killer.

http://www.employeetheft.com/main.htm (1999, May 2).

(1999). Employee theft costs billions. Welcome to USMA!

http://www.usmutual.com/ (1999, May 2).

Liner J. (1998). Preventing employee theft. Protecting Assets.

http://www.chubb.com/news/pr19981012.html (1999, May 2)

Posted on 02-20-10 8:19 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Employee theft

Employee theft is a rapidly growing crime in the United States. Nearly one-third of all employees commit some degree of employee theft, according to Department of Justice reports. Employee theft costs billions of dollars in losses to businesses every year in the United States. These losses are eventually passed on to the consumer who must then share the financial burden of employee theft.

The US Chamber of Commerce estimates that employee theft costs businesses $40 billion dollars each year. This total is ten times the value of street crime losses annually in the USA. The banking industry reports losses of over one billion dollars annually because of employee theft, greater than the amount taken in bank robberies many times over. Recent reports have found that employee theft is increasing at a rate of fifteen percent annually. According to the FBI, employee theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the USA.

Some experts have found that one-third of all new businesses fail because of employee theft. Approximately two percent of all business sales are lost to employee theft. These devastating losses are often passed on to consumers who are forced to pay higher prices for goods and services to help defer the cost of employee theft. Government research has found that each family pays an estimated three hundred dollars each year to subsidize business losses due to employee theft and shoplifting.

Employee theft can encompass many activities including: faking on-the-job injuries for compensation, taking merchandise, stealing small sums of cash, forging or destroying receipts, shipping and billing scams, putting fictitious employees on payroll, and falsifying expense records. Employee theft may be a simple isolated event carried out by one individual, a highly organized scheme to acquire substantial financial or material gain, or anything in between. Employee theft can range from petty theft acquisitions valued below a specified dollar amount or may be grand theft, whereby the losses exceed the value established through state and federal legal statutes.

There are many things that employers can do to prevent employee theft. Statistics indicate that only two percent of businesses that suffer losses from employee theft take subsequent steps to prevent future cases of employee theft. Many companies that do address the problem do so only after suffering from employee theft. To deal with the problem of employee theft, employers can: establish a smart hiring process more likely to yield trustworthy employees (i.e. personal interviews, background checks, credit checks, etc.); improve accounting practices and record keeping, establish an internal employee theft department, beef up security measures, and more.

When a person is charged with employee theft, a number of legal consequences are possible. Employee theft may be handled internally, by local law enforcement, or the case may be handed over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI). Employee theft is both a serious criminal offense and a civil tort. A person convicted of employee theft may receive jail or prison time, heavy fines, restitution, and more. If you would like to learn more about employee theft, please contact us to speak to a qualified attorney

Posted on 02-20-10 11:03 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 02-May-10 06:58 AM

Posted on 02-20-10 11:05 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Last edited: 02-May-10 07:00 AM

Posted on 02-20-10 4:02 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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 i have nothing to say.




Last edited: 28-Mar-10 12:37 PM

Posted on 02-20-10 4:11 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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nothing to say bro...if u do not work in dhoti gas station then keep your mouth shut....everybody knows that stealing is bad habit.....first thing is dhoti does not treat us a worker...they let us do illegal work and stuffs....and finally when we get in trouble ...they will show us middle finger...I am not telling all of the dhotis owner but most of them.....jai Nepal n [Disallowed String for - bad word] dhoti....
Posted on 02-20-10 4:54 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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In Texas:

One clerk sold viagra (illegal as marijuana and crack) unknowing or with compulsion because his dhoti boss asked him to do so. The clerk got in trouble, his boss abandoned him.

Another cashed ticket from game machine to undercover, got arrested and in process of deportation, nobody to bail him, his owner showed him middle finger.

Another got shot and killed. His owner could not afford to send his dead body to his parents. 

Unfortunately, all of them were working for 7.5- 9 dollars per hour and were nepali. It hurts. If owners can't take the responsibilities, why should we have mercy on them. GOOD for GOOD, BAD for BAD. 

I am a sinner, my boss too, I don't regret. 

Posted on 02-21-10 2:51 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Hey Nepalism,

"I steal almost $100 everyday. I don't know I am doing good or bad."

You are doing bad. Please dont ask what is bad...lol

Posted on 02-21-10 9:58 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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Didn't your momma ever teach you that stealing is wrong? Something you should've learned in pre-school.

Posted on 02-21-10 11:34 AM     Reply [Subscribe]
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All I can say............

What Goes Around, Comes Around...........

So be careful.........

Posted on 02-21-10 5:10 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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"If wealth is lost, nothing is lost.
  If health is lost, something is
  But, if character is lost, everything is lost."


Posted on 02-21-10 9:36 PM     Reply [Subscribe]
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ask you mother about it. if she said good, do it, if not stop it.

btw, you know exactly what you are doing, don't you?


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